Bisexual Cuckold Dirty Talk

Welcome to the first post in my Dirty Talk series, where I treat you – a cuckold – to the kind of dirty talking fun you’d love to experience with your hotwife. This one’s all about bisexual play, but there are many more to come.

You’ve come home from work earlier than expected. You hear the distinct sounds of porn coming from the bedroom and you head down the hallway and stop in the doorway as you see your wife under the covers with her phone resting on the bed next to her.

It’s clear she’s been masturbating and you’re certain she was doing so while watching porn. You’re intrigued and a little bit excited. You’re also a very lucky man, because your wife is about to indulge in a wealth of bisexual cuckold dirty talk as she shares a fantasy you never knew she had.

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Oh my god, honey, I’m sorry. I thought you weren’t getting home until later. I’m sorry, you surprised me.

What? Oh, no, I wasn’t watching porn.

Oh, you heard the video? Well…uh…okay, so yes, I was watching a little bit of porn. I swear, I never really do that, I just, well, I thought you were going to be out late and that I had a little time to myself so I figured I would just, you know, explore a little. But, you’re back now so there’s no need for me to do that. I could, however, use a little bit of help finishing. Would you like to come to bed so we can have a little fun?

Mmm, there you go. Get naked and get into bed with me.

Yes, baby, I am wet. I told you, I was having a little fun while you were out. I get wet when I have a little fun.

Am I really wetter than usual? Well, isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t that mean it’s going to feel even better when you slide that cock of yours inside me?

Seductive woman whispering to her cuckold about her bisexual fantasy

What’s the matter? Don’t you want to fuck me?

What was I watching? Honey, does it really matter?

Okay, sure, you’re right. If you were trying to hide something you were watching I’d probably be suspicious. It’s just, I was watching some a little bit different than you might expect.

I was watching a threesome video. It was with two guys and a girl.

Actually, no, not the kind where the two guys are fucking the girl.

What other kind is there? Well, there’s the kind where the two guys are…bisexual. In this specific video I was watching, the girl was watching her cuckold husband…well, she was watching her husband get fucked by the other guy. In fact, she was kind of encouraging it, or, I guess you could say she was directing it.

You don’t have to look at me like that. I’m not saying I’m going to make you bend over and take some other guy’s cock.

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What am I saying? Well, I guess I’m saying that I’ve been fantasizing about that recently. I’m not entirely sure why, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Yes, that’s why I was so wet. It turns me on. Is that okay, honey? Is it okay that it turns me on to think of you getting fucked by another guy?

I’m sure you’ve never fantasized about it, but I can’t help it. I can’t help but think of you on your knees in our bed with your head between my legs. I can’t help but think of you eating my pussy as someone fucks your ass from behind. I can’t help but think of someone fucking you while you eat me out.

Mmmm, does that kiss and this beautiful, throbbing cock of yours mean you’re okay with my little fantasy?

Yeah? Does it mean you’re okay with your wife masturbating as she thinks about you being a good little bisexual cuckold slut for me?

Hotwife sharing her fantasy of a bisexual blowjob with her cuck

You know what else I fantasize about sometimes? I fantasize about the two of us giving head together. I fantasize about us both on our knees in front of a gorgeous man. I fantasize about us kissing over the head of his thick cock. I fantasize about us worshiping his beautiful cock together.

You’re still so hard, baby. Are you thinking about being on your knees with me? Are you thinking about sucking cock with me? Will you do that for me? Will you think about it? Will you think about being on your knees with me so we can worship cock together?

Mmmm, that’s so hot, baby. Play with my pussy. Feel how wet I am. Feel how wet I am as you imagine sucking on his big, beautiful balls while I suck on the head of his cock. Imagine sucking on someone else’s balls for me like a good bisexual cuck. Imagine licking and sucking on those gorgeous balls.

I’m so turned on, baby. I’m so fucking turned on thinking about you doing that with me. Would you suck his cock too? Would you take his cock in your mouth and make him nice and hard? Would you lick and suck his big, beautiful cock while I sucked his balls?

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What if I wanted him to fuck us both? Would you do that for me? Would you get on your hands and knees next to me so he could fuck us both? Would you watch him fuck me from behind while you waited? Would you watch another man fuck your wife before he moved behind you? Would you do that for me?

Fuck…I’m close. Keep playing with my pussy. Play with it and tell me you’d do that for me. Tell me you’d let him fuck you after he fucked me. Tell me you’d let him slide into your tight little ass like a good bisexual cuckold and take you from behind. Tell me you’d like him fuck you until he came, baby. Tell me you’d let another man cum in your ass just to make your wife happy, like a good cuck should.

Fuck…fuck…fuck…I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Thank you, baby. That was a lovely orgasm.

I know you didn’t cum yet. I figured I’d let you watch the rest of the video I was watching while I made you cum. How does that sound?

Yeah? You’d do that for me. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

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