Are you aroused by the idea of your husband licking another man’s cum from your pussy? Does the very notion of it excite you?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll teach you how to train your husband to be a cum eating cuckold. More than that, I’ll show you how to make it so he craves it. It won’t be long before he’s begging you for the chance to lick someone else’s cum from your pussy.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume your husband is either interested in being cuckolded or is already a cuckold (turning him into a cuckold is an entirely different subject). I’m also assuming he’s not already gung ho about being a cum eating cuckold.

(A quick note: This kind of thing is meant to be pleasurable for both husband and wife. If he’s not at all into it, don’t force it on him. It should thrill you both, even if it takes a little bit of training to get him there).

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First, He Has to Eat His Own Loads

If your husband is like most men, he’ll find the idea of eating cum abhorrent. Most men expect women to be deeply interested in eating their cum (or even turned on by it if porn is any indicator of what men want), so it’s a little annoying that they act like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world when it’s suggested that they eat cum.

Your first goal is overcoming a man’s natural anti-cum bias. This can be a difficult process, but I’ll bet that your man is already a little bit submissive and that you won’t have nearly as much trouble as you might think.

The key is in using his lust to your advantage. I suggest a long round of foreplay. Lots of kissing, touching, and stroking. Get his cock nice and stiff. Then I want you to introduce the idea of tasting his precum. You have to start small or he might freak out.

Try a little bit of lusty dirty talk. Get close to him. Stroke his cock. Kiss his neck. Nibble his ear lobe. Whatever turns him on.

Then say, “Will you do something naughty for me? Will you do something that would really turn me on?”

It’s important that he believes that whatever you’re about to ask of him will turn you on. He wants to turn you on. He wants to make you happy, especially when he’s really turned on. When he agrees, make the suggestion:

“Will you taste your precum for me?”

If he objects, tell him that it tastes sweet, that it’s not gross at all. You can taste a little yourself and kiss him before he can object.

He might still refuse to do it. This is where you have to be strong. You need to walk away. Let his cock go. Get out of bed. Leave him without the satisfaction he craves. If he objects, tell him that you have no interest in getting him off if he’s not willing to do that one small thing for you. Tell him that you taste his precum when you go down on him and you don’t complain.

When he agrees (which he will), take a little time to get back into a lusty mood and then gather his precum on your finger and feed it to him. Moan when he licks it off your finger. Make sure it sounds like it thrills you beyond words to see him do it.

Then play with his cock more. Stroke him. Tease him. Feed him more precum. Get a little more worked up every time he does it. Eventually you can make him cum. When he orgasms, whisper in his ear about how hot it was to see him eat his precum. Tell him how much it turned you on as he’s ejaculating.

Repeat that process several times. Try and mix it up a little each time. Go down on him a little and kiss his precum into his mouth. Have him fuck you a little and then make him go down on you to taste his precum in your pussy. The idea is to get him used to the notion of consuming something that has come out of his cock.

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It’s a big leap to take him from eating his precum to eating his cum, of course. The problem is a simple one: After he cums, his desire is gone. It completely washes away, so your ability to use his lust to control him evaporates.

You can get him there, though. If you’ve been doing it correctly your husband will already know that you find it incredibly erotic when he licks up his precum. He’ll think it turns you on immensely and he’ll love doing it because of that.

At some point you have to come out and say that you want him to eat his cum. He needs to know, and you need to make it clear that it will turn you on so much more than when he eats his precum. He needs to believe it’s the hottest thing in the world to you.

There’s a chance he’ll be willing to do it for you. He might not like it, but he might be so convinced by your lustiness when he eats his precum that he’ll simply do it.

If not, there are ways to get him over the hump and convince him of the pleasures of eating his cum. Let’s go over some of them:

Ruined Orgasms – A ruined orgasm essentially empties the fluids that have built up without giving your husband the true release of a climax. He’ll still have all kinds of pent up desire but the cum will have flowed from his cock. You can use that desire to convince him to eat his cum. Promise him a real orgasm if he does it for you. Then feed it to him.

Snowballing/Cum Swapping – Tell your husband that you’ll give him a long, slow, sensual blowjob that includes cumming in your mouth. The only condition is that he has to agree to a cum swap afterwards. Give him the blowjob and then transfer the cum into his mouth immediately. Make it clear beforehand that he has to swallow. After he does, masturbate in front of him. Have an orgasm. Make it clear that your arousal is driven by his willingness to eat his cum.

Creampie Cleanup – Tell your husband that he can fuck you and cum inside you as long as he’s willing to clean up his creampie. This works best if he’s been denied sex with you for a lengthy period (the longer the better, honestly). It works even better if you’re already cuckolding him. If he’s desperate to fuck you he’ll likely be willing to agree to eating his cum out of you.

Self Facial – He’ll have to be somewhat flexible for this, but making your husband give himself a facial is a great way of feeding him a bit of his cum. Bend his legs back, aim his cock at his face, and stroke him until he cums. Make him open his mouth. Make him swallow whatever ends up on his tongue. He’ll be more likely to agree to this if he’s been denied an orgasm for a while. Men tend to be willing to do almost anything if they’re horny enough. (Note: Please don’t do this if your husband isn’t flexible enough to safely bend his body like that).

As with the precum feeding, it’s of the utmost importance that you demonstrate how much it turns you on to see your husband eat his cum. If he cleans a creampie, make sure you have him lick your clit to a huge orgasm. If he agrees to a cum swap after a blowjob, masturbate and cum immediately afterwards. Also, be sure you tell him throughout how hot it is. Feed his brain with dirty words of encouragement.

The more he eats his own cum, the more likely he is to be a cum eating cuckold, so make sure you have him do any and all of the above numerous times before you introduce the idea of him eating someone else’s load.

Make Him into a Cum Eating Cuckold

Now comes the fun part. This is what you really want. This is what turns you on. This is what you fantasize about.

Again, I’m going to assume you’re already cuckolding him for the purposes of this article. That should make the next part fairly easy.

You need to introduce the idea of him eating someone else’s cum while he’s turned on. Preferably you want to do it at the height of his arousal. Start talking about it after he’s consumed his own seed numerous times. He’ll be more open to eating your lover’s cum if he’s already familiar with the idea of semen consumption.

Here’s an example of how you could introduce the idea:

His cock is hard in your hand. It’s slick with his precum. His breathing is heavy. His balls are tight against his body. You know he’s close. You can feel it.

You lean closer. You kiss his neck. He moans for you.

“I want you to be extra naughty for me,” you whisper. “Will you do that?”

“I’ll do anything,” he says.

He’s a good submissive now. He’s been trained to eat his cum. He does it every time he orgasms. He’s grown to love it. It’s turned into a source of arousal for him.

“Anything?” you ask.

He groans at the pleasure of your fingers moving up and down his shaft. “Anything at all.”

You kiss his neck again. He moans again.

“I want you to eat my bull’s cum,” you say. You stroke him faster. “I want you to be a naughty cuckold and eat his load for me. I want to see you lick it up. I want to see it on your tongue. I want to see you swallow it.”

He groans. He cums. He doesn’t say anything, but you know you’ve planted the seed.

It’s all about getting the timing right. You want him to cum right when you say you want him to eat your lover’s cum. You want him to associate his sexual pleasure with the idea of eating your lover’s cum.

A cuckold creampie cleanup story

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Try and do it whenever he has an orgasm, no matter how it happens. Here’s how it could play out if you’re having sex with your cuckold (assuming that’s something you do):

You’re on your back. Your cuckold’s cock is inside you. He’s fucking you hard. You know he’s getting close.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” you say.

“Thinking about what?” he asks while thrusting into your wet pussy.

You bite your lip suggestively and then smile at him. You wrap your legs around him. You pull your husband close.

“I can’t stop thinking about you eating my bull’s cum,” you say. “I want you to clean his load out of me. I want to see you between my legs after he’s fucked me and pumped me full of his cum.”

He fucks you harder. You moan louder. You tighten your legs around him.

“I want it so badly, baby. I want you to be my little cum eating cuckold. I want you to devour his seed. I need it. I need it so badly.”

He cums inside you. He collapses on top of you. You kiss his neck and then gently push on the top of his head.

“Clean me,” you say. “Clean up your mess like a good boy.”

He slides down your body. He cleans your pussy.

“That’s it,” you say. “Fuck. I can’t stop thinking about it. It would be so fucking hot. Clean it. Clean that load, baby. Clean it and think about cleaning his.”

Again, you’re associating the idea of cleaning your lover’s load with his pleasure. In that scenario, he came inside you while thinking about eating another man’s load from your pussy. Then he went down on you and you made sure he was still thinking about it.

Repetition is the key. Do that (or whatever your naughty mind comes up with) enough times and you’ll have him eager to eat another man’s cum out of you. After that, there’s only one thing left to do.

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His First Time Being a Cum Eating Cuckold

Creampie cleanup is the most common form of cuckold cum eating, but there are many options available to you. It all depends on what you want to do. I’ll list a handful of options below. For your cuckold’s first time, I suggest you pick the one he’d be most likely to find arousing.

Cum Swapping – Let your cuckold watch as you give your bull a blowjob. Let him watch from close up, in fact. Let him see your bull’s cock pulse as he cums in your mouth. When your bull is finished, pull your cuckold’s lips to yours for an immediate kiss. Push the other man’s cum into his mouth. Make him swallow. You can swallow a little too so it feels like you’re both sharing in the superior man’s seed.

Creampie Cleanup – Let your cuckold watch your bull fuck you. Let him see you experience immense pleasure. Let him see you cum. Let him see the other man cum inside you. Afterwards, welcome him between your legs. Encourage him with sweet, sensual dirty talk. Tell him how badly you want him to clean the creampie. If you can, let him make you cum. If he can give you an orgasm, he’ll be more likely to clean another creampie out of you.

Cleaning Cum from Your Breasts – Let your bull cum on your breasts. Have your cuckold watch as he does. Ask him if they look beautiful covered with another man’s seed. Ask him if it turns him on. Invite him closer. Pull him to your breasts. Tell him to clean them. Tell him to lick up your bull’s seed like a good cuckold.

Eating Your Bull’s Cum from a Condom – Even if you’re having unprotected sex with your bull this can be a great way to get your cuckold to consume the other man’s seed. Have him fuck you in the condom. Have him fill it with his load. Tell your cuckold to open his mouth. Pour the cum on his tongue. Make him swallow it.

Cleaning Cum from Your Ass – Your cuckold probably loves your ass. Your bull probably loves it too. Let your bull fuck you from behind. Have him pull out before he cums. Have him spray his load on your ass. Tell your cuckold to come over and clean it up. Even better, you can have him watch from close up as your bull fucks you so he’ll be all hot and bothered by the time he’s going to lick up the load.

Licking Up a Facial – If you let your bull give you facials, why not have your cuckold lick it up? It’s a particularly naughty form of cum cleanup. After your bull has delivered the facial, call your cuckold over. Share lots of cum kisses with him during the process.

Cleaning Cum from Your Stomach – Let your cuckold watch as your bull fucks you in missionary. Have him pull out and spray his load all over your stomach. He’ll use your body as his canvas and leave behind a cummy work of art. Call your cuckold over. Have him clean up the mess. Have him slowly, sensually lick the other man’s cum off your body.

Any of those options will work (and I’m sure there are others). What’s important is that you pick something that both you and your cuckold will find arousing. Plus, it can be effective to mix it up and have some fun with it, so try creampie cleanup one night and have him lick your bull’s cum off your breasts the next.

It can seem daunting, but I promise you can convince your husband to be a cum eating cuckold for you. The desire is in him, you just have to tease it out.

You’ll need to be patient – it can take a long time to break down his resistance – but you will be rewarded for your persistence. You’ll have the cum hungry hubby that you crave before you know it.

Good luck!

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24 Replies to “How to Train a Cum Eating Cuckold”

  1. Beautifully described as usual. My husband was already a cream-pie man when I met him (though I didn’t know that at first) having tasted his ex-wife before me and even girlfriends before her. Its his thing. Until recently I had been visiting a lover every Sunday afternoon (for well over a year). Every week at 5pm he’d be waiting for me at the front door, literally panting with excitement. Before you could say “honey I’m home” he’d have me in the bedroom pulling my underwear down, then literally putting it in his mouth! Then me on my back on the bed and him with his face between my legs (incidentally my lover cum copiously, far far more than my husband), make me cum with his licking and then on me and in me (for not very long bless him). Whenever I’d say “I can hardly feel you in me” he’d cum (by his standards, lots). So its ALL true what you said, more eloquently than I.

  2. What if I already live to eat my own cum? My cocklette is too short to reach it but I’ll throw my legs over my head and shoot it all over my face and in my mouth. I video it and watch later while I jerk it.

  3. I enjoy nothing better than eating another man’s load from my wife, ideally the minute he’s pulled out from her.
    She loves it too!
    I only wish we’d got into cuckolding years earlier.

    1. i enjoyed eating my wifes fresh fucked pussy filled with juice that makes me hot and my dick get hard and sometimes i cums like this it is great experience

  4. HI,
    I have never really had a single “bull.” We mostly pick-up 18-21 year old guys from the bars around the college and not far from frat row. Most guys at those ages are clueless and just plain lousy in bed. During the “quarantine” we used just one so no one got sick. After he got over the nervousness of having my husband watching he was pretty good. I talked with him while my husband “ran to the store” and asked what he thought about my husband going down on me after he got off inside me. He was always a two-fer so he was unsure if he could keep going until his second orgasm and ejaculation in me with that on his mind. The first time my husband did it, my friend just watched but left during it. It too two more times for him to stay and watch on the second time I had him straddle up close to my face and I sucked on him. When he was hard again, as women know, that third one still takes a while. I told him the next time my husband might want to try cleaning or fluffing him. We didn’t hear from him for two weeks and thought I scared him away. It turned out he actually watched come good cuckold videos and saw the hubby or other guy sucking and cleaning off the “bull” and to put it in his words, “Nobody got hit by lightning.”

    As always my husband extended my friend and me some respectful privacy for foreplay. While I was blowing him I said, “A mouth feels like a mouth, right?” He understood. We were fucking for about 20 minutes when my husband walked into the bedroom. A few minutes later my friend came inside me but instead of continuing to pump the hell out of me, he laid next to me on the bed closest to my husband standing there. He said to my husband, “I hear you want to suck on and clean my cock before I fuck her again.” I was shocked but very excited he just took the reins. By the time my husband pushed himself, my friend was losing his hard-on. I got to watch as my husband first leaned over and took my friend into his mouth, but then he laid on his stomach between my friend’s legs and really got in it. In about 10 minutes he was really hard again and on top of me. After a bit, my friend was the one who switched me to doggy style and asked if my husband wanted to get under me while I’m being fucked. My hubby just said he would and once he was there slowly licking my clit, my friend slipped into me again. He pulled out twice to put it in my husband’s mouth so I asked if he was better than me or what? My husband made me cum hard and then my friend just pumped really and deeper than usual and I had another great orgasm around his cock. When he came in me again he slipped out into my husband’s mouth for clean-up. I felt his cum running down me so I just (for the first time) sat back over my husband’s face and in a few minutes I had another great orgasm and my husband swallowed it all again. It was the hottest thing I thought I’d ever have the courage to try! The downside is it apparently got to my friend and we have not heard from him for 3 weeks. At least I got the full experience.

  5. I started eating my cum from a woman the first time I ever fucked, and have done it ever since. I’ve licked women clean during and after gangbangs with no hesitation, and enjoyed having my friends watch me lick their cum from the pussy. They thought it was gross, of course.
    After I had been married a few years, my wife started cuckolding me, and it didn’t take long for her to teach me eat my own cum, and to suck her men for their semen. I now absolutely crave semen, and never let a drop of mine go to waste, and always look forward to sucking off another man. If you would like to see pictures of me sucking men and getting ass fucked, along with just acting like a slut for her.

  6. There was no transition necessary for me. I met my wife at a gang bang, where she was the center of attention. After we had all fucked her, I went down to lick up all the cum. All the guys thought it was funny as hell that I was eating their semen. It was after I went to her third gang bang that we began dating. She loved the fact I’m not afraid to eat my, or other men’s cum. We’ve been married 33 years now, and I still love doing it.

    The idea is just one of the fantasies I have for either cuckolding or Hotwifing. We had been married for almost 25 years when I would – as a favor for him and my husband – and have sex with his closest most trusted friend who was a widower and not motivated to go out and meet another woman. They were partners at work for about 20 years so trusting their lives to one another made it easy for my husband to let me see his partner every Friday. If my husband wanted to get involved, he had to wait for Saturday because I promised his friend Friday’s. At first it was an odd feeling but after a couple months I began to look forward to it. I usually bathed or showered at the friends house, but one evening we were running past the deadline so it was just a couple quick ones and then I went home. That night I got home and was welcomed by my husband, wine and soft music because we finally had the house to ourselves.

    I never volunteered anything about providing my “service” to his partner and he never once asked me anything other than if it had been good. My husband began to undress me but I could feel my undies were wet from cum dripping out. He knew I had just come from his partner’s house but he laid me back, pulled off my undies and started going down on me. Long flat-tongued licks from bottom to top and sucking on me. I had a very intense orgasm just as he rolled onto his back and pulled me telling me to “straddle his face.” As he licked and sucked I looked down and saw his partner’s glistening semen on his face and he kept swallowing what he could get. It was HOT being taken in such an aggressive way! When I left to go the next Friday, he asked me to not drain out over the potty (he obviously forgot the theory of gravity) and I wore tight undies with a day-pad to prevent visible leakage. I don’t what was in the air that night but his partner was super aggressive using his tongue over every part of my skin he could access and then he pumped into me for almost 45 minutes! I told him I wanted him on top of me when he ejaculated into me and I asked him when he had his orgasm to push as deep as he could so his cum would fall into my “seminal pool” rather than immediately running out as he continued to pump. It obviously excited him because when he got-off inside me the first time and he pulled out only partway for a minute or two that he was able to start pumping again. That second time was almost 30 minutes and I had so many intense orgasms that my tummy got nauseous. He laid on top of me and stayed inside me until he finally went soft enough to just slip out.

    I cut our usual post-ejaculation kissing short so I could put my undies and pad on. It was the first time I felt like I was just a “piece-of-ass” as I hurried out and home. The entire way home I was thinking how strange it felt to have so much wetness in my undies, but I try to please them both. As soon as I pulled into the driveway my husband walked out to me totally naked with his fully erect endowment that any of our neighbors could see if they had been out there! I thought it was cute though! As soon as we got inside we began kissing and he undressed me down to my undies. I thought he was going to just stop when he felt how wet the crotch was! He pulled me into our formal living room with open drapes and huge picture windows and the corner table lamps on. He sat and rolled onto his back as he pulled down my undies. I could feel they were sticking to my landing-strip. He guided me to sit on his face looking away from the window so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if anyone saw. I could feel a blob (most women know how that feels inside when it happens) sliding down my vagina. I squeezed downward and felt it and more liquid pop out right into his mouth and running down his face. I thought it was going to be the end of it but he just swallowed, licked all over down there and made me cum so hard I screamed, “I Love You!” That’s certain to interfere with most fantasies but he just kept going from front to back until I was just too sensitive to continue. We fell asleep on the living room floor with his cum drying on my butt and the carpeting. We could have stayed there all night but our 19 year old daughter felt it was her duty to wake us and tell us to bed. It was all worth the brief embarrassment. I still see my husband’s partner after three years but as soon as my husband told me his partner had a girlfriend of almost four months, I cut it off completely and he knew why I was upset with him. At least she will get the benefit of her boyfriend’s almost uncomfortably long erection and I have all I ever wanted in my life. My husband has asked if I’d be interested in finding another weekly dick so I got to enjoy it and he could eat it out of me when I got home. That’s a hard NO! since we do not have any other single attractive friends and doing a one-night-stand has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many negative risks. One evening after my husband screwed me into vertigo, I tried to move over and straddle his face again. Ha Ha! Men will eat the cum of other men out of their wives but when it comes down to going for their own we can pretty much forget it. Must be a caveman thing most men have in their genetic code. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. I hope you stayed awake through all of it..:)

  8. If a woman cucks a man properly he will do as she wishes so no need to play games. The first step is to dominate him and to make him associate submission with pleasure for instance jerk him off while you talk about other cocks. The ultimate domination is to enter his ass it can be with a finger at first while he is having an orgasm but eventually you will want to use a tool on him and do him hard. Once you have him trained to submit to anal it is cucking time and it should be done easily and slowly so make him think it is his idea and whenever the topic cums up make sure he orgasms. My wife fucked a guy she met in a motel bar the first time but two weeks later i watched while she picked a guy up in the local club in Fredericton and watched while he fucked her in my van. Soon she fed me cum of her fingers from a young college student and then she had me clean her even though she had to squeeze my balls to make me. Next was sucking a cock and then licking while she fucked and then sucking and cleaning and eventually being fucked by a huge black cock. Once i submitted my ass to her stud it was like i passed a test and after that i could do as I wished but by then i had become a willing cocksucker and cum licker, of her tits and feet and ass and fingers and so often from a cock. The most difficult was watching her pick up men at the local club but soon she had me finding them online. Cucking is about domination and control.

  9. My wife just locked my favorite toy in the Bird Cage, and told me it was staying on until I ate a cream pie out of her; then two weeks later suck a big load out of her boyfriend straight from the source, and swallow. I’ve loved the taste of cum ever since! I never pass up the chance at a cock, for a taste. All because my wife loved me enough to stay resilient, and not give into my childish whining.

  10. Hi Becca,

    We love your site and content. We are curious if you would guide both me and my wife to step into this exciting lifestyle.

    1. There isn’t really one foolproof way to do it. Because of that, I advise people to take it slow. For instance, if you’re ready to dip your toe into playing with other people, you can have her make a profile on a dating site and do a little flirting. You could also get dressed up, go to a bar/lounge type of place, and have her do some flirting in person. The key is that it moves at her pace, since jumping in too quickly can make it so that things go badly, thereby ruining the chances of a long term exploration of something new and exciting for your sex life.

  11. Like every submissive husband i have already tasted my own cum out of curiosity. I would love to eat out my wife after i have cum in her pussy. How should i aproach her with my wish?

  12. The first time i cleaned cum was from a young guy who had been having my wife often. When he was finished and left her I went in and got naked ready for sex. She told me to lick her and I said no way but she had me by the balls and knew how to twist. I licked her clean. It did not taste any different than her but later men had much more bitter spunk and I often took it directly

  13. I have licked my wifes pussy after she got back from the night shift, and then I told her that she tastes great, she just laughed and said I’m glad you like it, then I said, what ever you did tonight, you should do all the time, and she laughed again and said OK hubby I will,

  14. I remember the first time I cleaned my wife’s cream pie , like most cuckolds my wife is dominant over me and she has been since the day I met her she’s had me jumpin through hoops for years and she has beat my ass until she draws blood many times , my wife turn me into her cuckold first thing , well I always eat my wife’s pussy and she never would suck my dick doesn’t find white dicks sexy at all she says they are repulsive sickening vile a few of her words she uses to describe my clit , well my wife doesn’t like to tell me when she has sex with her lovers she likes to cheat on me , well she said she had to stay late at the office which she does in tax season and she always likes a foot massage a drink and she likes to lay back and have me eat her pussy to orgasm well when I did this time and this was early in our relationship.

    I knew it tasted different and she laughed and said get use to it and she had just been fucked by one of her black boy friends , now it seems like I only eat her after she been making love she cheats she likes sneaking around and Like the spur of the moment sex she’ll meet someone and she’ll get horny and bam she making love , but always bbc and she saw mistress Cocoa kitty ‘s blog about the black new world order so now she kind of changed she still sneaks around but she does like people to see her out with her black lovers , this straight couple we know invited us to dinner at their home my wife said for me to go over and she would meet me there so the couple and I are sitting their waiting for about an half an hour then a car pulls up in front of the house and just stops and sits there and our host goes out to see who’s there and he sees my wife kissing a black man and she jumps out of the car comes in with hickies like bite marks on her neck hair all messed up and laughs and said a friend gave me a ride so now the BNWO got her showing people she’s bbc only ,she’s come out and well she forced me to come out some too lol slave cc

  15. when my wife was in college ( i am 6 years older), she had the college baseball team and some of the basketball team inside of her. She moved up in volume of cocks by going to the Pike USM frat parties and got GB on occasion. I met her after her after college and the can’t the amount of man seed that was pumped in her. Once we married she would not cuck me and i didn’t realize the fantasy of licking man seed out of her cunt!

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