Pain, Pleasure, & Cuckolding

You’ve all heard the term cuckold angst, right? If not, you’re almost certainly familiar with the notion. You badly want your wife to sleep with other men, to cum on another man’s cock, to have incredible sex with him, but the idea of it makes you a little bit anxious, too.

If you’ve actually experienced cuckolding, you’ve likely been knee deep in those feelings. On the one hand you’re overwhelmingly aroused. On the other you’re nervous she might leave you or that she’s not going to give a damn about you when she gets back because she just connected with another man on a deep, beautiful level.

It’s for these reasons (and many others) that cuckolding is a deeply complicated and (in some ways) dangerous fetish to indulge. If you just wanted to be spanked, that would be easy. If your fantasy involves introducing another man into your marriage, that’s a whole lot harder.

That goes double for the guys that are turned on by the notion of their wife falling in love with another guy, or leaving them for that guy. How do you pursue that fantasy without destroying your marriage or doing irreparable harm? It might not be possible.

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