Her Lust is for Another Man, Cuckold

Your wife is hooked, cuckold. She’s hooked on fucking other men. Her pussy drips when she thinks of her bull’s big cock throbbing for her. She fantasizes about him constantly. Her dreams are filled with images of his thickness penetrating her pussy and stretching her in that deliciously satisfying way that you can’t manage. You pushed her to cuckold you, to do this. You pushed her to get in bed with another man, and now she needs him.

Luckily, she lets you watch. You’ve been such a good cuckold husband that she brings you to the hotel rooms they rent and lets you sit right by the bed to watch as another man satisfies her in ways you’ve never been able to do. You feel that intoxicating mixture of shame and lust as it becomes clear you’re not capable of making your wife cum like this other man can. It turns you on though, it makes your cock rock hard with lust, and you masturbate furiously as she makes love to someone else right in front of you.

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