Could You Handle a Night of Extreme Cuckolding?

I imagine that some of you – perhaps even the majority of you – masturbate to the idea of your cuckold fantasy being taken to extreme lengths. Permanent chastity. Overwhelming humiliation. Intense and uncomfortable bisexual use by her bull. Punishment spankings delivered by your wife and/or her bull. Tattoos. Piercings. Feminization.

Perhaps some of those ideas appeal to you. Perhaps your cock is tingling at the thought of being subjected to a night – or life – of extreme cuckolding. Could you really handle it, though, or is it something that’s best left to your fantasies?

I was thinking I’d explore the extreme end of cuckolding and walk you through what a night in that world might look like. There’s a chance I’ll simply lead you to a place of intense arousal. There’s a chance you’ll discover that you’re not meant for an extreme version of this lifestyle. Let’s find out.

Below is the first part of the story. You can read the second part on my Patreon page. I promise, if you enjoy the first half you’ll love the second half.


The action begins long before your wife’s bull has arrived. There’s quite a lot of prep work to do, after all, and a good cuckold is responsible for almost all of it. Your wife shouldn’t have to lift a finger, not when she has a submissive little cuck around to meet as many of her needs as possible.

You’ll be responsible for cleaning the house and ensuring it looks good for her bull’s arrival, but your wife has certain rules about the cleaning. She insists that you do so while wearing your micro chastity device and your rather sizable butt plug, and of course you’ve thoroughly cleaned your ass before she puts in the plug. You wear a pair of delicate pink panties to go with your cock and ass jewelry so that it’s impossible to forget that you’re nothing more than a pathetic cuck, that you’re not even remotely a man.

If your wife finds that you talk too much while cleaning she might see fit to put you in a ball gag as well just so you know that it’s your place to shut your fucking mouth while you prepare the household for the arrival of the only real man in your marriage.

After cleaning the house you’ll be responsible for preparing your wife for the night’s pleasure. You’ll join her in the shower – while still plugged and chastised, of course – and wash her body. You’ll shave her, too, including crafting her pubic hair to look exactly as she and her bull desire. If you fail to do a good job you’ll receive a painful punishment spanking in the shower and she will not stop until your ass has been reddened and you’re trembling from the pain. Remember, in this version of your cuckold fantasy your wife has long since stopped caring about your pleasure. You’re just a cuck. You exist to serve her pleasure and nothing more.

You’ll dry your wife after the shower and lotion up her legs and any other part of her body she desires. As she does her hair and makeup – a cuck isn’t qualified to do those things – you’ll select her lingerie and outfit for the evening. If you do a poor job – say by prioritizing what you’d enjoy instead of what her bull enjoys – you’ll be spanked again and this time she might beat you hard enough to produce tears.

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Once you’ve selected her outfit your wife will call you back to the bathroom and order you to worship her asshole while she finishes her hair and makeup. She’ll expect that you do a good job, including pushing your tongue inside her to taste her. She’ll humiliate you while you do so and with good reason.

When she’s finished her hair and makeup your wife will announce that she needs to pee. She’ll spin around, grab a handful of your hair, and order you to open your mouth. You don’t want to drink her piss, but it doesn’t matter. You’re a fucking a cuck. An object to be used for the betterment of your wife’s life, and it’s easier for her to piss in your mouth than to use the toilet.

“Open up, cuck,” she demands. “Open up and get ready to drink my piss like a good little urinal.”

You open up and she pisses in your mouth and orders you to use your tongue to clean her pussy afterwards. Then, because it feels good, she rewards you by letting you lick her clit for a little. Just enough to get her excited for her bull.

After that, your wife orders you to dress her. While you do so, she humiliates you. She plays with your little locked cock. She plays with your plug. She tells you that she and her bull are going to use you tonight, that they’re going to make you suffer for their pleasure.

When you’ve finished dressing her, your wife gives you another spanking – this time just for fun – and then orders you to wait on your knees by the door until her bull arrives.

Her Bull’s Arrival

You wait on your knees by the door and you do so for a few hours. Your time isn’t valuable to your wife, though, and she likes the idea of you experiencing discomfort and boredom as you count down the minutes until his arrival.

Then, just before he’s due to arrive, your wife approaches the door and informs you of the rules of the house when her bull is there. You are to do as you’re told. You are not to defy him. You are beneath him, after all. You are not to defy your wife, either. You are an object. A toy. A fucking cuck. You exist for their pleasure in whatever form that takes.

You acknowledge the rules and a few minutes later her bull arrives. You’re dressed in your pretty pink panties and your cock is caged. Your ass is plugged. He’s dressed in slacks and a button up, He’s strong and tall and handsome. He’s a real man. You’re a fucking cuck. A chastised, pantied cuck.

Your wife greets him at the door. They share a deep kiss. You watch her body melt into his. You watch their tongues entwine. You hear her moan. You witness the genuine desire she feels for him.

She tells him how much she’s missed him. She tells him how much she craves him. He feels the same way.

Then he turns to you. He orders you to your fucking knees and admonishes you for thinking you could remain standing without his permission. He tells you to kiss his feet as a way of showing that you understand your place. You do so, pressing your lips against his shoes and kissing them over and over while your wife and her bull laugh at you for being a pathetic cuck.

Her bull notes how cute your ass looks in those panties. He mentions that a cuck that looks so good in panties should probably be fucked before the night is over. You feel a tremor of fear work its way through you. Your wife and her bull have both fucked you in the past, her with a strapon and him with his impressively long and thick cock. It’s always painful and humiliating, especially when she fucks you with the strapon while her bull fucks your mouth. You’d object, but you know it would fall on deaf ears. They don’t care. You’re just a fucking cuck, an object to be used.

Your wife and her bull make out while you’re kissing his shoes. His cock gets hard and when they’re done kissing he orders you to kiss his bulge through his pants.

You do as you’re told and they laugh at you. Your wife pulls your hair and shoves your head into her bull’s crotch. You kiss and mouth his cock through his pants. You feel pathetic because you are pathetic.

She orders you to go to the kitchen and make their drinks. You get to your feet and do as you’re told. You’re given a hard smack on your pantied ass as you walk away. It felt like his hand, but you know better than to look back and try and find out who delivered the blow.

Your ass stings as you walk into the kitchen. You retrieve a glass and fill it with ice to make his drink. You’ve done it dozens of times before and you’ve gotten quite good at it. You make your wife’s drink too and carry both glasses to the living room.

You find your wife and her bull indulging in a deep kiss on the couch. He has his hand in her dress and he’s quite clearly playing with her soft, perky, perfect breasts. She’s moaning into his mouth and stroking his dick through his pants. It’s a beautiful sight and you could stand there and watch all night as she indulges in her desire for the man that has cuckolded you for the past six months.

They look up and you hand them the drinks before falling to your knees. They both take a sip and you wait to see if they like the drinks. They both smile and you feel a sense of relief. Making a drink poorly always results in a particularly painful spanking and you’re glad to have avoided that fate.

Your wife instructs you to take her bull’s shoes and socks off. You do so and neatly set them aside. She then instructs you to give him a foot massage. As you do, they act like you’re not in the room while catching up on everything that’s happened since they last saw each other.

At some point her bull orders you to suck on his toes. You do so without hesitation, but it disgusts you. They’re sweaty and a little smelly and there’s something so difficult about having a man’s thick toe in your mouth. They laugh at you as you do it. They call you pathetic. They speculate that you’re such a fucking pathetic cuck that you’d do literally anything you were told.

Her bull announces that he has an idea. He pulls out his phone. He sends a few texts. Him and your wife exchange smiles and knowing glances but give you no clue as to what his idea was.

You spend the next half hour massaging both their feet and sucking toes. They talk, kiss, fondle, and generally take their time working their way into a frothy kind of arousal which will inevitably lead to a trip to the bedroom.

Then there’s a knock at the door. Your wife instructs you to answer it. You hesitate with her foot in your hand. You know that nothing good waits behind the door.

She slaps you across the face, stands, and points at the front door. She demands that you answer it and scolds you for thinking that you have any right to defy an order given by your wife or her bull. She glowers at you and you stand and rush to the door.

There’s a man standing on the other side. He looks at your pantied, caged cock and laughs before introducing himself and stepping inside. He heads to the living room and you follow.

Your wife’s bull instructs you to suck the cock of the man now standing in your living room. You look at him and see a smile on his face. You look at your wife and see that she’s now kissing her bull’s neck and stroking his dick through his pants. She tells him that this was a very good idea, that she can’t wait to see her pathetic cuck husband suck a stranger’s dick like the little bitch that he is.

You are a little bitch. A pathetic cuck. A fucking object. So you get on your knees and free the stranger’s cock. You take him in your mouth. You suck his dick like you’ve been trained by your wife and her bull. They use your mouth every time they’re together. Your wife uses your mouth with her fingers, toys, and strapon. They’ve made it perfectly clear that a cuckold has no choice when it comes to his sexuality being expanded, that you’re nothing more than a whore if they want to use you that way.

At some point during the blowjob the stranger takes your head in his hands and fucks your face. It’s a miserable experience. Your nose runs. Your eyes water. Your throat burns. You gag constantly. You take it, though. You take the face fucking like a good cuck and you do so while your wife watches and moans from the pleasure of seeing her husband used like a fuck toy.

The stranger dumps his load down your throat and then slaps your face with his slippery cock before tucking it back into his pants and leaving. You’re gasping for air. Your throat aches. Your face burns with humiliation.

You turn to your wife and she smiles and announces that it’s time for you to suck more cock. She unzips her bull’s pants. She calls you a cocksucking faggot and orders you to crawl closer and beg for the chance to fluff a superior man like a good little cucky.

You do as you’re told. You beg and he denies you. You beg more. You call yourself a pathetic cuck. You call yourself a faggot cocksucker. You call yourself inferior. You say whatever is necessary to convince him to let you fluff him. You do it because it turns you on. You do it because it turns your wife on.

Eventually he relents. He lets you suck his dick. You take him in your mouth and your wife moans and kisses him. They’re no longer paying attention to you. You’re just a mouth, a hole, an object being used to pleasure his cock while they concentrate on each other. You’re just a pathetic cuckold faggot, a cocksucker using his hole for the pleasure of a superior man.

As they kiss, your wife puts her hand on the back of your head and pushes down. She moans when you gag. She moans when you spit up. She moans when you refuse to fight against the pressure she puts on your head. She likes that you understand your place. You’re a pantied, chastised, plugged cuckold faggot cocksucker and you love it.

Once you’ve done your cocksucking duty, her bull orders you to eat your wife’s pussy. You do so like a good cuck. You revel in the pleasure of tasting her, of getting her even wetter so the superior man can fuck her. You revel in how good it feels to prepare her for the kind of sex she deserves to have, the kind her pantied cuck husband can’t provide.

Eventually, your wife and her bull finish their drinks, stand, and move to the bedroom with you crawling on your hands and knees behind them.

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