The Many Ways Your Cuckold Can Watch You Get Fucked

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Your cuckold husband wants to watch you have sex with another man. I guarantee it. In fact, watching as you cum with another man’s cock inside you might be the greatest thrill of your cuck’s life. That’s why I recommend that you let him watch, at least occasionally.

That being said, watching can get boring if it’s the same thing over and over and over again. There’s a solution for that, though, as cuckolding is a uniquely flexible sexual fantasy. You see, there are all kinds of different ways he can watch and all sorts of variations you can add to any particular method that can make it a little bit different each and every time.

I’ve come up with a handful of different ways for your cuckold to watch and I encourage you to try them out, to mix and match as you see fit, and to do so in the name of keeping things fresh and interesting for all three of you.

Watching in the Bedroom

On His Knees – Put him on his knees on the bedroom floor and you’ve put him in a good mindset for a cuckold. You want him to feel a little bit submissive as another man has his way with your body. There are many ways you can adjust this particular manner of watching to shift his experience. For instance, where you put him makes a major difference:

  • At the Foot of the Bed – No matter the position, if he’s on his knees at the foot of the bed your cuckold is going to see your bull’s cock moving in and out of your pussy. It will be impossible to focus on anything other than the sight of another man’s cock filling his wife.
  • At the Side of the Bed – Your face will be the likely focus of his attention. He’ll see your bull’s face, the way you touch each other, the way you kiss, etc, but it’s the pleasure on your face that will likely draw the majority of his attention and offer an entirely different kind of pleasure than watching the penetration.
  • Far from the Bed – You can put him on his knees in the doorway, in a far corner of the room, or even in the master bathroom if it has a view of the bed. His view will be less detailed, but he’ll be forced to take in the whole picture, which might make him appreciate it even more. Conversely, being put on his knees so far from the action might make him feel like you want the sex with your bull to feel more personal and connected. It can be a good way of putting your cuck in his place as little more than a voyeur if you’re in the mood for that.
  • Right Next to the Bed During Doggystyle – This one is a personal favorite. You’re being taken from behind by your bull. Your cuckold is on his knees next to the bed. You’re looking right into his eyes. If you want, you can pull him close and share long, beautiful, deep kisses with him as another man fucks you. This is especially thrilling if your bull gets to cum inside you as there’s something incredible about having your cuck’s tongue in your mouth while your bull unloads in your pussy.

The Cuckold Humiliation Handbook book cover

Even if it’s not direct or overwhelming, almost every cuckold craves a touch of humiliation. Even watching can be humiliating. After all, a husband is supposed to fuck his wife. He’s not supposed to watch from his knees as another man does the fucking.

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Sitting in a Chair – Bring a chair into the bedroom. Preferably one with arms. Choose where you’d like your cuckold to watch from. Have him sit down and remain there while you and your bull fuck, unless of course you decide that your husband is allowed to shift the chair around.

There are many ways to mix things up with this particular style of watching:

  • Naked or Clothed – You decide if your hubby gets to take his clothes off or if he has to remain clothed. Either way can be fun.
  • Masturbate or Hands Off – If he’s ceded control of his pleasure to you, then you get to decide if your husband is allowed to masturbate while he watches from the chair. He could do so whether or not he’s dressed.
  • Bondage – If you’re feeling naughty, implement some light bondage to keep your husband from using his hands. Tie them to the arms or cuff them behind his back. This is doubly effective if you put in some work to arouse him beforehand. Perhaps some cock stroking. Perhaps a quick blowjob. Perhaps he gets to watch you and your bull indulge in foreplay while thinking he’ll be able to masturbate when you fuck. Then, right before having sex, you tie him to the chair and smile at his agony as you deny him the opportunity to jerk off.

Standing – This is not the most natural way to watch you and your bull have sex. It can make him feel a little awkward, to be honest. It does provide a different view of the action, though, and there are some potential benefits to ordering him to stand and watch:

  • He Can Hold Your Legs – It’s not usually necessary, but it can be nice to involve your cuckold and having him stand by the bed and hold your legs apart while your bull gives your pussy a good pounding can be quite nice.
  • You Can Stroke/Hold Your Cuck’s Cock – If he’s standing, you have access to his dick. You can stroke him a little. You can simply grab hold of it like a possession without offering him any real pleasure. You can remind him who’s in charge of his cock (assuming you control his orgasms).
  • You Can Easily Tell if He’s Masturbating – Some cuckolds will stroke their cocks even if they’ve been instructed not to. If he’s standing and his dick is within view, it’s very easy to check if he’s disobeying the rules.
  • He Might Feel More Like a Servant – This may not be what you want, but it can also be kind of kinky to have your cuckold husband stand by the bed with his hands clasped behind his back like he’s a servant from the Tudor era. Like he’s there to do nothing more than watch and wait to see if you or your bull need anything.

While Beneath You in a Cuckold 69 – Your cuckold will never be closer to the union of you and your bull than when you get into a 69 with him and let your bull have his way with your pussy from behind.

It can be overwhelming for your cuck, though. If your bull fucks you with particular vigor, the sex will be loud and there will likely be quite a lot of wetness dripping from your pussy and onto your husband’s face. The sound alone can be too much for a cuckold to handle, though most will thoroughly enjoy the overwhelming nature of watching their wife get fucked in that way.

There’s the added bonus of your cuckold being permitted to offer you pleasure when watching in this position. He can lick your clit or he can reach up and use his fingers. Plus, if you’re into bisexual play, you can have your bull fuck your cuckold’s mouth a little if he happens to fall out of your pussy.

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I highly recommend you take a few opportunities to sit on your cuckold’s face, too, perhaps if you need a break from the pounding. Your bull pulls out, you sit on your cuck’s face, and then you and your bull can kiss while he plays with your breasts. Even better if the slippery head of his cock rests on your husband’s forehead as his face is surrounded by your beautiful cunt.

On His Back in the Bed Next to You – Start with your cuckold in a typical viewing position. Perhaps on his knees by the side of the bed. Bring your bull into the bed. Fool around. Get all hot and bothered. Pick the side of the bed you’re going to fuck on (the cuckold’s side is always a good choice). Get ready to fuck. Then, invite your cuckold to join you in the bed.

Have him lie next to your bull. Straddle your bull and take his cock inside you. Look down at your cuckold as another man fills your pussy. Ask your husband if it feels good to be in your marital bed while you have sex with another man. Ride your bull’s big dick and have fun with your cuckold while you do.

Feel free to try this one in every position and interact with your husband as you see fit. Hold his hand. Stuff your fingers in his mouth and make him suck them while you get fucked. Or, if you like, ignore him completely as he is so close – and yet so far – from the pleasures of fucking his wife.

Make sure you’re clear about whether or not he’s permitted to masturbate. Also, if you still have sex with your husband it can be quite fun to make your bull cum – after he’s made you cum, hopefully – and then hop on your cuckold’s cock to take him for a ride. A few words about how you can’t even feel his dick after your bull’s been inside you will likely make your husband cum right away.

Lying Between Your Bull’s Legs – This really only works if your bull is on his back in the bed. If so, you can have your cuckold crawl between his legs and lie on his stomach. That gives him a lovely close up view of you taking another man’s cock deep in your pussy. You can also have your cuckold assist you from this viewing position:

  • He can place your bull’s cock back inside you should it fall out during a particularly vigorous ride.
  • He can kiss your ass while you’re riding another man’s dick.
  • He can suck on your bull’s balls if you’re both into that sort of thing.
  • He can worship your ass for a little extra pleasure while you have a nice big cock inside you.

If nothing else, it’s a lovely way to give your cuckold a beautiful close up view of you and another man having sex in your marital bed. It’s a particularly good position if he’s comfortable enough with your bull to not mind the close contact and especially good if you and your bull like your husband showing affection for the man that satisfies your sexual desires.

Watching in the Living Room

Sitting Directly Behind You as You Suck Your Bull’s Cock – Your bull is sitting on the couch, in an armchair, etc. You’re on your knees in front of him giving him head. In this particular case, position your cuckold directly behind you but some distance away, giving him a view of your head bobbing up and down and a perfect view of the look of pleasure on your bull’s face while denying him the view of his wife’s perfect lips wrapped tightly around another man’s cock.

It’s an entirely different way of witnessing a blowjob and it will shift his experience. Instead of concentrating on the sight of your mouth engulfing another man’s dick, he’ll imagine it while he’s watching your head bob or witnessing the pleasure on your bull’s face. He’ll stare at your beautiful body. He’ll see your bull’s hands move through your hair. Your bull might even find a bit of pleasure in talking to your cuckold as he gets a blowjob. That dirty talk might prove thrilling for all involved.

Doing the Same as Your Bull Eats Your Pussy – There’s no reason your bull deserves all the pleasure. If he’s any good with his tongue he’ll happily get on his knees and eat your pussy while you’re sitting across from your cuckold.

In this case, you really should indulge in dirty talk. Tell your cuckold that your bull’s tongue and fingers feel incredible. Ask him if he can hear how wet your pussy is. Tell him how desperate you are to get fucked by your bull. Do it all while your cuckold listens and watches but can’t see the other man’s tongue working your clit or fingers working your slick cunt. Enjoy the agonized, thrilled look on your husband’s face.

On His Knees as You Ride Your Bull – Your bull is on the couch and you’ve straddled him and taken his cock inside you. You’re about to go for a ride, but before you do, you tell your cuckold husband to get on his knees in front of the couch to watch another man’s dick stretch your pussy.

This puts your cuck in a submissive pose on his knees and brings him close to the action. Extremely close, in fact, if that’s how you want it. He could be literal inches from the sex you and your bull have. It’s a unique way of experiencing the beauty of his wife and another man fucking and it’s not something he’ll soon forget, I promise.

This form of watching is particularly fun if you fuck in reverse cowgirl. There’s something intoxicating about looking down at your cuck’s eager face as he witnesses another man’s big dick stretching your pussy and reaching places inside you his cock has never gone.

Plus, you can have him enhance your pleasure in all the same ways mentioned above in the ‘Watch from Between Your Bull’s Legs’ idea.

Next to You on the Couch – No matter what position you use, your cuckold can be sitting right next to you as you and your bull fuck on the couch. If you’re riding your bull’s cock, have your husband sit next to you, whip out his dick, and stroke slowly as he witnesses the beautiful union of his wife and the man she’s chosen to satisfy her wildest desires.

If you’re on your back and your bull is pounding your pussy on the couch, your cuckold can do more than watch. He can lean down to kiss you. He can play with your breasts. He can hold your legs apart. You can jerk him off if you like or simply hold his cock as your possession while he watches you get pounded.

Having him close is a wonderful way to increase the intimacy of his cuckolding and to ensure that he remains connected to you and to the notion that his cuckolding is ultimately about the both of you getting off on the idea that another man fucks you with such skill and passion.

Seated Across the Living Room – Sometimes, a cuckold just wants to be a voyeur. He wants to keep his distance while he witnesses his wife’s pleasure. Sometimes, a hotwife wants her cuckold to be more of a voyeur. If so, there’s no better way to accomplish that than to put your husband on the other side of the living room as you get fucked on the couch.

Perhaps you have a nice armchair or loveseat. Perhaps you have to drag in a chair from another room. Whatever the case, your cuckold will be watching from a distance as you indulge in your intense desire for your bull.

You decide how long your cuckold stays there. It could be for the duration of the sex with your bull or it could be that he gets to come closer only when you give the signal, say when your bull’s cock is actually inside you. Remember that it’s quite likely your cuckold will enjoy you being in control of how he watches, so don’t be afraid to exercise that control.

Standing Doggystyle While Your Husband Sits on the Couch – The key to this position is to involve your cuckold, though mostly as an extension of your furniture. He’s sitting on the couch. You’re standing in front of him. You bend over and rest your hands on his shoulders, chest, knees, or thighs. Your bull slides into you from behind and you smile at your husband as you get fucked.

You can also utilize your cuckold by having him stimulate your clit while you get fucked from behind. I’d recommend sharing lots of kisses with him, too, and if you’re in the mood you can play with his cock while you get a good standing fuck from behind.

You can also put your husband’s legs together and get on your knees on the couch with your thighs outside his. It’s an even more intimate way of experiencing this particular kind of doggystyle fuck and your cuckold will be able to play with your pussy even easier. If you’re into it, there’s something truly special about having the hands of two men moving over your body as you get fucked.

Sitting in Your Cuck’s Lap as Your Bull Fucks You – This works best if your cuckold husband is dressed and you’re naked. Sit in his lap. Spread your legs (and maybe have him hold them open). Then, invite your bull to slide his cock inside you. It’s a form of using your cuckold as furniture and it’s a remarkably effective way of letting him watch.

You’ll almost certainly feel his stiff dick pressing into your ass while you get pounded. Plus, your cuckold can play with your breasts, kiss your neck, caress your thighs, or share deep kisses with you while another man’s cock gives your needy, wet pussy the pleasure it craves.

Other Locations

While You’re in the Shower – This works especially well if you have a glass shower door. Imagine it’s all foggy. You and your bull are in the shower together. Your cuckold is in the bathroom. He watches through the fogged-up glass as you indulge in your desire for your bull. You fool around. You stroke his cock. He fingers you. You suck his cock. He gets on his knees and licks your wet pussy.

Eventually, you fuck. All the while, your lucky hubby is standing on the other side of the shower door watching in a slightly censored manner – remember, the glass is fogged up – as his wife gets pounded.

If you have a very large shower – or you’re staying at a hotel with a very large shower – you can invite your cuckold in with you. He can prepare you both. He can eat pussy and suck cock and finger and stroke while you kiss. Then he can watch as you have sex and if you’re feeling generous you can let him clean up afterwards before he washes both of your bodies.

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In the Car – Sex in the car isn’t always comfortable, but there’s something hot about it when you’re with a new man. It almost always happens because you just can’t wait to get home, because your pussy is on fire with desire for the big cock that awaits in your man’s pants. Thankfully, when you’re married to a cuckold, he’s more than happy to drive while you and your bull fuck in the backseat.

He doesn’t have to drive, though. You can have him park somewhere – in the far corner of a Target parking lot, for instance – and then he can turn around and watch as you and your bull indulge in your desire for each other and have wild, uninhibited sex in the backseat.

There’s something thrilling about your cuckold driving while you get fucked, though. He needs to have the discipline not to look back, to satiate himself with the occasional glance in the rearview mirror to see you bouncing up and down on your bull’s cock without witnessing the union of your bodies, as the mirror reveals only a small fraction of the scene playing out in the backseat.

There’s also the option to have your cuckold drive you somewhere private so you and your bull can get out of the car and fuck while your husband remains in the front seat. You could fuck on the car’s hood. You could bend over the hood and look right into your hubby’s eyes as your bull takes you from behind. It should be a thrill for all of you.

He’s Outside While You’re Inside – Kick your cuckold out of the house. Make him watch from the back deck as you and your bull fuck in the living room or on the kitchen table. If you have a ground floor bedroom, make your cuckold stand outside the window as you and your bull indulge in your desire for each other. You can choose to completely ignore him like he’s a true voyeur, or you can taunt and tease him a little as he’s made to watch from what feels like an impossible distance.

While You Fuck Outdoors – Though it can be a bit risky, sometimes it’s nice to fuck outdoors. It’s usually spontaneous – and as we all know, there’s something so nice about spontaneous sex – and it can feel freeing. For a hotwife, there’s the added benefit of giving your cuck quite a show. Here are just a few of the many types of outdoor sex you and your bull could indulge in:

  • While Hiking – You, your bull, and your cuckold all go on a hike. You’re wearing skintight athleticwear and neither of the men can keep their eyes off of you. You like the attention. You get turned on. You drag your bull off the trail. You have your cuck lick your sweaty pussy for a little and then get fucked standing against a tree.
  • On the Beach – You’ll need an empty beach, but can you imagine the thrill of going for a romantic stroll down the beach with your bull, laying out a towel, and then indulging in your lust for each other on that towel while your cuckold keeps watch – while watching you – to make sure you maintain your privacy.
  • In Your Backyard – As long as you have privacy from your neighbors, fucking your bull in the backyard or on the back deck can be thrilling. You can get your cuckold involved, too, as you could try out any of the positions mentioned above, like putting him on his back in the grass while you get on top for a 69 with your bull taking your pussy from behind.
  • On a Hotel Balcony – It’s a little risky, but imagine leading your bull onto the balcony, grabbing the railing, bending over, and offering him your pussy while your cuckold sits in the room and strokes his dick. You could grab a chair, have your bull sit, and take him for a ride, too. If you do so, position your cuckold so you can look right into his eyes as you bounce on another man’s dick.

How to Spice Up the Watching Experience for Your Cuckold

These aren’t ways of watching so much as they’re ways of modifying how your cuckold watches you fuck. None are necessary, but they can all be ways of spicing things up. They’re also proof that cuckolding never has to get boring, that even a small change in the routine can make a massive difference in the experience:

Make Him Watch in Chastity – No matter how you choose to let your cuckold watch, locking his cock in a chastity device will change the experience. He’s witnessing the thing that turns him on more than anything, but his dick is caged and unable to get hard. He’ll experience the beautiful ache of chastity. His cock will drip precum. His body will hum with desire. He won’t be able to get hard, though, which will focus his energy on witnessing the sex you’re having with your bull and will likely help him appreciate the beauty of that sex.

You can spice up the chastity experience by giving him a vibrator that he can use to pleasure his cock. He might even be able to cum that way, though of course you should decide if he’s permitted to have an orgasm.

Plug Him While He Watches – Enhance your husband’s viewing experience with a butt plug (only if he’s into anal play). It’s a great reminder of his place as a cuckold – your bull is fucking you while your husband is sitting there with a toy up his ass – and it can be a kinky thrill. It’s especially potent when combined with the chastity cage as you are taking ownership of your husband’s body in a thrilling way.

You can take it to another level by purchasing a vibrating butt plug that you control with your phone. You can turn it up or down as you see fit, and you might be able to find a toy that will give your husband a prostate orgasm. Imagine turning it up as you’re nearing your climax and both you and your cuckold cumming at the same time, him with a toy in his asshole and you with a nice big cock in your pussy.

Have Him Do Chores While He Watches – This is really a way of exerting a deeper level of control while you fuck your bull. Chances are good that your cuckold will enjoy it, even if having to do chores interrupts his ability to fully appreciate his wife’s passion for another man’s cock. Given that, I’d really only recommend it if your cuck has submissive tendencies.

Here are examples of the chores you could have him do:

  • Folding the Laundry – Set him up at the foot of the bed. Make him fold the freshly dried laundry while you and your bull have sex. Make sure he does it well, too, and inform him that if he does it poorly because he was distracted that he won’t be allowed to watch the next time you and your bull have sex.
  • Cleaning the Living Room/Bedroom – I wouldn’t have him vacuum, but you could have your cuckold carefully dust every surface in the room while you’re busy pursuing the orgasm you crave and deserve. Again, make it clear that you expect him to do a good job and that he’ll be punished if he doesn’t.
  • Cooking – Have your cuckold husband prepare a meal in the kitchen while you and your bull fuck on the table that meal will be served on. Make it loud and wild and lusty and give your cuckold lots of reasons to turn his attention from the food to the sex unfolding just a handful of feet from him. He better make a damn good meal, though.
  • Yardwork – Every yard needs regular work, so why not have your cuckold do it while you and your bull fuck. You could do so on the deck, against a tree, in the grass, in the pool, etc. He’ll wish he could be right next to you watching, but make it clear that he needs to keep working if he wants a chance at an orgasm or the joy of cleaning your pussy when you and your bull are done.
  • Washing the Car – You and your bull are in the car having sex and your cuckold is outside of it cleaning it. You’ll need a private driveway or tinted windows, but this can be a hell of a lot of fun. It’s even more fun if it’s your bull’s car that he’s washing while you get laid.

While He Uses a Fleshlight as Your Bull Enjoys Your Pussy – A Fleshlight is designed to mimic the pleasures of a pussy (or an ass). That makes it perfect for spicing up the viewing experience. Think of it as demoting your cuckold to using a toy because his cock isn’t worthy of your pussy, which is what your bull gets to enjoy.

Plus, if you’re feeling a bit naughty, you can demand that your cuckold not cum, that he demonstrate a sense of self-control while pleasuring himself. Or, you could say that he’s only allowed to cum at the moment your bull cums inside you, thus making it perfectly clear to your cuckold which of the two of them is the real man in your marriage.

While He Sucks on a Dildo Flavored with Your Pussy – If you want to give your cuckold something to do while he watches, why not slide a dildo into your pussy right before your bull has his way with you and then give that dildo to your cuck to suck on. Let him taste you. Let him rejoice in the sweetness of your juices.

You can make it a little more fun by re-flavoring it throughout the encounter, including with some of your bull’s precum. Plus, when you’re done getting fucked you can coat the toy in your bull’s load and make your cuckold suck it clean. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I’m sure there are countless other ways a cuckold can watch his wife and her bull have sex. Do you have any suggestions? If so, please leave them below, or just share any experiences you’ve had in watching your wife have sex with another man.

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