Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold – Part 1

Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold is a sensual 5-part story where Andrew, a cuckold husband, is led down a path of bisexual pleasure by his wife, Scarlett. The first part can be enjoyed below, and if you want to read the whole story, become a Patreon supporter today!
Scarlett looked down at her husband as she sat astride his locked cock. His arms were spread at her instruction. He was forbidden from touching her until he’d been given permission. She wore a seductive black lace lingerie set that Andrew had bought her. He’d been sent out to purchase something sexy for Scarlett to wear for an evening with her bull. He’d returned with a sheer black bra and panty set, a garter belt, and seamed stockings that felt impossibly soft and sexy on her legs. She’d fucked her bull in that lingerie set the night before. Now she was wearing it once more to tempt and tease her chastised husband. Andrew was naked except for the clear CB-6000 chastity device he wore around his cock. His flesh had swollen as large as the device would allow. It looked beautifully imprisoned as Scarlett gently moved her panty-clad pussy over it. Andrew’s groans of pain and intense, cuckold-fueled pleasure made Scarlett wet. She knew his intense desire would make him willing to do anything she wanted. Scarlett’s fingers moved over his stomach and chest. She could feel his heart pounding. She could see the lust in his eyes. He’d been locked for over a week and he was desperate for an orgasm. “You want me to make you cum, don’t you?” she asked. Andrew’s voice was desperate as he said, “Yes, please.” “Is it because you watched Brandon fuck me last night?” Scarlett asked as she leaned forward and ran her fingers through Andrew’s hair. His eyes darted to her breasts. Scarlett knew that leaning forward made them look even more appealing to her chastised husband. She smiled at his lust for her body. “Yes, it is. Watching you cum on his cock was so beautiful. It always is,” Andrew said. Scarlett caressed his face. “You’re always such a good boy when Brandon is here,” she whispered. “You always do such a good job preparing my pussy with your tongue and you always watch quietly like you’re supposed to.” The chastity device made all the difference. The moment she locked Andrew in it he became a far better cuckold. He no longer put his desires first. He put hers ahead of his own because he knew that was how he would achieve the freedom and orgasm he craved. “You know that being a good boy is how you get to cum,” Scarlett said. Andrew nodded as her fingers continued to delicately move over his skin. Scarlett smiled seductively and gently pressed her thumb against Andrew’s lower lip. He instinctively opened his mouth, delighting her. She slowly pushed her thumb between his lips. She held her husband’s gaze as he closed his lips around her finger and sucked on it. He did it without prompting. He did it because he instinctively knew it’s what she wanted. “Good boy,” Scarlett said. She felt arousal coursing through her loins. She felt the heat and wetness building. She pulled her thumb from his mouth and replaced it with her index finger. Andrew sucked it gleefully. He didn’t hesitate. His eyes lit up with delight. He moaned. Scarlett added a second finger. His lips stretched a little wider to accommodate it. He sucked with the same vigor. “You always know how to make me happy, Andrew,” Scarlett said in a soft, loving voice. She pulled her fingers from his mouth and lifted the key to his chastity device from around her neck. She traced down his chest with the key, teasing him mercilessly. He was going to be freed from his prison, but Scarlett wanted to take her time. By the time she reached his cock and slipped the key into the lock, Andrew was whining. He couldn’t help it. The sound just poured from his mouth. He was desperate. Scarlett let go of the key, leaving it in the lock. She caressed his balls. She delicately rubbed the space between his testicles and asshole. She ran her finger over the little bit of flesh that pushed out the front of the CB-6000. “Please, Scarlett,” Andrew pleaded. “Please let me out.” Scarlett smiled at her husband and kissed him. It was a strong, dominant kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and aggressively battled with his. She reached down and turned the key. The lock popped open and Scarlett removed it and slowly freed Andrew’s cock from the chastity device. She knew he was desperate to reach down and play with his cock and it pleased her that he refused to give in to his base desires. Once the pieces of his chastity device had been set aside, Scarlett wrapped her fingers around Andrew’s soft cock and stroked him. After a week without release, it didn’t take long for him to achieve an erection. “Do you want to cum, Andrew?” she asked. “Yes,” he shot back immediately. “Please, yes. I want to cum so badly. My balls hurt. I need to cum.” There was a thick drop of precum at the tip of Andrew’s cock. Scarlett collected it on the tip of her finger and offered it to Andrew. He sucked her finger clean eagerly. He tasted his precum. “It’s yummy, isn’t it?” she asked. “It really is,” he said. Scarlett repeated the process. This time she pushed two fingers into his mouth. She made him take their full length. She made him clean them of his precum and suck them like he was giving head. “You’re such a good boy,” she whispered before once more stroking his erection. “Thank you,” Andrew said. Scarlett let go of his cock and climbed on top of her husband. She reached back to pull aside her panties before dropping her wet pussy onto his face. “Worship me, Andrew. Make me cum and I’ll give you what you want.” Andrew’s tongue found her clit immediately and he licked Scarlett eagerly. She was thoroughly aroused from teasing him and he knew it wouldn’t take her long to cum. As Andrew worshiped her pussy like he’d been instructed, Scarlett slowly stroked his cock. He knew she was teasing him. She wasn’t going to let him cum until he’d done exactly as instructed. He needed to make her cum. Scarlett rode his face as she slowly stroked her husband with a soft grip. His face was going to be soaked with her juices by the time he was done. It felt like she was fucking his mouth with her pussy. He loved it. Anytime his wife could make Andrew feel like a submissive, owned cuckold it thrilled him. Finally, Scarlett sat down and smothered her husband’s face as she climaxed. Her flesh surrounded his face, impeding his ability to breathe as he tongued her cunt. When she’d finished, Scarlett climbed off of Andrew and stroked his slippery cock like he needed. She jerked him off and brought about a beautiful orgasm that had her husband thrashing and crying out in pleasure. Afterwards, Scarlett ran two fingers through the thick cum that had collected on his stomach. She lifted those two fingers towards his mouth. They were coated in slippery semen. Scarlett wanted to see if Andrew would suck them clean and taste his cum in the process. He didn’t hesitate. He opened his mouth like a baby bird eager to be fed a worm by its mom. He closed his eyes and moaned while sucking his slippery cum off her fingers. “Good boy,” Scarlett said as she once more ran her fingers through the cum on her husband’s stomach. She repeated the process and once more he licked up his jizz exactly as she desired. “Thank you,” he said. Andrew saw lusty desire in his wife’s eyes. His submission so often brought it about. Every time his submission deepened it thrilled her. She sat on her husband’s face, grabbed his hair, and said, “Make me cum again, Andrew.” He did as ordered.
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The toy was six inches long and thick enough that Scarlett’s fingers couldn’t quite wrap all the way around it. It was smooth and felt soft against her fingers. The flared head was just like a real cock, which she loved. Scarlett had purchased the toy for play with her husband. She wanted to tease him with it, to make him watch her pussy stretch out around it while his cock was locked up. “Do you want to see him fuck me?” Scarlett asked. The toy was smaller than Brandon’s cock, but she was acting as if it was him in their bedroom. Andrew was between her legs. He was staring at his wife’s wet pussy as she moved the head of the toy around her labia. “Yes, I want to see him fuck you. I want to see his cock inside your perfect pussy.” Scarlett moaned and watched Andrew as she pushed the head of the dildo into her wet cunt. It slipped in with ease. Scarlett moaned and said, “He feels so good, Andrew. He feels so good inside me.” Andrew had watched her fuck Brandon on numerous occasions, but he hadn’t yet been granted such an intimate view. It had been five days since his last orgasm and Andrew had just reached the stage where he started to get desperate. Scarlett was counting on this little toy fucking encounter to drive him wild. She wanted her husband overwhelmed with lust. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “It’s so beautiful.” Scarlett could hear the desire in his voice. She knew her husband wanted to do more than watch. He wanted to lick her pussy. He wanted to be able to fuck her. He wanted to be set free from his cage so he could pursue his orgasm. She wasn’t going to allow that, though. Training him was most effective when he was locked up and unable to even think about cumming without her permission. Scarlett pulled the toy from her pussy. She could feel herself gaping just a little. She could see her husband’s wildly aroused gaze as he stared at her freshly-fucked cunt. She pushed the toy inside her once more. She plunged it deep. Scarlett was wet enough that she had no problem taking the full length in an instant. She closed her eyes and said, “Yes, Brandon, fuck me. Fuck me harder!” Andrew moaned. He was completely lost in his lust. He was right where Scarlett wanted him to be. She pulled the toy from her pussy once more and held it towards her husband. She rubbed it against his lips. Andrew looked up at her and opened his mouth. He couldn’t say no. His submissive nature drove him to do as she pleased. “Suck his cock clean, Andrew. Taste my pussy on his thick, throbbing dick,” Scarlett instructed as she pushed the toy into her husband’s mouth. Andrew gave the first blowjob of his life as Scarlett watched. She pushed the toy in and out of his mouth, making sure not to make him take too much. She didn’t want him gagging and making a mess on their bed. When Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth she saw a flash of disappointment in his eyes. She smiled. He liked sucking the toy for her. He liked submitting. He wanted more. Scarlett plunged the dildo into her pussy once more. She fucked herself hard and fast. The sounds of her slippery cunt taking a thick cock filled the room. “Do you want to suck his cock again, Andrew?” she asked. He nodded. “Say it,” Scarlett demanded. Andrew lifted his gaze from her pussy and stared into his wife’s eyes. “I want to suck his cock again.” “Good boy,” Scarlett said as she pulled the dildo from her pussy and offered it to her husband. She didn’t have to fuck his mouth this time. He did all the work. She just held it there while his lips wrapped around the head and his mouth moved down the shaft. He was catching on quickly and making her so happy in the process. Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth and pushed it back inside her pussy. She was soaking wet. Watching her husband suck cock for her was even more arousing than she’d expected. She wanted more. She couldn’t keep the toy inside her for long. She needed to see his lips around it. She needed to see him sucking cock. “Suck cock for me, Andrew,” she said upon presenting him with the slippery toy once more. Andrew did as he was told and he did it passionately. Scarlett could see the joyful lust in his eyes. She could see how badly he wanted to make her happy. “Do you like being a cocksucker for me?” she asked. Andrew nodded with the dildo in his mouth. He wasn’t going to stop sucking to answer her if he didn’t need to. “Do you like having Brandon’s cock in your mouth?” Scarlett saw the hesitation in his eyes. She was asking him to go a step further. She was asking him to meld the fantasy with reality. He only hesitated for a few moments though. Then he nodded and sucked even more vigorously on the dildo. She plunged the toy into her pussy once more. It felt fantastically good inside her, though Scarlett knew that was because her arousal levels have skyrocketed. Seeing Andrew give head – even to a toy – was more than enough to fill her with lust. “I’m cumming, Andrew!” she cried out. “Watch him make me cum!” Andrew did as instructed. He watched his wife experience a beautiful orgasm with a thick toy inside her. When Scarlett’s orgasm had passed she pulled the toy from her pussy and offered it to him once more. Andrew dutifully sucked cock. He hadn’t cum yet. He was still full of lust, and getting a chance to be a good boy for his wife was more than enough motivation. Scarlett pulled the toy from his mouth and set it aside. She sat up and sat up with her. She kissed her husband lustily. Their tongues danced beautifully as Scarlett reached between his legs and played with his locked cock and balls. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes from just a few inches away. “Good cocksuckers deserve to cum,” she whispered. Andrew’s body quivered as he moaned. She’d tapped into something that clearly tickled his fancy. Soon, his cock was unlocked and in her hand. Scarlett stroked her husband as they both sat on their knees in bed. He was stiff with desire. “Did you like sucking cock for me, Andrew?” she asked. He nodded and said, “Yes, I did.” “Yeah, you liked being a cocksucker for your wife?” Scarlett asked as she stroked him faster. She knew he’d say yes to anything when he was this close to an orgasm. “Yes, I loved being a cocksucker for you,” he answered. Scarlett liked that he went a little further than he had to with his answer. She liked that he was embracing it, that he was finding pleasure in it. “Cum for me, Andrew. Enjoy your reward for being such a good cocksucker for your wife.” Andrew did as he was told. He came hard. Scarlett collected his semen in her hand. She smiled at the pleasure her husband was experiencing. She smiled at the sense of control she felt. When he was finished, Scarlett dipped two of her fingers into the semen in her hand. She held them to Andrew’s mouth. He sucked them clean. “You’re such a good boy,” Scarlett whispered. She knew they were going to have so much more fun in the future.
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