Could You be a Cuckold Fluffer?

Traditionally, a fluffer’s role in a porn production is to use her mouth to arouse the male talent so he can step in front of the camera and get down to the business of fucking when the time comes.

A cuckold fluffer’s role is similar, except you’re offering your mouth to your wife’s bull to get him ready to satisfy her pussy in a way your inadequate cock can’t.

So, could you be a cuckold fluffer? Could you get on your knees and use your mouth to get another man hard before he fucks your wife? Could you surrender some small part of your manhood and suck cock because it thrills your wife and the man that has taken your place in the bedroom?

The True Purpose of the Cuckold Fluffer

Unlike a fluffer on a porn set, your cocksucking talents aren’t actually necessary to get your wife’s bull hard for her pussy. The allure of fucking her is more than enough to get him stiff, and of course she probably enjoys foreplay with him and wouldn’t mind going down on her bull to get him nice and hard.

That’s why being a cuckold fluffer is largely a symbolic gesture. When you offer him your mouth, you’re saying that’s all you’re good for. You’re admitting that your cock cannot please your wife. You’re telling him and her that you know your place in the bedroom. When you fuck your wife it brings you pleasure, but it does next to nothing for her. When you suck his cock, it brings both of them pleasure.

Ultimately, a cuckold fluffer is demonstrating his willing and eager submission to his wife and her bull. Whether he’s straight or bisexual, he’s taking another man’s cock into his mouth because he wants to show his devotion to the woman that is lovingly cuckolding him. He wants to demonstrate to her that he knows his place and that he’s going to be a good boy as she fucks her bull.

Fluffing Her Bull Isn’t About Your Sexuality

Fluff her bull

Guys get so worked up about their sexuality. They panic at the notion that taking another man’s cock in their mouth means they’re gay, as if it was possible to suddenly switch sexuality because you gave someone a blowjob. It doesn’t work like that. Stop panicking. Stop freaking out.

Being a cuckold fluffer has nothing to do with your sexuality and everything to do with your willingness to submit. Yes, you’re going to be on your knees with a cock in your mouth. Yes, you’re going to be sucking someone else’s big dick. Yes, you’re going to taste a cock. Yes, you’re going to make that cock hard. That doesn’t make you gay or bisexual. It makes you a submissive.

When your wife and her bull demand that you fluff him, they don’t care about your sexuality. They care that you’re willing to accept your place in the bedroom and in your marriage. You’ve been replaced as the primary sexual partner in her life. You no longer offer her any pleasure with your cock (if you ever did). That’s his job now. That means it’s your job to fluff his cock (and perhaps clean up afterwards).

So don’t fret about your sexuality. Despite what some guys believe, you’re not going to turn gay or bisexual if you take a cock in your mouth. You might sink deeper into submission, but that’s a good thing. If you’re an eager bisexual cocksucker, then that’s wonderful. Pleasure him and then watch as he pleasures her.

Cuckold Fluffer Audio

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Would You Fluff Him if It Turned Her On?

It’s okay to be nervous or even scared at fluffing her bull’s big cock. Most guys are a little freaked out at the implications. What if it turned her on, though? What if it made your wife wet to see you going down on her bull? Would that convince you to accept your place as her fluffer?

Imagine a scenario where your wife really wants to see your lips wrapped around her bull’s dick. She wants to see you submit. She wants to witness that moment where you look at her, look at him, and then fall to your knees. She wants to feel that incredible surge of lust as her husband gets on his knees in front of another man.

You like that notion, don’t you? You like the idea of your wife moaning quietly as you fall to your knees in front of her bull. You like the idea of her masturbating as she watches you suck cock. In a way, you’d be fluffing both of them. She’d get nice and wet while you were making sure her bull was stiff with desire for her.

That’s the real purpose of being a cuckold fluffer. You’re doing it to make your wife and cuckoldress happy. You’re doing it to show her that you understand your new place in the bedroom. You’re doing it because you crave submission. Forget about everything else and just think about that. You want to submit to your wife, which means submitting to her bull and sucking his cock until it’s nice and hard.

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A Short Cuckold Fluffer Story

You're going to fluff this cock, cuckold

Would you like to read a short cuckold story about being seduced into sucking her bull’s cock? Let me take you into the bedroom. Let me put you in front of your wife and her bull. Let me show you the pleasure of fluffing for her:

“I want this, baby. I need this,” your wife says as she stands in front of you. Her fingers feel so good as they move over your stiff cock. She’s spent most of the day teasing you. You’re dripping precum.

She steps aside and you stare at her bull’s cock. Your wife plays with your balls and rubs your taint. Her touch is delicate and arousing.

She kisses your neck and whispers, “I need you to be my cuckold fluffer. I need you to show me that you know your place.”

Her fingers wrap tightly around your stiff cock and she strokes you. Your precum is the perfect lubricant. You groan. The pleasure is intense. You want to cum, but you know she’s not going to let you orgasm until you’ve done what she wants.

“I need to see his big cock in your mouth, baby. I need you to fluff him. Will you be a good boy and do that for me?” your wife whispers into your ear before gently kissing your neck. Goosebumps rise on your skin. Your body is alive with pleasure.

An internal battle rages. Part of you wants to do it. You want to submit to her and suck his cock. You want to fluff him. Part of you wants to run out of the room. Part of you wants to forget about being her cuckold and just go back to a normal marriage. All of you knows that’s not possible.

“Do it, baby,” your wife says softly. “Be my fluffer.”

You can’t resist any longer. She’s so sexy. You love her so much. You want to submit to her. You want to make her happy.

You take a step towards her bull and drop to your knees. The bedroom carpet is soft against your skin.

Your wife moans. There’s genuine pleasure behind it. She loves that you’re about to do this.

“That’s it, baby,” she says while running her fingers through your hair and over the back of your neck. “Be a good boy. Be my cuckold fluffer.”

You look at the cock in front of you. It’s big. It’s long and thick and he’s hard from the foreplay he and your wife have already enjoyed. All you have to do is open your mouth and wrap your lips around him. You need to suck his cock. It’s what your wife wants. She wants you to show them both that you fully accept your place as her cuckold.

She gently pushes on the back of your head. The slight pressure is enough to get you to lean forward, open your mouth, and take her bull’s cock onto your tongue.

You close your eyes and lick the spongy head of his dick as you close your lips around it. You’re fluffing his cock. You’re making your wife so happy.

“That’s so hot, baby,” your wife says. You can hear her masturbating. Her pussy is soaking wet. She’s pushing her fingers in and out of her cunt. You’re turning her on by being a good cuckold fluffer. She likes watching you suck cock.

Her bull groans. You take him deeper into your mouth. You make sure your tongue is active. You want to be a good fluffer for her. Now that you’re doing it, you’re committed to doing it well.

“He’s a natural,” her bull says.

“I told you he would be,” your wife adds.

They’ve been talking about it. They knew this was inevitable. They knew you’d be a good cocksucker. They knew you’d submit.

You’re a natural born cuckold fluffer.

So, Could You be a Cuckold Fluffer?

Would you get on your knees for him, cuckold? Would you wrap your lips around his dick and suck your wife’s bull until he’s ready to fuck her? Would you submit to them both? Would you embrace your place in your marriage and be a cocksucker?

If it turns her on, why wouldn’t you? If it makes your wife happy, why wouldn’t you want to be a fluffer for her and her bull? Go ahead, suck that cock.

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