How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity

What was just a masturbation fantasy turns into a far hotter version of reality for the narrator of “How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity,” a 10-part cuckold chastity story told in first person. You can get started reading right now if you become a Patreon supporter at the Cuckold Stories level (if you’re already a supporter you can scroll down and click the link for Part 1 to get started reading right away).

It begins with a simple mistake as our narrator forgets to close his browser after a lengthy masturbation session. His wife Lucy discovers his obsession with chastity play and it turns out she’s open to a little experimentation and suggests that he buy a Holy Trainer so they can give it a try. Maybe putting his cock in a cute little chastity device will be fun, she figures.

Through the first five chapters the narrator explains the journey the couple takes into chastity play and how Lucy quickly discovers that he’s a far better husband when he’s locked up and a little desperate. It isn’t until they attend a Halloween party in the sixth chapter that the notion of cuckolding creeps into their lives. Soon after things heat up and the couple explores an entirely new dimension of pleasure centered around Lucy having sex with another man while the narrator remains locked in his chastity cage.

This multi-part story will thrill any man that craves the pleasures of being in a chastity device for Locktober, especially if you love the idea of your wife exploring the joy of cuckolding while she takes control of your cock. When you become a Patreon supporter you get access to all my cuckold chastity stories along with hundreds more dealing with the many thrills of being married to a woman that enjoys having sex with other men. Plus, there are lots of blogposts and captions dealing with the joys of being locked in a cage while your wife plays with other men.

Below you’ll find a summary of all ten parts of this cuckold chastity story. The summaries are written in first person, just like the story. If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read the summaries. Instead, visit my Patreon page today and start reading!

Part 1 – Like I’ve done many times before, I masturbate while my wife is out with her friends. Unlike most times, I leave my browser window open by accident, leave the room, and never come back. Lucy discovers what I’ve been masturbating to and, long story short, suggests that I buy a Holy Trainer so we can see if chastity play might spice up our marriage. After the toy arrives she has me put it on and we indulge in a little bit of deeply-satisfying oral play as my cock strains to get stiff in the cage.

Part 2 – My first stint in chastity lasts three days and involves a great deal of oral sex for my wife. She rewards my willingness to go down on her constantly and my lack of complaints with a little bit of teasing, a healthy dose of stroking, and some very good sex when she finally let me out of the cage.

Part 3 – It’s during my second stint in chastity that Lucy realizes just how different I am when locked up. In short, I’m a better husband. I’m more attentive. I’m far more eager to please her. I’m happy to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. In part it’s because I crave release, but in part it’s because I crave the sensation that my wife is in control. After ten days she gives me an orgasm and makes it perfectly clear she’s going to be very disappointed if I stop being the same attentive husband after I’ve climax.

A few days after that orgasm – after I’d proven that I would still be a good, attentive husband after a climax, Lucy tells me she’s been doing some reading on Locktober and that she’d like to take me on a journey over the course of the month. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I went along with my wife’s desire to control my cock.

Part 4 – Locktober begins with a note from my wife where she outlines what she expects from me. She lets me choose if I want to be in chastity. By locking my cock I accept her terms. Of course, I locked my cock immediately.

That night, Lucy returns from work and we enjoy the thrills of her being in control and my cock being in chastity. We fool around and I get to make her cum. Later that night she decides on a new rule that emphasizes her ownership over my cock.

Part 5 – Eight days into Locktober we take a trip to the pumpkin patch. Lucy dresses in the sexiest yoga pants I’ve ever seen and spends the entire time teasing me like crazy. I haven’t been unlocked since the first of the month and she gets so turned on she has me go down on her in the parking lot before we drive home.

Lucy spends the next two weeks teasing me mercilessly. She’s not going to let me out until the end of the month – at the earliest – and she’s having fun driving me wild in the meantime, including buying a dildo to use in place of my cock. What a wonderful form of teasing that was.

Part 6 – Lucy lets me use the dildo on her for the first time. She makes a naughty, sensual, teasing production out of it and I get to experience the joy of watching this big toy slide in and out of her pussy while she moans like crazy. Then I get to give her an orgasm while my dick is locked up in its little cage.

It’s Lucy’s Halloween costume that signals a genuine change in her. Instead of doing something humorous like usual, she chooses something insanely sexy. She dresses up as Catwoman and has me dress as Robin (and not Batman). Everyone at the party stares at her. Then I see her flirting with a guy dressed as Superman. It triggers something in me. I should be jealous but it’s so hot. I couldn’t help it. We go home and I use the toy on Lucy.

Part 7 – The morning after the Halloween party I wake Lucy up with my tongue. I couldn’t help but ask about the night before, though I hinted at my interest in her flirting. I wasn’t sure if she’d be okay with how much it turned me on. I wasn’t sure how she felt about it. As it turns out, she’s into it and she rides my face to an orgasm while thinking about Superman.

Then we get to November 1st. The day I was due to come out of my cage. Lucy spends the entire day teasing me with naughty texts and pictures of her in the sexiest outfits and lingerie I’d ever seen. I get home from work and rush to the bedroom to find her in lingerie. She teases me a little and then informs me that she and Superman have been texting and that he’s asked her on a date and that she said yes and that the date was that night. She gives me two choices: I get to come out of my cage and have an orgasm or she goes on a date with Superman. Can you guess which one I chose?

Part 8 – Lucy comes home from her date but she won’t tell me how it went. Instead, she drags me to the bedroom and tells me she needs me to fuck her. She tells me to use the toy. She has me make her cum with the toy and then we go to sleep.

The next morning Lucy tells me about her date. She has a more important question, though. She wants to fuck Superman (whose name is Ben), but she doesn’t want it to ruin our marriage. She wants to make absolutely certain that I’m okay with it. I tell her I am and she tells me I’ll have to stay locked up a little longer. I agree to her condition.

Part 9 – Lucy cuckolds me for the first time. She makes quite the production out of it, as you might imagine. She teases me before she leaves, both with what she’s wearing for him – some very sexy lingerie – and what she’s going to do with him. She spends the night with him and the next morning she teases me again when she gets home. Not surprisingly, she refuses to let me out.

Part 10 – After just over 10 weeks in my chastity device Lucy finally sets me free. It happens on the night where I witness my cuckolding for the first time. I see her and Ben have sex. I watch my wife cum on another man’s cock. I see just how much she enjoys being with him and how good he makes her feel.

She lets me out soon after as Ben excuses himself. Lucy takes me inside her for the first time in two and a half months. While we’re having sex she informs me that my future is going to involve a great deal more chastity. I’m a better husband when I’m locked up and she finds far more pleasure in having sex with Ben than she ever has with me. I cum inside her. Soon after she locks me back up. My fate is sealed. My life is now spent in chastity.

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Serving a Kinky College Girl

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Let’s say you’re in college. You’re not exactly a lady’s man, but your roommate has quite a bit of skill when it comes to the fairer sex. Most of the time he kicks you out of the room when he brings a girl back, but on this particular night he thinks you’re asleep so he doesn’t bother. Instead, you get to watch as he and his new girlfriend have sex. You watch her give him a blowjob. You watch them fuck. You listen to her talk dirty to him.

When they’re done, Bryce gets in the shower and Kelly, your roommate’s girlfriend, comes over to you. You pretend to be asleep, but she knows. She knows you’re awake. She knows you’ve been watching them when Bryce brings her home. She knows you’re a little bit of a pervert that loves to watch his roommate and his girlfriend fuck. That’s where Serving a Kinky College Girl really begins.

Kelly decides that she’s going to have a little fun with you. She’s going to push your boundaries. She’s going to see just how far you’re willing to go in the name of making her happy. You see, she knows that you’re a pervert and that you’ll do just about anything to be close to her. She knows that you’ll venture into uncharted territory and get truly wild. She doesn’t really care about you, in fact. All she cares about is having fun with you. She’s using you. She’s getting off on humiliating you in a shocking number of ways. Thankfully, you can’t get enough of it.

Serving a Kinky College Girl is a 7-part submissive cuckold story told in second person and filled with imaginative pleasures as Kelly pushes you far beyond what you thought your limits were (seriously, it gets exceptionally dirty). If you’d like to read all 7 parts, become a Patreon supporter today (at the Cuckold Stories level). Your membership also grants you access to more than 450 stories, a wealth of captions, blogposts, and more.

Below you’ll find links to all 7 parts of the story. You have to be a Patreon supporter to read them, so I recommend signing up today to start enjoying the best cuckold stories online.

Part 1 – You watch. You hope to masturbate afterwards. You get caught. Kelly feeds you your first creampie. You clean up like a good pervert.
Part 2 – Kelly wants to see how dedicated you are. She makes you lick her sweaty asshole clean after a long run. Later she makes you clean a creampie out of her in public.
Part 3 – Kelly challenges you to eat your cum and send her a picture of it in your mouth. Later you watch her and Bryce fuck while you pretend to be asleep and after he falls asleep she makes you wear her cum-filled panties.
Part 4 – Kelly breaks up with Bryce, but she doesn’t break up with you. Instead, she toys with you. She teases you. She abuses you. She and her roommate then take turns abusing you as they both get off on it.
Part 5 – Kelly calls you to the library to have a little naughty fun with her and you end up consuming a stranger’s cum. Later, Kelly lets you watch her fuck a professor and she feeds you his cum after they’re done.
Part 6 – Kelly ups her humiliation as she makes you wear cummy panties, eat her ass, and cum in those panties right outside of a classroom. Later she and her roommate spend a great deal of time humiliating you in their dorm room before making you cum on their floor.
Part 7 – Kelly gets a stranger to cum on your French fries and makes you eat them while she watches. She verbally berates you. Kelly’s final act as a domme is to make you suck cock for her. She makes you blow a stranger. She humiliates you. She makes you swallow his load. Then she kicks you out of her room and out of her life.

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A Cuckold’s Duties on Date Night

Step into a fantasy with me, my sweet cuckolds. Your wife has the freedom to pursue her desire for other men. She’s made you her cuckold and you’ve embraced that reality. You want to be the best cuckold possible.

To be a good cuckold for your beautiful hotwife you must do as you’ve been trained on date night. You must embrace a cuckold’s duties. Are you ready?

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A Cuckold’s Duties Before the Date

To ensure your wife and her bull enjoy their evening to the fullest, you must embrace your role as her cuckold long before the date actually begins:

Prepare the Bedroom – Your wife and her bull are going to end up in your bedroom on date night, which means it’s your job to ensure it’s ready for them. You will put a fresh set of sheets on the bed, including new pillow cases. If they require lubrication you will ensure it’s available on the nightstand. Make sure the bedroom is clean, as well. Vacuum, dust every surface, and put away any clothes you may have left out.

Help Your Wife Get Ready – It is a cuckold’s privilege to help his wife get ready for date night with her bull. Your duties can vary depending on how generous your wife is feeling, but they can include washing her hair and body in the shower, shaving her pussy for him, gently patting her body dry with a freshly-washed towel, picking out lingerie and a dress for her to wear for her bull, and helping her get dressed.

If you’re a particularly dutiful cuckold, your wife might offer you the wonderful treat of letting you worship her ass while she does her hair and makeup. If she does let you drop to your knees behind her, make sure that you express your gratitude for allowing you the pleasure of worshiping her ass on date night.

Ensure the House is Prepared for Their Arrival – Your wife and her bull may choose to go straight to the bedroom after their date. If that’s the case, you’ve done your job. They might prefer to relax on the couch with a glass of wine or eat a lovely dessert before indulging in their desire for each other. If that’s the case, it’s your duty to make sure you’re prepared for that before the date.

It’s also important that your home be clean. It’s your duty to clean it. Vacuum and dust any room your wife and her bull might enter on date night to ensure a happy experience for both of them.

Act as Her Chauffeur – Your wife shouldn’t have to drive herself on date night and she should be free to fool around in the car with her bull when they’re together, which is why it’s a cuckold’s duty to act as his wife’s chauffeur on date night.

Open the back door for your wife and shut it gently once she’s situated herself in the car. Slip into the driver’s seat, start the car, and ask her if there’s any music she’d like to listen to. Once you’ve ensured she’s happy, drive to either pick up her bull or meet at the destination for their date.

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A Cuckold’s Duties During the Date

When your wife is on a date with her bull your job – above everything else – is to ensure her happiness. That means doing whatever you are told without considering your needs. Don’t be selfish.

Date night can mean many things for a wife and her bull, so your duties will almost certainly vary depending on your situation. Below are some of those duties.

Drive Wherever They Desire – You will continue to act as your wife’s chauffeur during her date. That means driving wherever she and her bull desire. It might mean taking them to a restaurant, the movie theater, a sporting event, or to a quiet spot where they can fool around in the car while you sit in the front seat with a throbbing erection in your pants.

Pay for Everything – As a cuckold, it is your duty to offer to pay for everything when your wife is on a date with her bull. Some bulls might turn you down, but you must offer. It might get expensive, but it should be your pleasure to pay as much as it takes to ensure your wife’s happiness.

Be Ready to Wait – It’s possible that you’ll end up waiting in the car for long stretches as your wife and her bull enjoy their date. If they go to a restaurant, they’re not going to invite you to dine with them. Instead, you’re going to wait in the car as another man enjoys dinner with your wife and does his best to romance her. You will likely experience jealousy, but it’s your duty to squash that feeling and remember your wife’s happiness. She wants to be on a date with her bull. She wants to be romanced. It’s your duty to make sure that she gets what she wants.

Drive as They Fool Around – If you’re acting as a chauffeur for your wife and her bull it’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to fool around in the back seat. Your duty is to restrain your desire to watch and keep your eyes on the road. You can look in the rearview mirror when you reach a stop sign or a red light, but you don’t get to pull over and over and you don’t get to turn around and watch. You’re the driver.

If your wife wants to go down on her bull in the back seat, you don’t get to watch. If she wants to fuck him in the back seat while you’re driving, the best you can hope for is to see her bouncing on him in the rear view mirror. Otherwise the best you can do is listen.

A Cuckold’s Duties After the Date

It’s the action that happens after the date that’s almost certainly going to be the most fun for everyone involved. The dinner, movie, fun at the park, etc, is all just an appetizer to the sex your wife and her bull are going to have. It’s what she wants, it’s what he wants, and it’s what you want.

Of course, as a cuckold, there are certain duties that come with that. Below are the duties you might be expected to attend to after the date:

Make Drinks – If your wife and her bull would like to enjoy an after dinner drink before the real fun begins, it’s a cuckold’s duty to prepare those drinks. As with any task, give it your best effort. You’re not just throwing ice and a bit of whiskey in a glass. You’re setting the mood for what’s to come and presentation matters.

Prepare Your Wife’s Pussy – A cuckold should always be eager to prepare his wife’s pussy for a superior man’s cock. When she desires it, drop to your knees in front of her and use your mouth to get her wet. Remember, it’s not your duty to make her cum, so this isn’t the same as when you worship her pussy with the idea of getting her off. This is about getting your wife wet for the man she’s chosen to fuck her.

Fluff Her Bull – A cuckold’s sexuality is of little importance. It’s his submission that matters. That’s why you should be willing and eager to get on your knees to fluff your wife’s bull. You should offer your mouth to get him hard. You should do so to show that you recognize his status as the superior man. You should suck his cock and get him hard to show that you’re dedicated to your wife’s pleasure above all else.

Watch without Masturbating – Cuckolding should be a mutually pleasurable part of a marriage. It should lead to deep satisfaction for both you and your wife. However, it is a cuckold’s duty to delay his pleasure until his wife has experienced hers. That’s why you should expect to watch without masturbating. You should concentrate on witnessing your wife’s pleasure and offering your assistance in any way she desires.

You may be called upon to clean her pussy juices off her bull’s cock or fluff him after your wife has climaxed and she needs a short break before taking him again. You may be called upon to worship her ass while her bull is fucking her. You may be called upon to suck his balls or worship his ass. You need to be ready to do all of those things and if you masturbate we both know you’re going to cum before they’re done and you’ll find yourself lacking the motivation required to serve.

Clean Up – You will clean up when your wife and her bull are finished fucking. If they’re using condoms that will likely mean disposing of the prophylactic and cleaning his cock afterwards. You might be required to use your mouth to suck the remaining cum from his shaft, but she might let you use a damp towel as well.

If they’re not using condoms you should expect to clean her bull’s cock and your wife’s cum-filled pussy. If he decides to cum on her body, you should expect to lick it up and swallow his seed. Doing so is a beautiful sign that you recognize your place in the relationship. A cuckold swallows the superior man’s seed.

Fluff for Another Round – Your wife and her bull might want to go again. If they do, you should expect to fluff him once more. Your job will be to get him hard so he can give your wife the pleasure she craves once more, no matter how long it takes. Expect your jaw to be sore.

Sleep in the Guest Bedroom – Your wife may invite her bull to spend the night so she can continue to enjoy his cock. In that case, it is a cuckold’s duty to spend the night in the guest bedroom (or on the couch if the guest bedroom isn’t available).

A Cuckold’s Ultimate Duty

Every cuckold relationship is different and what’s listed above is a fairly extreme example of this particular fetish. Ultimately, a cuckold’s real duty is to see to his wife’s pleasure in whatever way she sees fit. That’s where you’ll discover the true joy of this fetish. Put her needs before your own – and do so genuinely – and you’ll experience pleasure like you’ve never imagined possible.

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A Dutiful Cuckold

Victoria has decided she’s willing to cuckold her husband Matt, but he’s going to have to prove he really wants it. He’ll have to follow her rules to show that he can embrace a cuckold’s duties as she sees them. If he does, she’ll make his fantasy come true.

A Dutiful Cuckold is a 6-part, first person cuckold story available on my Patreon page. In it, Matt takes us through his journey to living out his fantasy. He dedicates himself to doing as his wife desires, starting with both giving up control of his orgasms and cumming far less often than he’s used to.

As Victoria executes her plan to make her husband a cuckold, she guides him deeper into submission. The more he’s willing to do, the more she’s willing to cuckold him.

Matt gets what he wants and along the way he sinks deeper into his kink than he ever imagined possible. The story includes sensual humiliation (including a touch of public humiliation), bisexual service, creampie cleanup, light domination, and much more.

Warning: If you want to avoid story spoilers, don’t read the chapter summaries below. Instead, become a Patreon supporter and read all six parts right now (along with hundreds of other stories). You can also skip right over the summaries to read a short excerpt from the story.

Part 1 – Victoria informs Matt that she’s considering making his cuckold fantasy a reality. There’s a catch, though. He’ll have to prove he’s willing to be a dutiful cuckold, starting with giving up control of his orgasms. Matt’s willing to do so, even if it means cumming far less than he’s used to.

Part 2 – The search for the perfect bull begins as Victoria lays out exactly what she’s looking for and sets Matt to work. Her requirements include that he meet the bull in person so that Matt can visually confirm that his wife’s potential lover has the cock size she requires. Things go a little differently than Matt expected when he meets Connor, that man that will eventually fuck his wife.

Part 3 – It’s date night and that means Matt must prepare his wife for her bull. She guides him through shaving her pussy as Connor wants to see it and dressing her in the outfit she’s selected for another man. When she’s ready, Matt acts as his wife’s chauffeur and drives to Connor’s to pick him up for the date.

Part 4 – The date begins with a bit of lusty play in the backseat as Victoria lets her desire overwhelm her. She can’t wait until after dinner. She needs Connor immediately, which means Matt must park the car so he can watch his wife and her new bull fuck. Victoria makes him continue his duties, including fluffing her bull and cleaning a creampie.

Part 5 – They arrive at the restaurant and Matt expects that he’ll wait in the car as his wife and her bull enjoy a meal. Instead, they’ve arranged for Matt to have his own table and they inform the hostess of his purpose there, leading to a bit of public humiliation for the cuckold. After dinner, Matt shows his devotion by worshiping his wife’s pussy in public.

Part 6 – Matt drives his wife and her new bull back home and spends the night servicing their needs. He fluffs Connor’s cock. He ensures his wife’s pussy is wet. He watches like a good cuckold should. He cleans up afterwards.

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the story to give you a little taste of what you get when you become a Patreon supporter to read all six parts.

A Dutiful Cuckold Excerpt

“You’re going to have to prove that you really want it.”

That’s how my cuckolding began. My wife walked into the living room, waited until I looked up at her, and uttered those words.

“What?” I asked.

There was no context to her declaration, so of course I was confused.

“If I’m going to cuckold you,” Victoria said, “you’re going to have to prove that you really want it.”

I sat up and smiled at her. “Are you considering cuckolding me?”

“Yes, Matt, I am,” she said with a serious look on her face. “I’ve been considering it for months, actually. I’ve been reading about it. I’ve been talking with other women online. I’ve read some true stories. I’ve even watched a few videos.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked.

“Because I know how you are. I know how relentless you can be when something turns you on. I know how crazy you can be about pursuing it and I wanted to make absolutely certain I was actually interested in cuckolding you before I mentioned it,” Victoria explained.

I’d introduced the idea of cuckolding six months ago and I figured it had come and gone since Victoria didn’t seem all that interested. I was delighted to discover that she’d been thinking about it.

“Does this mean you’re interested?” I asked as my heart pounded and my cock came to life.

“I am,” Victoria replied.

“How can I prove that I really want it?” I asked.

I should have known it wouldn’t be easy when I saw her smile. It was almost cartoonish, the kind of smile a villain unleashes in a movie when his dastardly plan seems like it’s coming together. She was clearly delighted with the plan she’d come up with. At the time I had no idea how dominant and devious my wife could be.

“I’ll let you know,” Victoria said before turning and walking away.

“Wait,” I called out. “Victoria, wait. What can I do?”

She didn’t stop, though. She kept walking. I’d have to wait before she shared the first part of her plan.

It began a few days later. We were in bed when Victoria looked up from her book and asked, “How often do you cum?”

“Uhhh,” was all I could come up with. She’d caught me off guard and my brain was clearly not in top form that late at night.

“It’s not a difficult question, Matt,” Victoria said, “and if I’m going to cuckold you I’m going to insist on complete and total honesty. Do you understand?”

I nodded as I quickly collected my thoughts and said, “Sorry. I usually cum three or four times a week.”

“I usually cum once or twice a week,” Victoria said. “We’re going to change that. From now on you’ll only cum when I give you permission. Do you understand?”

“Is this…is this part of cuckolding me?” I asked.

“It’s part of you proving that you want to be cuckolded, yes. You’re going to have to show me that you care more about my pleasure than your own. You’re going to have to show me that your desire to be a cuckold isn’t purely selfish, and that means you’re going to have to prove that you’re willing to give up control of your orgasms. Do you understand?” she asked.

“I do,” I said, though I didn’t really know what I was agreeing to. I’d come to find out, though.

“Good,” she said. “I’d like you to get between my legs and make me cum right now.”

She pulled back the covers, lowered her panties, and pointed between her legs like the demanding goddesses I’d seen in so many of the porn videos I’d masturbated to over the years.

“Of course,” I said. Little did I know that it was the first of many, many times that I’d make my wife cum without receiving an orgasm in return.

It was a week before Victoria touched my cock again. Over the course of those seven days I went down on her eleven times (she counted), providing an orgasm each and every time.

It was after the eleventh orgasm that Victoria took my cock in her hand and offered me the pleasure I’d been yearning for all week.

“Do you know how long it’s been since your last orgasm?” she asked.

“A little over seven days,” I answered.

Victoria laughed. “Of course you know. Why did I even bother asking?” She stroked me a little faster as my balls tightened. I wasn’t going to last long. “Do you know how many times you’ve made me cum in seven days?”

I shook my head.

“Of course you don’t,” she said. “Why would you be keeping track of my orgasms?”

She seemed a little annoyed, though she hadn’t mentioned anything about me having to count her orgasms so I didn’t feel all that bad.

“Eleven,” Victoria said. “You’ve given me eleven orgasms since you last enjoyed a climax. Isn’t that wonderful? Hasn’t it been splendid to make your wife cum over and over without any thought of making yourself cum?”

“I…I’ve been thinking about making myself cum,” I answered.

Victoria laughed. “I know you have. It’s okay. That’s to be expected. Even the best-behaved cuckolds think about their orgasms. I’m quite proud that you didn’t slip up and jerk off this week, though. You didn’t, did you?”

“No. I promise. I didn’t,” I answered.

I’d thought about it. I’d even stroked my cock a few times. I came pretty close to cumming once, but I’d managed not to have an all week.

“You played with yourself though, didn’t you?” she asked.

“I did,” I admitted.

“There will be no more of that, okay?” she said. “I didn’t forbid it this past week so I’m not going to punish you, but from here on out I’m the only one that gets to stroke your cock. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“I control your orgasms, Matt. If you want me to cuckold you that’s a sacrifice you’ll have to make. You’ll have to embrace that I’m not going to let you cum anywhere near as often as you would if you were making the decisions. Do you understand that?”

“I do,” I answered as my orgasm neared.

“Good,” Victoria said.

She kissed me as her grip tightened and she stroked me a little faster. Pleasure spread through my body in the most wondrous way imaginable. There was no question that waiting a week made the handjob feel so much better.

“Cum for me, Matt. Enjoy your orgasm. Go ahead. Spill your seed,” Victoria whispered between soft kisses on my neck.

I had no choice at that point. She’d manipulated my cock so skillfully that all I could do was cum. I was lying down at the time and my cum spilled onto my stomach and chest, making a spectacular mess. A week’s worth ends up being a pretty big load, as it turns out.

Victoria ran her fingers through it afterwards as she smiled. “You’ll be cleaning up your own messes soon,” she said. “You’re going to learn to love the taste of your cum.”

In that moment, fresh off of a great orgasm, that was not what I wanted to hear. Victoria saw the face I made.

“You’ll do it or I won’t cuckold you,” she said. “It’s that simple.”

She was right about that.

“You’re going to make me cum twenty five times before you get another release,” Victoria said as she wiped her cummy fingers on my underwear. “Do you understand?”

I nodded.

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How to Train a Cum Eating Cuckold

Are you aroused by the idea of your husband licking another man’s cum from your pussy? Does the very notion of it excite you?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll teach you how to train your husband to be a cum eating cuckold. More than that, I’ll show you how to make it so he craves it. It won’t be long before he’s begging you for the chance to lick someone else’s cum from your pussy.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume your husband is either interested in being cuckolded or is already a cuckold (turning him into a cuckold is an entirely different subject). I’m also assuming he’s not already gung ho about being a cum eating cuckold.

(A quick note: This kind of thing is meant to be pleasurable for both husband and wife. If he’s not at all into it, don’t force it on him. It should thrill you both, even if it takes a little bit of training to get him there).

Before we get started, let me point out that there’s a great deal of cuckold creampie cleanup and cum eating content available to my Patreon supporters. There are captions, stories, blogposts, audios, and much more. Plus, you can step outside the bounds of cum play and enjoy cuckolding content of all kinds. Become a supporter today for access to all of it.

First, He Has to Eat His Own Loads

If your husband is like most men, he’ll find the idea of eating cum abhorrent. Most men expect women to be deeply interested in eating their cum (or even turned on by it if porn is any indicator of what men want), so it’s a little annoying that they act like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world when it’s suggested that they eat cum.

Your first goal is overcoming a man’s natural anti-cum bias. This can be a difficult process, but I’ll bet that your man is already a little bit submissive and that you won’t have nearly as much trouble as you might think.

The key is in using his lust to your advantage. I suggest a long round of foreplay. Lots of kissing, touching, and stroking. Get his cock nice and stiff. Then I want you to introduce the idea of tasting his precum. You have to start small or he might freak out.

Try a little bit of lusty dirty talk. Get close to him. Stroke his cock. Kiss his neck. Nibble his ear lobe. Whatever turns him on.

Then say, “Will you do something naughty for me? Will you do something that would really turn me on?”

It’s important that he believes that whatever you’re about to ask of him will turn you on. He wants to turn you on. He wants to make you happy, especially when he’s really turned on. When he agrees, make the suggestion:

“Will you taste your precum for me?”

If he objects, tell him that it tastes sweet, that it’s not gross at all. You can taste a little yourself and kiss him before he can object.

He might still refuse to do it. This is where you have to be strong. You need to walk away. Let his cock go. Get out of bed. Leave him without the satisfaction he craves. If he objects, tell him that you have no interest in getting him off if he’s not willing to do that one small thing for you. Tell him that you taste his precum when you go down on him and you don’t complain.

When he agrees (which he will), take a little time to get back into a lusty mood and then gather his precum on your finger and feed it to him. Moan when he licks it off your finger. Make sure it sounds like it thrills you beyond words to see him do it.

Then play with his cock more. Stroke him. Tease him. Feed him more precum. Get a little more worked up every time he does it. Eventually you can make him cum. When he orgasms, whisper in his ear about how hot it was to see him eat his precum. Tell him how much it turned you on as he’s ejaculating.

Repeat that process several times. Try and mix it up a little each time. Go down on him a little and kiss his precum into his mouth. Have him fuck you a little and then make him go down on you to taste his precum in your pussy. The idea is to get him used to the notion of consuming something that has come out of his cock.

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It’s a big leap to take him from eating his precum to eating his cum, of course. The problem is a simple one: After he cums, his desire is gone. It completely washes away, so your ability to use his lust to control him evaporates.

You can get him there, though. If you’ve been doing it correctly your husband will already know that you find it incredibly erotic when he licks up his precum. He’ll think it turns you on immensely and he’ll love doing it because of that.

At some point you have to come out and say that you want him to eat his cum. He needs to know, and you need to make it clear that it will turn you on so much more than when he eats his precum. He needs to believe it’s the hottest thing in the world to you.

There’s a chance he’ll be willing to do it for you. He might not like it, but he might be so convinced by your lustiness when he eats his precum that he’ll simply do it.

If not, there are ways to get him over the hump and convince him of the pleasures of eating his cum. Let’s go over some of them:

Ruined Orgasms – A ruined orgasm essentially empties the fluids that have built up without giving your husband the true release of a climax. He’ll still have all kinds of pent up desire but the cum will have flowed from his cock. You can use that desire to convince him to eat his cum. Promise him a real orgasm if he does it for you. Then feed it to him.

Snowballing/Cum Swapping – Tell your husband that you’ll give him a long, slow, sensual blowjob that includes cumming in your mouth. The only condition is that he has to agree to a cum swap afterwards. Give him the blowjob and then transfer the cum into his mouth immediately. Make it clear beforehand that he has to swallow. After he does, masturbate in front of him. Have an orgasm. Make it clear that your arousal is driven by his willingness to eat his cum.

Creampie Cleanup – Tell your husband that he can fuck you and cum inside you as long as he’s willing to clean up his creampie. This works best if he’s been denied sex with you for a lengthy period (the longer the better, honestly). It works even better if you’re already cuckolding him. If he’s desperate to fuck you he’ll likely be willing to agree to eating his cum out of you.

Self Facial – He’ll have to be somewhat flexible for this, but making your husband give himself a facial is a great way of feeding him a bit of his cum. Bend his legs back, aim his cock at his face, and stroke him until he cums. Make him open his mouth. Make him swallow whatever ends up on his tongue. He’ll be more likely to agree to this if he’s been denied an orgasm for a while. Men tend to be willing to do almost anything if they’re horny enough. (Note: Please don’t do this if your husband isn’t flexible enough to safely bend his body like that).

As with the precum feeding, it’s of the utmost importance that you demonstrate how much it turns you on to see your husband eat his cum. If he cleans a creampie, make sure you have him lick your clit to a huge orgasm. If he agrees to a cum swap after a blowjob, masturbate and cum immediately afterwards. Also, be sure you tell him throughout how hot it is. Feed his brain with dirty words of encouragement.

The more he eats his own cum, the more likely he is to be a cum eating cuckold, so make sure you have him do any and all of the above numerous times before you introduce the idea of him eating someone else’s load.

Make Him into a Cum Eating Cuckold

Now comes the fun part. This is what you really want. This is what turns you on. This is what you fantasize about.

Again, I’m going to assume you’re already cuckolding him for the purposes of this article. That should make the next part fairly easy.

You need to introduce the idea of him eating someone else’s cum while he’s turned on. Preferably you want to do it at the height of his arousal. Start talking about it after he’s consumed his own seed numerous times. He’ll be more open to eating your lover’s cum if he’s already familiar with the idea of semen consumption.

Here’s an example of how you could introduce the idea:

His cock is hard in your hand. It’s slick with his precum. His breathing is heavy. His balls are tight against his body. You know he’s close. You can feel it.

You lean closer. You kiss his neck. He moans for you.

“I want you to be extra naughty for me,” you whisper. “Will you do that?”

“I’ll do anything,” he says.

He’s a good submissive now. He’s been trained to eat his cum. He does it every time he orgasms. He’s grown to love it. It’s turned into a source of arousal for him.

“Anything?” you ask.

He groans at the pleasure of your fingers moving up and down his shaft. “Anything at all.”

You kiss his neck again. He moans again.

“I want you to eat my bull’s cum,” you say. You stroke him faster. “I want you to be a naughty cuckold and eat his load for me. I want to see you lick it up. I want to see it on your tongue. I want to see you swallow it.”

He groans. He cums. He doesn’t say anything, but you know you’ve planted the seed.

It’s all about getting the timing right. You want him to cum right when you say you want him to eat your lover’s cum. You want him to associate his sexual pleasure with the idea of eating your lover’s cum.

A cuckold creampie cleanup story

Madison Makes Him a Cum Eating Cuckold introduces us to confident, kinky cuckoldress Madison. For her, nothing is hotter than the idea of her husband Zack eating another man’s cum from her pussy. That wild desire sets her on a mission to turn him into a cum eating cuckold.

Over the course of this sexy, sensual four part story she trains him to enjoy cleaning his own loads out of her freshly-fucked pussy before convincing him that there’s no greater joy than licking her bull’s loads out of her cunt.

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Try and do it whenever he has an orgasm, no matter how it happens. Here’s how it could play out if you’re having sex with your cuckold (assuming that’s something you do):

You’re on your back. Your cuckold’s cock is inside you. He’s fucking you hard. You know he’s getting close.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” you say.

“Thinking about what?” he asks while thrusting into your wet pussy.

You bite your lip suggestively and then smile at him. You wrap your legs around him. You pull your husband close.

“I can’t stop thinking about you eating my bull’s cum,” you say. “I want you to clean his load out of me. I want to see you between my legs after he’s fucked me and pumped me full of his cum.”

He fucks you harder. You moan louder. You tighten your legs around him.

“I want it so badly, baby. I want you to be my little cum eating cuckold. I want you to devour his seed. I need it. I need it so badly.”

He cums inside you. He collapses on top of you. You kiss his neck and then gently push on the top of his head.

“Clean me,” you say. “Clean up your mess like a good boy.”

He slides down your body. He cleans your pussy.

“That’s it,” you say. “Fuck. I can’t stop thinking about it. It would be so fucking hot. Clean it. Clean that load, baby. Clean it and think about cleaning his.”

Again, you’re associating the idea of cleaning your lover’s load with his pleasure. In that scenario, he came inside you while thinking about eating another man’s load from your pussy. Then he went down on you and you made sure he was still thinking about it.

Repetition is the key. Do that (or whatever your naughty mind comes up with) enough times and you’ll have him eager to eat another man’s cum out of you. After that, there’s only one thing left to do.

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His First Time Being a Cum Eating Cuckold

Creampie cleanup is the most common form of cuckold cum eating, but there are many options available to you. It all depends on what you want to do. I’ll list a handful of options below. For your cuckold’s first time, I suggest you pick the one he’d be most likely to find arousing.

Cum Swapping – Let your cuckold watch as you give your bull a blowjob. Let him watch from close up, in fact. Let him see your bull’s cock pulse as he cums in your mouth. When your bull is finished, pull your cuckold’s lips to yours for an immediate kiss. Push the other man’s cum into his mouth. Make him swallow. You can swallow a little too so it feels like you’re both sharing in the superior man’s seed.

Creampie Cleanup – Let your cuckold watch your bull fuck you. Let him see you experience immense pleasure. Let him see you cum. Let him see the other man cum inside you. Afterwards, welcome him between your legs. Encourage him with sweet, sensual dirty talk. Tell him how badly you want him to clean the creampie. If you can, let him make you cum. If he can give you an orgasm, he’ll be more likely to clean another creampie out of you.

Cleaning Cum from Your Breasts – Let your bull cum on your breasts. Have your cuckold watch as he does. Ask him if they look beautiful covered with another man’s seed. Ask him if it turns him on. Invite him closer. Pull him to your breasts. Tell him to clean them. Tell him to lick up your bull’s seed like a good cuckold.

Eating Your Bull’s Cum from a Condom – Even if you’re having unprotected sex with your bull this can be a great way to get your cuckold to consume the other man’s seed. Have him fuck you in the condom. Have him fill it with his load. Tell your cuckold to open his mouth. Pour the cum on his tongue. Make him swallow it.

Cleaning Cum from Your Ass – Your cuckold probably loves your ass. Your bull probably loves it too. Let your bull fuck you from behind. Have him pull out before he cums. Have him spray his load on your ass. Tell your cuckold to come over and clean it up. Even better, you can have him watch from close up as your bull fucks you so he’ll be all hot and bothered by the time he’s going to lick up the load.

Licking Up a Facial – If you let your bull give you facials, why not have your cuckold lick it up? It’s a particularly naughty form of cum cleanup. After your bull has delivered the facial, call your cuckold over. Share lots of cum kisses with him during the process.

Cleaning Cum from Your Stomach – Let your cuckold watch as your bull fucks you in missionary. Have him pull out and spray his load all over your stomach. He’ll use your body as his canvas and leave behind a cummy work of art. Call your cuckold over. Have him clean up the mess. Have him slowly, sensually lick the other man’s cum off your body.

Any of those options will work (and I’m sure there are others). What’s important is that you pick something that both you and your cuckold will find arousing. Plus, it can be effective to mix it up and have some fun with it, so try creampie cleanup one night and have him lick your bull’s cum off your breasts the next.

It can seem daunting, but I promise you can convince your husband to be a cum eating cuckold for you. The desire is in him, you just have to tease it out.

You’ll need to be patient – it can take a long time to break down his resistance – but you will be rewarded for your persistence. You’ll have the cum hungry hubby that you crave before you know it.

Good luck!

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Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold – Part 1

Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold is a sensual 5-part story where Andrew, a cuckold husband, is led down a path of bisexual pleasure by his wife, Scarlett. The first part can be enjoyed below, and if you want to read the whole story, become a Patreon supporter today!

Scarlett looked down at her husband as she sat astride his locked cock. His arms were spread at her instruction. He was forbidden from touching her until he’d been given permission.

She wore a seductive black lace lingerie set that Andrew had bought her. He’d been sent out to purchase something sexy for Scarlett to wear for an evening with her bull. He’d returned with a sheer black bra and panty set, a garter belt, and seamed stockings that felt impossibly soft and sexy on her legs.

She’d fucked her bull in that lingerie set the night before. Now she was wearing it once more to tempt and tease her chastised husband.

Andrew was naked except for the clear CB-6000 chastity device he wore around his cock. His flesh had swollen as large as the device would allow. It looked beautifully imprisoned as Scarlett gently moved her panty-clad pussy over it.

Andrew’s groans of pain and intense, cuckold-fueled pleasure made Scarlett wet. She knew his intense desire would make him willing to do anything she wanted.

Scarlett’s fingers moved over his stomach and chest. She could feel his heart pounding. She could see the lust in his eyes. He’d been locked for over a week and he was desperate for an orgasm.

“You want me to make you cum, don’t you?” she asked.

Andrew’s voice was desperate as he said, “Yes, please.”

“Is it because you watched Brandon fuck me last night?” Scarlett asked as she leaned forward and ran her fingers through Andrew’s hair.

His eyes darted to her breasts. Scarlett knew that leaning forward made them look even more appealing to her chastised husband. She smiled at his lust for her body.

“Yes, it is. Watching you cum on his cock was so beautiful. It always is,” Andrew said.

Scarlett caressed his face.

“You’re always such a good boy when Brandon is here,” she whispered. “You always do such a good job preparing my pussy with your tongue and you always watch quietly like you’re supposed to.”

The chastity device made all the difference. The moment she locked Andrew in it he became a far better cuckold. He no longer put his desires first. He put hers ahead of his own because he knew that was how he would achieve the freedom and orgasm he craved.

“You know that being a good boy is how you get to cum,” Scarlett said.

Andrew nodded as her fingers continued to delicately move over his skin.

Scarlett smiled seductively and gently pressed her thumb against Andrew’s lower lip. He instinctively opened his mouth, delighting her. She slowly pushed her thumb between his lips.

She held her husband’s gaze as he closed his lips around her finger and sucked on it. He did it without prompting. He did it because he instinctively knew it’s what she wanted.

“Good boy,” Scarlett said. She felt arousal coursing through her loins. She felt the heat and wetness building.

She pulled her thumb from his mouth and replaced it with her index finger. Andrew sucked it gleefully. He didn’t hesitate. His eyes lit up with delight. He moaned.

Scarlett added a second finger. His lips stretched a little wider to accommodate it. He sucked with the same vigor.

“You always know how to make me happy, Andrew,” Scarlett said in a soft, loving voice.

She pulled her fingers from his mouth and lifted the key to his chastity device from around her neck. She traced down his chest with the key, teasing him mercilessly. He was going to be freed from his prison, but Scarlett wanted to take her time.

By the time she reached his cock and slipped the key into the lock, Andrew was whining. He couldn’t help it. The sound just poured from his mouth. He was desperate.

Scarlett let go of the key, leaving it in the lock. She caressed his balls. She delicately rubbed the space between his testicles and asshole. She ran her finger over the little bit of flesh that pushed out the front of the CB-6000.

“Please, Scarlett,” Andrew pleaded. “Please let me out.”

Scarlett smiled at her husband and kissed him. It was a strong, dominant kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and aggressively battled with his.

She reached down and turned the key. The lock popped open and Scarlett removed it and slowly freed Andrew’s cock from the chastity device. She knew he was desperate to reach down and play with his cock and it pleased her that he refused to give in to his base desires.

Once the pieces of his chastity device had been set aside, Scarlett wrapped her fingers around Andrew’s soft cock and stroked him. After a week without release, it didn’t take long for him to achieve an erection.

“Do you want to cum, Andrew?” she asked.

“Yes,” he shot back immediately. “Please, yes. I want to cum so badly. My balls hurt. I need to cum.”

There was a thick drop of precum at the tip of Andrew’s cock. Scarlett collected it on the tip of her finger and offered it to Andrew.

He sucked her finger clean eagerly. He tasted his precum.

“It’s yummy, isn’t it?” she asked.

“It really is,” he said.

Scarlett repeated the process. This time she pushed two fingers into his mouth. She made him take their full length. She made him clean them of his precum and suck them like he was giving head.

“You’re such a good boy,” she whispered before once more stroking his erection.

“Thank you,” Andrew said.

Scarlett let go of his cock and climbed on top of her husband. She reached back to pull aside her panties before dropping her wet pussy onto his face.

“Worship me, Andrew. Make me cum and I’ll give you what you want.”

Andrew’s tongue found her clit immediately and he licked Scarlett eagerly. She was thoroughly aroused from teasing him and he knew it wouldn’t take her long to cum.

As Andrew worshiped her pussy like he’d been instructed, Scarlett slowly stroked his cock. He knew she was teasing him. She wasn’t going to let him cum until he’d done exactly as instructed. He needed to make her cum.

Scarlett rode his face as she slowly stroked her husband with a soft grip. His face was going to be soaked with her juices by the time he was done. It felt like she was fucking his mouth with her pussy. He loved it. Anytime his wife could make Andrew feel like a submissive, owned cuckold it thrilled him.

Finally, Scarlett sat down and smothered her husband’s face as she climaxed. Her flesh surrounded his face, impeding his ability to breathe as he tongued her cunt.

When she’d finished, Scarlett climbed off of Andrew and stroked his slippery cock like he needed. She jerked him off and brought about a beautiful orgasm that had her husband thrashing and crying out in pleasure.

Afterwards, Scarlett ran two fingers through the thick cum that had collected on his stomach. She lifted those two fingers towards his mouth. They were coated in slippery semen. Scarlett wanted to see if Andrew would suck them clean and taste his cum in the process.

He didn’t hesitate. He opened his mouth like a baby bird eager to be fed a worm by its mom. He closed his eyes and moaned while sucking his slippery cum off her fingers.

“Good boy,” Scarlett said as she once more ran her fingers through the cum on her husband’s stomach. She repeated the process and once more he licked up his jizz exactly as she desired.

“Thank you,” he said.

Andrew saw lusty desire in his wife’s eyes. His submission so often brought it about. Every time his submission deepened it thrilled her. She sat on her husband’s face, grabbed his hair, and said, “Make me cum again, Andrew.”

He did as ordered.

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The toy was six inches long and thick enough that Scarlett’s fingers couldn’t quite wrap all the way around it. It was smooth and felt soft against her fingers. The flared head was just like a real cock, which she loved.

Scarlett had purchased the toy for play with her husband. She wanted to tease him with it, to make him watch her pussy stretch out around it while his cock was locked up.

“Do you want to see him fuck me?” Scarlett asked. The toy was smaller than Brandon’s cock, but she was acting as if it was him in their bedroom.

Andrew was between her legs. He was staring at his wife’s wet pussy as she moved the head of the toy around her labia.

“Yes, I want to see him fuck you. I want to see his cock inside your perfect pussy.”

Scarlett moaned and watched Andrew as she pushed the head of the dildo into her wet cunt. It slipped in with ease.

Scarlett moaned and said, “He feels so good, Andrew. He feels so good inside me.”

Andrew had watched her fuck Brandon on numerous occasions, but he hadn’t yet been granted such an intimate view.

It had been five days since his last orgasm and Andrew had just reached the stage where he started to get desperate. Scarlett was counting on this little toy fucking encounter to drive him wild. She wanted her husband overwhelmed with lust.

“It’s beautiful,” he said. “It’s so beautiful.”

Scarlett could hear the desire in his voice. She knew her husband wanted to do more than watch. He wanted to lick her pussy. He wanted to be able to fuck her. He wanted to be set free from his cage so he could pursue his orgasm.

She wasn’t going to allow that, though. Training him was most effective when he was locked up and unable to even think about cumming without her permission.

Scarlett pulled the toy from her pussy. She could feel herself gaping just a little. She could see her husband’s wildly aroused gaze as he stared at her freshly-fucked cunt.

She pushed the toy inside her once more. She plunged it deep. Scarlett was wet enough that she had no problem taking the full length in an instant.

She closed her eyes and said, “Yes, Brandon, fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

Andrew moaned. He was completely lost in his lust. He was right where Scarlett wanted him to be.

She pulled the toy from her pussy once more and held it towards her husband. She rubbed it against his lips. Andrew looked up at her and opened his mouth. He couldn’t say no. His submissive nature drove him to do as she pleased.

Suck his cock clean, Andrew. Taste my pussy on his thick, throbbing dick,” Scarlett instructed as she pushed the toy into her husband’s mouth.

Andrew gave the first blowjob of his life as Scarlett watched. She pushed the toy in and out of his mouth, making sure not to make him take too much. She didn’t want him gagging and making a mess on their bed.

When Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth she saw a flash of disappointment in his eyes. She smiled. He liked sucking the toy for her. He liked submitting. He wanted more.

Scarlett plunged the dildo into her pussy once more. She fucked herself hard and fast. The sounds of her slippery cunt taking a thick cock filled the room.

“Do you want to suck his cock again, Andrew?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Say it,” Scarlett demanded.

Andrew lifted his gaze from her pussy and stared into his wife’s eyes. “I want to suck his cock again.”

“Good boy,” Scarlett said as she pulled the dildo from her pussy and offered it to her husband.

She didn’t have to fuck his mouth this time. He did all the work. She just held it there while his lips wrapped around the head and his mouth moved down the shaft. He was catching on quickly and making her so happy in the process.

Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth and pushed it back inside her pussy. She was soaking wet. Watching her husband suck cock for her was even more arousing than she’d expected.

She wanted more. She couldn’t keep the toy inside her for long. She needed to see his lips around it. She needed to see him sucking cock.

“Suck cock for me, Andrew,” she said upon presenting him with the slippery toy once more.

Andrew did as he was told and he did it passionately. Scarlett could see the joyful lust in his eyes. She could see how badly he wanted to make her happy.

“Do you like being a cocksucker for me?” she asked.

Andrew nodded with the dildo in his mouth. He wasn’t going to stop sucking to answer her if he didn’t need to.

“Do you like having Brandon’s cock in your mouth?”

Scarlett saw the hesitation in his eyes. She was asking him to go a step further. She was asking him to meld the fantasy with reality. He only hesitated for a few moments though. Then he nodded and sucked even more vigorously on the dildo.

She plunged the toy into her pussy once more. It felt fantastically good inside her, though Scarlett knew that was because her arousal levels have skyrocketed. Seeing Andrew give head – even to a toy – was more than enough to fill her with lust.

“I’m cumming, Andrew!” she cried out. “Watch him make me cum!”

Andrew did as instructed. He watched his wife experience a beautiful orgasm with a thick toy inside her.

When Scarlett’s orgasm had passed she pulled the toy from her pussy and offered it to him once more. Andrew dutifully sucked cock. He hadn’t cum yet. He was still full of lust, and getting a chance to be a good boy for his wife was more than enough motivation.

Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth and set it aside. She sat up and sat up with her. She kissed her husband lustily. Their tongues danced beautifully as Scarlett reached between his legs and played with his locked cock and balls.

She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes from just a few inches away. “Good cocksuckers deserve to cum,” she whispered.

Andrew’s body quivered as he moaned. She’d tapped into something that clearly tickled his fancy.

Soon, his cock was unlocked and in her hand. Scarlett stroked her husband as they both sat on their knees in bed. He was stiff with desire.

Did you like sucking cock for me, Andrew?” she asked.

He nodded and said, “Yes, I did.”

“Yeah, you liked being a cocksucker for your wife?” Scarlett asked as she stroked him faster. She knew he’d say yes to anything when he was this close to an orgasm.

“Yes, I loved being a cocksucker for you,” he answered.

Scarlett liked that he went a little further than he had to with his answer. She liked that he was embracing it, that he was finding pleasure in it.

“Cum for me, Andrew. Enjoy your reward for being such a good cocksucker for your wife.”

Andrew did as he was told. He came hard. Scarlett collected his semen in her hand. She smiled at the pleasure her husband was experiencing. She smiled at the sense of control she felt.

When he was finished, Scarlett dipped two of her fingers into the semen in her hand. She held them to Andrew’s mouth. He sucked them clean.

“You’re such a good boy,” Scarlett whispered.

She knew they were going to have so much more fun in the future.

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