You’ve all heard the term cuckold angst, right? If not, you’re almost certainly familiar with the notion. You badly want your wife to sleep with other men, to cum on another man’s cock, to have incredible sex with him, but the idea of it makes you a little bit anxious, too.

If you’ve actually experienced cuckolding, you’ve likely been knee deep in those feelings. On the one hand you’re overwhelmingly aroused. On the other you’re nervous she might leave you or that she’s not going to give a damn about you when she gets back because she just connected with another man on a deep, beautiful level.

It’s for these reasons (and many others) that cuckolding is a deeply complicated and (in some ways) dangerous fetish to indulge. If you just wanted to be spanked, that would be easy. If your fantasy involves introducing another man into your marriage, that’s a whole lot harder.

That goes double for the guys that are turned on by the notion of their wife falling in love with another guy, or leaving them for that guy. How do you pursue that fantasy without destroying your marriage or doing irreparable harm? It might not be possible.

This is fertile ground for discussion and thought, and I was delighted when The Cuckold Consultant got in touch to talk about it. I offered my thoughts, many of which you can read in his article on Cuckold Angst, which was published a week ago. Give it a read, and if you have any thoughts on the sometimes painful reality of being a cuckold, leave a comment.

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4 Replies to “Pain, Pleasure, & Cuckolding”

  1. There are two basic types of cuckold marriage:
    1. When the husband is the one who initiates cuckold marriage because he arouses sexually when another man fucks his wife.
    2. When a cuckold marriage initiated by wife, because her husband has a small penis or is he bad fucker.
    My marriage, is second type. I have a small penis and I cum very quickly, for minute or less. Because of my inadequacy, I agreed to my wife had another man to fuck her.
    Do not be afraid of divorce. If it happens, then it happened. My wife and I have a marital contract, my property remains mine.
    There are two basic types of fuckers for hot wife; 1. Bull, 2. Boyfriend
    The Bull thrills to fuck a married woman, and to humiliate her husband. He doesn’t want a divorce, because if he gets a hot wife for himself, he loses the pleasure that turns on.
    Boyfriend is a man who can fall in love with a hot wife and urge her to divorce. He usually do not have desire to humiliate her husband.
    My experience:
    My wife found a Bull and started fucking with him. Our arrangement was and now is that she after fucking, get shower, changes her panties, and she comes to my bed without a scent of Bull. She told me what they were doing, but it was not something painful for me.
    After a month, my wife said she wanted a weekend with Bull and me. I just needed to watch. She suck a his huge dick, and then he fucked she moaned and screamed. Oh my God. I was very bad. I got out of the room before the end. My wife saw this and came to me after fucking.
    “What was dear?”
    “I feel bad. Get dressed, let’s go home.”
    She said something to Bull. I saw that he was angry. When we came home, I said that one had to know and another to see. All my inadequacy shook me in the face. I was jealous and felt pain in my stomach.
    We spent the other weekend, she and me. I told her that I want the next weekend with Bull, but I do not watch it, I want to participate, to kiss you, to lick yours pussy to preparing yours pussy to Bull, to lick your clit during penetration.
    I want to give you some part of your satisfaction.
    “It’s lovely dear” she said
    We started naked in bed, Bull, she and me. I had chastity belt. I kissed her a few times and started licking her pussy. She sucked a bulls dick, he began to fuck her. I started licking her clitoris. She was visibly excited about this. Bull lose erection.
    “What was honey?” she asked
    “I want to he suck my dick”
    “Will you darling?” she asked
    “You must to suck it!”
    “Calm down”, I told
    He pulled my head towards his penis. I hit him with a karate chop.He could not breathe for half a minute. When he came to breath I told him get dressed and get out.
    When he got out my wife said:
    “You should not have hit him.”
    “He was not allowed to drag my head to his penis. You and I agreed that there is nothing bisexual. I’m straight. I will not have any weekends with him again.”
    The bull did not want to see her. After a month, she found boyfriend. We have occasional weekend together where we both satisfy her, everyone in your own way.
    Some marriages are divorced because the wife stop to love her husband, whom bull humiliates.
    I feel a lot more of a man when I participate in the sexual satisfaction of my wife. Then there is almost no pain because the other man is fucking her.
    Talking about what we feel and strict rules will probably keep a good marriage alive.

  2. My husband did not desire to other man fuck his wife. He agreed to it because of his inadequacy. At first he did not want to see or participate. We kept talking about it all the time.

    “Male characteristic is action, activity, not passivity. If I sat and watched your sex with bull that would be total passivity. I would have gone crazy or I would scream nails, or both. Participate, lick the clitoris, kiss her breast, nipples, is much better. It’s some kind of male activity and participation in the excitement and orgasm of a wife.” he said.

    His first participation was very painful for him. He was more disturbed by the fact that I was sucking bull’s penis than sex with bull. That’s one of the reasons why my husband agreed to suck a bull’s penis.
    The first time it was worst after that he got slowly used to it.
    The wife is the key to cuckold marriage. The time when a wife does not have sex with bull must devote to her husband more than before a cuckold marriage.
    The triple sex in which they participate, the hot wife, bull and husband is very important. It is important how wife behave towards a her husband.
    ” If I do not mind when you kiss a bull, bull do not mind when you kiss me.” My husband’s remark tells me that when we are all together, I must have to show that I love my husband. I can love both, each in a special way. Ignoring husband during triple meetings for sex would slowly lead us into divorce.

    1. You’re absolutely right that ignoring your husband is a good way for the marriage to end in divorce. I feel like that’s good marital advice for either member of a couple, honestly. It just goes double when you’re delving into cuckolding as his insecurities are going to be through the roof.

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