Submit to Your Cuckoldress

She craves your submission, cuckold. She craves that sweet, vulnerable look in your eyes when you give her everything. She wants to see you fall to your knees and beg to worship her, when you beg to worship your cuckoldress. Early on you accepted that it’s not your place to be inside her. Other men enjoy that privilege. Instead, it’s your place to worship her as she desires. It’s your place to cater to her needs. It’s your place to submit.

The introduction of a chastity device gave you pause. You saw the little plastic cage and imagined your cock locked up inside it and you couldn’t help but cringe. Then she told you that giving her control over your orgasms was the ultimate form of submission. Giving her something you truly loved would prove your devotion to her. Now your cock is locked in a cute little chastity device and only submission will result in you ever being set free and allowed a supervised orgasm.

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