Make Him Your Ass Licking Cuckold

Ladies, if you haven’t yet enjoyed the pleasure of a rimjob from your cuckold husband (or any eager man, to be honest), you’re missing out. It’s a divine pleasure to feel a talented tongue licking your asshole, especially when you know that your man is deriving intense satisfaction from being given permission to go down on your tight little hole.

That’s why I recommend you make him your ass licking cuckold (even if you haven’t cuckolded him yet). Trust me, he’ll enjoy it. Utter the words, “Eat my ass, cuckold,” and you’ll see genuine joy on his face. You’ll trigger his submissive desires and he’ll gladly spread your cheeks and use his tongue to delight you.

It can be more than the occasional rimjob or ass worship session, too. If you’re actually cuckolding him, you can use his desire to be an ass eater to thrill your husband, yourself, and your bull.

The Basics of Ass Worship

Before we go any further, there are a few things you should know before you dive into ass licking with your cuckold. First and foremost, you really want to be clean down there before he goes to work. A shower where you make sure to give your asshole a good scrubbing with soap should get the job done. It’s possible he’ll find it appealing to rim you while you’re not super clean, but he won’t enjoy the potentially unpleasant effects of consuming even small amounts of fecal matter, so clean it up before you play.

This shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s best if he only uses his tongue unless you instruct him otherwise. Porn trains men to believe that an asshole can take any kind of penetration, but it’s actually pretty sensitive down there. Even sliding his finger inside can result in a small cut that can turn into something far more unpleasant (just trust me on this). He can stick his tongue in there if he wants, though of course that carries some risk (fecal matter, again).

Okay, that’s enough of the gross stuff. Let’s get down to the fun.

Trust Me, He Wants to Worship Your Ass

I can’t speak for all men, of course, but I can say with confidence that the vast majority of cuckolds (and wannabe cuckolds) would love to worship the beautiful asses of their wives.

He likes that it feels a little naughty. He likes that it’s something you probably haven’t let him do before. He likes that some men probably don’t want to do it, and yet there he is eagerly licking your asshole.

He’ll really like it if you’re the one that decides when he licks your asshole. Don’t just let him go down there whenever he wants. You give the command. You tell him to eat your ass. He doesn’t decide.

Ass licking cuckold storyHer Ass Licking Cuckold is a naughty 3-part story I just published for my Patreon supporters. It begins when Connor meets Claire at the gym. Her ass is alluring in a pair of skintight workout pants and he can’t stop staring.

She recognizes his submissive desires and soon enough has him literally kissing her ass in the parking lot. Soon he’s licking her ass after every date. As the name suggests, she cuckolds him. Her ex-boyfriend Greg comes into their life and there’s a wildly naughty adventure with ass eating, anal sex, creampie cleanup, and more.

Click here to read an excerpt from the story at the bottom of the article.

How to Have Fun with Ass Worship

Worship her ass

You can make this more than lying face down in bed and letting him spread your cheeks so he can go to town on your asshole. Here are a few ways to have fun with it:

  • Use it as a Reward – If your cuckold has been a good boy, give him the reward of worshiping your perfect ass. Before he goes to work down there, tell him that he’s been very good and he’s earned the privilege of eating your asshole. It’s a small, subtle way of training him to see it as something he craves.
  • Use it as a Form of Denial – Your cuckold also craves your pussy. You know he does. He loves to make you cum, often more than he loves his own orgasms. Having him worship your asshole can be a great way of denying him the pleasure of tasting your pussy. He’s close – inches away, in fact – and yet he’s not allowed to lick you. Perhaps you’re not in the mood to cum, or perhaps you’re simply in the mood to deny him. Either way, this can be a really good way to enjoy his tongue while denying him something.
  • Sit on His Face – You’ve probably ridden his face with your pussy. Now you can do it with your asshole. Spread your cheeks and sit right down on his face. Get your asshole right over his tongue and let him go to work. He’ll feel wonderfully smothered by your bottom and he’ll eagerly please you.
  • Go for Long Periods of Time – Unlike your pussy (in all likelihood), he can lick your asshole for hours without bothering you. Feel free to give it a try sometime. Sit down in front of the TV, find a Netflix show, and watch for a few hours while your cuckold licks your asshole the entire time. He’ll love you for it.
  • Have Him Lick Your Sweaty Ass – You still want to be clean, but he’ll love it if you do a quick workout, pull down your yoga pants, and pull his head between your ass cheeks. Make him lick up all that sweat, and let him know that’s exactly what he’s doing. Feel free to throw in a little verbal play. “Licking my sweaty ass is all you’re good for” will absolutely thrill him.
  • Masturbate While He Licks Your Ass – Get in your preferred position and play with your pussy while your cuckold worships your ass. Moan as you masturbate. Bring yourself to orgasm. Make him lick your tight hole the entire time. The added stimulation will feel great and he’ll absolutely enjoy getting to be so close as you’re cumming.

Talk Dirty to Your Ass Licking Cuckold

Dirty talk and verbal humiliation are powerful tools that you can and should use to enhance your cuckold’s pleasure and deepen his submission (click that link to read my article on the subject).

If you’re into domination, it will enhance your pleasure too. You can keep it incredibly simple if you want, or you can be a little more imaginative and try and find the exact words to thrill your ass eating submissive.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • “How does my ass taste, cuckold?”
  • “That’s it, baby. Eat my ass. Show me that you know your place.”
  • “How does it feel to be an ass eating cuckold?”
  • “Stick your tongue in my ass. Taste me, cuck. Taste my asshole.”
  • “Clean my sweaty asshole, baby. Clean it all up. Lick up all that salty, yummy sweat. Get me nice and clean so I don’t have to shower.”
  • “Do you want to eat my ass the next time my bull and I have anal sex?”
  • “This is all you’re good for, cuckold. You’re an ass eater. You’re not even worthy of licking my pussy. Now stick your tongue inside my asshole.”
  • “Worship my ass, cuckold. Don’t stop until I tell you to. Don’t stop worshiping my tight little asshole until I give you permission.”
  • “Beg me for the pleasure of worshiping my asshole, cuckold.”

Ass Licking Ideas as You Cuckold Him with Your Bull

You want to be her ass licking cuckold

If you haven’t tried it already, you absolutely must incorporate ass licking into your cuckold play. There are so many fun ways to do this. It requires your husband being present and involved while you’re with your bull, but I’m going to assume that’s the case for the ideas that follow:

  • Make Him Lick Your Ass During Foreplay – While you and your bull are fooling around, have your cuckold worship your asshole. It’s an ideal way to remind him of his place, which is guaranteed to turn him on. He’ll love that he’s relegated to eating your bottom while you give head to your bull, or that he’ll be literally kissing your asshole while you’re kissing your bull.
  • Make Him Lick Your Ass as You’re Getting Fucked – There are a few ways of doing this. It can be quite humiliating (in a good way) to sit on his chest with your asshole right in front of his mouth while your bull fucks you. Then he can look up at another man’s cock filling your pussy while he’s busy eating your anus. It might have the added bonus of your bull’s balls brushing against his forehead and nose.
  • Make Him Rim You Before Anal Sex – If you have anal sex with your bull (a surprising number of hotwives do), make sure your cuckold gives you a rimjob beforehand. This is a perfect time for verbal humiliation – “You eat my ass and he gets to fuck it, cuckold. That’s your place” – and he’ll fall madly, deeply in love with you.
  • Make Him Rim You After Anal Sex – Want to make it even more humiliating? Bring your cuckold back to rim your asshole after your bull has fucked you. It will send him deeper into that beautiful submissive space, which is exactly where you want him to be (and where he wants to be). Again, feel free to offer up dirty talk. For example, “You’re not worthy of my ass, cuckold. You’re only worthy of cleaning up after a real man has enjoyed it.”
  • Make Him Lick Your Bull’s Asshole – Obviously, both your cuckold and your bull will need to be comfortable with bisexual play, but this is an incredible way to turn up the heat. You can have him do it as a form of pure submission. He gets on his knees, he spreads your bull’s ass cheeks, and he eats that tight hole while you watch. You can combo it, too. You take your bull’s cock into your mouth and direct your cuckold to eat his ass.
  • Make Him Lick Both Your Asses – If you and your bull are into humiliating your cuckold and putting him in his place, try both getting on your hands and knees in bed and ordering him to rim you both. Then he can move from asshole to asshole, using his tongue skillfully to pleasure you both. To make it even better, you can kiss your bull as your husband is working you both with his tongue.
  • Make Him Lick Your Bull’s Asshole as You’re Getting Fucked – For the right cuckold, this will feel like the ultimate humiliation and truly force him to accept his lowered status in your sex life. While another man – and one with a superior cock, of course – pleasures your pussy, your cuckold must lick his asshole. He must show that he embraces his new place in the bedroom by eating the ass of the man that actually knows how to pleasure you. It’s insanely dirty and delectable and he will feel the humiliation that turns him on.

Can you think of any ways that ass licking can be incorporated into cuckold play? If so, please leave a comment.

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An Excerpt from ‘Her Ass Licking Cuckold’:

I just published a three part story, “Her Ass Licking Cuckold,” on my Patreon page. It tells the story of Connor and Claire. They meet on their way out of the gym after she notices his obsessive ogling of her ass. Things quickly turn naughty as she makes him kiss her ass in the parking lot and has him worship her ass her on their first date. As the name suggests, there’s all kinds of cuckold play involved too. The story is inspired by this article, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s an excerpt from the first part:

“I thought that might be the case,” Claire said. Her tone had shifted. It was decidedly seductive. For a few seconds, they walked through underground parking garage in silence. Then, Claire surprised Connor by asking, “What was it about my ass that captured your attention, Connor?”

There was a demanding tone to her voice that Connor found impossibly sexy. Normally he would have shied away from answering a question like that from a girl he’d just met. Instead, he felt compelled to share.

“It’s perfect. Your ass, that is. It’s perfectly shaped. It’s big but it still looks really fit and sexy. Your waist is slim, which makes your ass even more arousing. Plus, those are the sexiest yoga pants I’ve ever seen. I don’t know where you bought them, but you should buy more, because they make your ass look otherworldly.”

Claire smiled and stopped. “This is my car,” she said while pointing to a compact SUV.

She walked towards the driver’s side door and turned around. Connor instinctively stared at her ass. He couldn’t help himself. Claire bent over and her yoga pants tightened alluringly as the fabric stretched over her butt.

“Come here, Connor,” Claire said as she remained bent over.

Connor stepped closer. He wasn’t sure what she was planning. His heart started to pound in his chest and he felt a sense of arousal begin to build between his legs.

“Do you want to touch my ass, Connor?” Claire asked. Her voice was hypnotic.

He nodded and said, “Yes, I’d like that very much.” Somehow he knew not to reach out and touch it. She hadn’t invited him to do so. She’d merely asked if he wanted it.

“I want you to touch it too, Connor,” Claire said. “But first you have to kiss it. Will you do that for me? Will you kiss my ass?”

Connor couldn’t stop his cock from getting hard. He’d never heard a girl talk like that before. It was insanely sexy. “Yes, I’ll kiss your ass,” he answered. He didn’t care that they were in a parking lot and that someone might walk by and see it. He wanted to kiss her ass.

“Good. Why don’t you get on your knees for me?” Claire suggested in a soft, seductive voice.

Connor fell to his knees. Her beautiful ass was less than foot from his face. It looked even better in close up.

“Kiss my ass, Connor,” Claire said. “Both cheeks.” He loved how comfortable she was being so demanding.

Connor leaned forward and kissed her left ass cheek first. The material of her skintight yoga pants felt smooth against his lips. He moved to her right ass cheek and kissed it too.

“Good boy,” Claire said.

Connor was surprised at how much he liked being called a good boy. His cock was stiff with desire. He felt willing to do anything this beautiful girl wanted.

Claire stood up and briefly looked around the parking garage as Connor waited on his knees. Then she bent over again, slipped her fingers into the waistband of her yoga pants, and pulled it three quarters of the way down her ass.

Connor let out an involuntary moan as he stared at the milky white ass cheeks of this intensely sexy, dominant woman.

“Kiss my ass, Connor,” she demanded.

He leaned forward and did as she requested. This time his lips pressed against her soft flesh as he kissed each cheek. He licked his lips afterwards and tasted a hint of salt, likely from the sweat her workout built up.

Claire pulled up her pants and turned around. “Stand up,” she said.

Connor stood. Claire stepped closer. She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands behind her. She placed them on her ass cheeks.

“Go ahead. Feel my ass. You’ve earned it.”

It gets a lot naughtier from there, of course. If you want to read the whole story (and dozens more cuckold stories), become a Patreon supporter today.

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