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So, you’re ready to graduate to being a bi cuckold. You’re ready to take the next step and offer your mouth to your wife’s bull. You’re ready to take the plunge and become a cocksucker for her.

You’re not alone. You’re one of millions of cuckolds that have taken this step. Hopefully I can make it easier for you by showing you how to be a good bi cuckold for your wife. Remember, this is as much about meeting her needs as it is about meeting yours.

Beginner Bi Cuckold Advice

Your Sexuality Doesn’t Matter – Your Submission Does

(If you’re just a bisexual guy that wants to suck cock, you can probably skip over this part, since that’s kind of a different thing)

If you’ve spent enough time reading cuckold forums (or Reddit, Fetlife, etc), you’ve almost certainly come across someone spouting off about how cuckolds are just closeted gay guys because they all seem to want to suck cock. Hopefully, you ignored those idiots, because that’s not what this is about.

Being a good bi cuckold is not about your sexuality. I don’t care if you’re straight or bisexual. It’s not important. Being a good bi cuckold is about submission. It’s about submitting to your wife’s desire to see your lips around her bull’s cock (or submitting to her bull’s desire for that same thing).

It’s about you falling to your knees in front of him and embracing your place in the sexual hierarchy of your marriage by doing so. It’s saying that your place is to suck the cock that’s going to fuck your wife, not to fuck her.

It’s about hearing your wife say, “Suck his cock, cuckold,” and doing so without hesitation. It’s about finding pleasure in submission. It’s about meeting her need to see you suck cock. It’s about meeting her bull’s need to see your submissive lips around his dick.

Remember, Your Mouth is a Vessel for Pleasure

This is good advice for any cuckolding situation. If you want to be a good cuckold, always remember that you’re there to give pleasure if called upon. You should find great sexual satisfaction in giving that pleasure, whether that’s going down on your wife or her bull.

In this case, if you’re going to be a good bi cuckold, you need to focus on giving pleasure. That’s what it’s all about. Your mouth is meant to make her bull feel good while getting him hard. Sucking his cock is meant to provide your wife with a thrill, too.

To that end, make sure you do a good job (click here to skip to the bottom for the blowjob rules for cuckold cocksuckers).

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Nervous About Sucking Cock? Don’t Worry. Just Embrace Your Place.

Be a submissive bisexual cocksucker

Every cuckold gets nervous the first time he’s going to get on his knees and take another man’s dick in his mouth. It’s perfectly natural. We’ve already talked about how you don’t need to worry about your sexuality.

This is a continuation of that. If you’re feeling nervous, try and remember that you getting on your knees in front of your wife’s bull is really just you embracing your place. It’s you telling your wife and her bull that you know he’s superior in the bedroom, that he offers your wife far greater pleasure than you could ever hope to offer.

If you find your heart pounding as you stare at his naked cock inches from your face, try and remember that. Silently say to yourself: “This is my place. I’m a cuckold cocksucker. This is my place. My place is on my knees in front of my wife’s bull. My place is to suck the cock of the man that fucks my wife the way she deserves to be fucked.”

Soon enough you’ll find your nerves have disappeared and you’ll have a cock in your mouth. You’ll feel elated. You’ll feel that beautiful high that comes from submission. If you’re lucky your wife will play her part exceptionally well and she’ll be encouraging you to suck her bull’s dick.

If That Doesn’t Work, Just Remember Your Purpose

Suck cock for your wifeUltimately, you’re on your knees in front of your wife for one reason: To make her bull’s cock nice and hard so he can slide into her pussy and satisfy her. You’re being a fluffer. That’s it. They might even ignore you as you’re sucking cock. They might be busy kissing and fooling around as you’re on your knees bobbing up and down on his dick.

If you’re having trouble getting over your nerves, just concentrate on your purpose. Tighten your focus. Forget about everything else except for your mission: To make his big dick nice and hard for your wife.

Close your eyes and move up and down on his shaft. Use your tongue. Play with his balls. Do everything you can to make him feel good. If you need to shift that focus, then remember that ultimately you’re helping your wife. You’re sucking his cock to get him hard for her pussy. When he fucks her, your wife will be happy. Connect those dots and you’re sucking cock to ensure that your wife is happy.

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Advanced Bi Cuckold Advice

A Good Bi Cuckold Services Balls and Asshole Too

Most bisexual cuckold content focuses on the husband sucking the bull’s cock. That’s just part of the fun, though. If you want to truly be a good bi cuck you need to expand what you’re offering to the man that fucks your wife.

If you really want to impress him, lick and suck on his balls. Stroke his cock with your skilled hand while you move down and take his testicles into your mouth. It feels good (as you probably know) and it’s a wonderful way to show your submission to him. You’re sucking on the source of his semen. Think of it as helping to prepare a nice big load for him to launch into your wife.

If he’s a clean gentleman and he’s into it, you can rim his asshole too. He needs to be in the right position, but a dominant man loves it when he gets his ass licked. He loves the submission it shows. Your wife’s bull is almost certainly going to love that you’re being such a nasty, naughty sub cuckold.

As mentioned above, your job is to arouse your wife’s bull. Paying attention to his balls and asshole can be a great way of doing that. The physical stimulation will feel good and he might find even more arousal in watching you offer your mouth in such a slutty way.

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Service Him Throughout the Encounter

If you’ve made it this far then you want to go above and beyond as a bi cuckold. To do that, you can’t be content with sucking his cock a little at the start of the encounter. You need to be available to service him throughout.

Don’t go sit in a corner (unless you’ve been ordered to). Wait close by so that your wife can call you to the bed to suck his dick after he slips out of her pussy. Take him in your mouth. Pleasure him. Suck her juices off of him and then put his cock back inside her.

Climb between his legs when she rides him reverse cowgirl and suck his balls. Enhance his pleasure with your mouth. Run your tongue over his nuts. Bathe them with your spit while your wife milks him with her pussy.

Get behind him and lick his asshole while he’s fucking her from behind. Shove your tongue up in there. Offer him the extra pleasure and thrill him by being the most submissive cuckold husband he’s ever had the pleasure of getting rimmed by.

If your wife simply can’t take any more cock and he hasn’t cum yet, offer to finish him with your mouth. You’re there to give pleasure, after all. Giving him an orgasm is the best way to give pleasure. This isn’t likely to happen, but you should be ready for it if you want to be a good bi cuckold.

Be Proactive – Ask if You Can Suck His Cock

There’s no reason you have to wait around to be told to suck his cock (unless that’s the explicit rule in your house). Be a good bi cuckold and ask if you can give him head. Show him how eager you are to please him. Show your wife how eager you are to submit to her bull’s superior cock.

If she’ll allow it, perhaps you can get her bull started while your wife is finishing getting ready for him. You could get on your knees and suck his cock while he enjoys the drink you prepared. Your wife could join him on the couch and share sensual kisses with her bull while your mouth is full of his dick. You could then move between her legs to get her nice and wet so the cock you just fluffed can enter her.

Always Clean Her Bull’s Cock with Your Mouth

If you want to be a great bi cuckold make sure you use your mouth to clean her bull’s cock after he’s fucked your wife. If he’s cumming inside her, take care of him first. It won’t take long.

You’ll have to make sure you don’t stimulate the head of his cock too much, but you do need to suck all of his cum and her juices off of him before you can turn to your wife’s pussy and clean her. Make sure you examine his testicles before you move on to your wife. They may be messy too. You might have to lick some of his cum out of his pubic hair, as well. It’s always good to be a thorough bi cuckold.

If he’s still cumming in a condom, it’s incumbent upon you, the cuckold, to remove the condom and dispose of it. When you do, use your mouth to clean any residue and cum that might be left on his cock. It’s going to taste like latex, but that’s not important. What’s important is that you do what’s expected of a good bi cuckold and make sure his cock is clean after he’s finished giving your wife the satisfaction she deserves.

If Needed, a Good Bi Cuckold Will Suck Her Bull Off

Get ready to suck his cock, cuck

It doesn’t happen all that often, but there may be a situation where your wife is unable to provide her bull with the sexual satisfaction he desires. Perhaps she’s on a work trip or a vacation without you. Perhaps she’s not feeling well. It happens.

When it does, she may offer your mouth. If that happens, it’s the duty of a good bi cuckold to sexually service her bull and make him cum. It’s not a cuckolding situation and you may not find it nearly as sexy, but you will do it.

It will likely happen in the same location that he and your wife most commonly have sex. Let’s assume that’s your house. He will come over. You will get on your knees. You will free his cock from the confines of his pants. You will get on your knees and you will suck his cock until he cums in your mouth.

Remember, it’s all done with the confines of your cuckold marriage. You’re sucking him off because your wife is unavailable and she wants you to do what she cannot. You’re taking his cock and cum in your mouth because you want to be the best bi cuckold possible.

Don’t be afraid. Just get on your knees and do your job. Remember, it’s your place. It has nothing to do with your sexuality. You’re doing it because you’re a cuckold and you can’t help but submit to your wife’s desires.

Always Thank Your Wife for the Pleasure of Sucking Her Bull’s Cock

Ultimately, it is a pleasure to be able to get on your knees and offer your mouth to a superior cock. It’s a thrill for a good cuckold, and we both know that you want to be a good cuckold.

If your wife lets you take her bull’s cock in your mouth, be sure to thank her. “Thank you for letting me suck his cock,” is a nice way to express how happy it made you to be of service.

Feel free to thank him, as well, especially if your particular situation involves open submission to her bull. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, sir,” has a nice ring to it. It will certainly put a smile on his face and it will help you embrace your place as his submissive.

Submit to Anal Sex with Her Bull

This is the rarest of occurrences for a bi cuckold, but your wife and her bull may desire to see you take his cock. They may want you to fully and completely submit by offering your ass for penetration.

You will never feel more like a submissive bisexual cuckold than when your wife’s bull presses his cock against your asshole and pushes inside you. Your wife’s absolute delight at seeing you get fucked will deepen your submission. The knowledge that your ass is being used for a man’s pleasure will do so as well.

If you’ve come this far, why not take the final step? You’ve sucked his cock. You’ve worshiped his balls. You’ve licked his asshole. Let him take the rest. Let him fully put you in your place by fucking you with the big cock that satisfies your wife.

Remember, all of this is for your wife’s pleasure. You’re submitting to her desires by forgetting about your sexuality and doing as she pleases (or as her bull pleases). If that means taking it up the ass, then so be it.

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Bonus Bi Cuckold Pleasure – Pleasure Her Bull with Your Wife

It’s quite possible – maybe eve likely – that your wife enjoys going down on her bull. She enjoys giving him pleasure just like he gives her pleasure. She enjoys feeling his cock grow in her mouth. She enjoys hearing his moans thanks to her exceptional oral skills.

If that’s the case, she might not want to hand the duties of blowing her bull over to you. She might want you to get down on your knees with her though. If he’s a dominant bisexual bull, he might demand it. It might thrill him to see husband and wife on their knees sucking his cock, licking his balls, and even worshiping his ass.

If you get a chance to worship her bull with your wife, do so eagerly. Lick his cock together. Share kisses over the thick, throbbing head. Suck his balls while she sucks his dick. Move around back and give him a rimjob while she’s giving him a blowjob. If he’s a good bull that has set her free sexually, he’s deserving of such treatment.

Blowjob Rules for Cuckold Cocksuckers

The basics of a blowjob are pretty simple. The cock moves in and out of your mouth, and in doing so it feels pleasure. It gets hard. Do it long enough and it will cum in your mouth. There are ways to make it better, though, and as a cuckold cocksucker you should strive to give the best blowjob possible. Follow these rules and your wife will be especially proud of her bi cuck husband and his ability to pleasure her bull:

Work the Head

If you’re just getting started, chances are good you’re not going to be able to swallow his big dick. You may never accomplish that. It’s okay. The nerves that reside under the cock head are where the pleasure comes from. Your job is to stimulate those.

Unless he wants you to swallow his cock, don’t worry too much about it. Just worry about giving him pleasure. Worry about getting him hard. Worry about working that head with your eager mouth.

Eye Contact Matters

A man likes it when you look up at him while you’re giving a blowjob. That goes double for a dominant man. As a cuckold cocksucker, you’re almost certainly serving a dominant man.

That means you need to look at him while you’re worshiping his cock. Show him how much you love having his dick in your mouth. Show him how much you appreciate the chance to develop your oral skills and become a better cuckold for your wife.

Show him that you appreciate that he fucks your wife. Fill your eyes with desperate need and lust. Let him see it all as you work the head of the big cock that will soon plunge into your wife’s wet, needy pussy.

Pay Attention to His Balls

Some men aren’t into having their balls pleasured as you give head, but most are. So, if you want to be a good cocksucker you need to pay attention to his testicles. While you’ve got his cock in your mouth, work his balls with your fingers. Don’t get too rough. Just fondle and caress them.

Take a break from sucking his cock every now and then to take his balls in your mouth. Run your tongue over them. Make sure you look up at him. He’ll find it extra arousing that you’ve got his balls in your mouth and you’re staring up at him with eyes full of desire.

Use Your Tongue

As a cuckold cocksucker, your tongue is an instrument of pleasure. It’s not enough to let his cock slide over it as he fills your mouth. It needs to be active. Move it around. Enhance his pleasure as you give a blowjob.

This is especially true if you’re going to suck his balls. Get that tongue working over them. Lick up the sweat. Taste him.

If he’s in a position where you can lick his taint and asshole while taking a break from blowing him, that’s when you really need to use your tongue skillfully. He deserves that pleasure and as a cuckold you need to be the one providing it.

No Teeth

This should go without saying, but make sure you’re not using your teeth when you give a blowjob. If you need to practice with a toy (or a banana, which will show the teeth marks), make sure you do so until you can take a cock in your mouth without moving your teeth up and down the shaft.

It’s Okay to Gag

As you might know, sometimes a man likes to see a cocksucker gag on his dick. He likes that you’re willing to do something that’s unpleasant in the name of giving him pleasure.

For that reason, go ahead and gag on his cock from time to time. Try and swallow it. Let it trigger your gag reflex. Look at the satisfaction on his face. It won’t be pleasant to choke on his cock, but it will make him happy. So be a good bi cuckold and do it.

Be the Best Bi Cuckold You Can Be

Ultimately, the key to being a good bi cuckold comes down to your willingness to offer yourself to your wife and her bull without any concern for your desires.

It doesn’t matter if you’re bisexual or not. You are whatever she says you are. In the bedroom, you’re a submissive that offers his mouth, hands, and ass for the pleasure of her bull. It’s a safe space to explore how deep you can sink into being a good sub for her.

In reality, you’ll start slowly. You won’t get fucked the first time. You might just grab his cock and place it inside her. Then she might have you kiss his cock. Then she might have you suck him or play with his balls while she’s blowing him.

Don’t be afraid. Embrace what turns you on. Embrace being a bi cuckold if it thrills you. Embrace doing as your wife desires because it thrills her to see you submit. That’s what makes a good bisexual cuckold husband.

I want to drive you crazy with lust, my lovely little cuckold cocksucker. So become a Patreon supporter and get access to all of my bisexual content, which I know you’re going to love.

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29 Replies to “How to be a Good Bi Cuckold for Your Wife”

  1. Hi, I want to be a cuckold but I don’t want her telling any mutual friends. I desire to please a man for a woman and have almost no limits. I would love to lick pussy while it’s being fucked and have the bull pull out and finish in my mouth. Then have them make me jerk off and eat my own cum too.

    1. lol once you submits to your wife’s lover, there is not end it start as a game of power, when you suck his cock and get fucked so he stablish his superiority, them you implore your wife for no one ever found out but but she will tell her close friends and after one or two years in the game it will be public. Everybody know that im a sissy cuckold

    2. Life will be much more enjoyable if you submit to Her completely. Let Her decide who She can tell. Once the word is out who gives a crap what others think. if they are true friends they will accept you for who you are.

    3. (LOL) It’s a good thing your not in my position then. My wife brought her own mother in to watch me get fucked in the ass by a 260 pound man made of solid muscle, while I was tied to my own kitchen table. I begged them both through tears not to tell anyone, they stood there and laughed. Two months later I was on my knees giving this same guy a blowjob in front of two of her co-workers as they gave me pointers on how I could improve my technique. Finally after that event, I understood that my role as a cuckold is not to worry about my reputation, and ego, but to first please my wife, then her boyfriend. Those two events most certainly gave her great satisfaction. Now I don’t worry who knows I suck cock. The important thing is that I’m doing it properly, when I’m told to.

      1. Hi James I have been cuckold training for a while and have sucked my my wife’s bull cock three times and swallowed his cum. This was allowed after weeks of watching him fuck my wife and being told to eat my own cum as part of my bi cuck training after I was allowed to masturbate after the event. I have been trained for role as bi cuck servant to her and her bull and help give sexual satisfaction to both when told to do so. I have been given an anal plug to widen my man pussy for her bull when he wants to fuck me. Especially if she is not available for him.
        I am now a fully pledge cuckold and obey my mistress and her bull.

        1. Thank you Andy for relating how your training went. Although it always brings me happiness to watch my wife get laid by her bull, I still get my greatest satisfaction from giving him the best blowjob I can. There’s no bigger turn on than the taste of cock sweat followed by the salty taste of sperm.

          1. Thanks for that. My wife sometimes orders me to suck her Bulls cock before he penetrates her pussy or ass which they decide to do first. If her Bull is really horny he will sometimes cum to quick for her. He will tell her this and I will suck his cock as she watches and then I swallow his cum, I always have to thank him for this privilege as I get to please his cock first and receive his cum into mu mouth to allow my my wife a longer satisfying fuck before he needs to cum again.. She will then masturbate for him and get him stiff again to fuck her, I also assist in this by feeling his balls and licking them. I am obliged to offer him my anus an alternative to my mouth. I than sit and watch him fuck her until told to clean up his cum of both of them. And then if I have been a good boy I can masturbate to ejaculation. I love my cuckold lifestyle.

  2. This article is almost word for word of my training. My wife taught me to give great blow jobs, and since she doesn’t like anal, she has me bend over for her men. She loves to see me service cocks and being fucked. My wife openly talks to her friends about fucking other men, and told that I suck cock and take them in my ass.
    She took one of our videos of her guiding a cock into my mouth and me sucking the man to completion, and “accidently” put it in some DVD’s she was loaning to the neighbors. We were all naked, faces fully visible, so it was no doubt about who it was, and what we (I) was doing. She loaned it to the biggest gossip around, so now the whole neighborhood knows what we do, and we have sucked and fucked with several couples as a result. Some of the guys try to humiliate me by calling me a faggot, but I am proud to be a cock sucking anal slut cuckold.

  3. What a beautiful article, it truly is.
    I am a business man that has owned and been in charge of my business for over 23 years. I love being in charge and wouldn’t want it any other way. However, for as long as I can remember….And I mean since a young boy, dominate women have turned me on to no end. In fact it’s been a life time craving. Pretty much everything aforementioned explains my deepest desires so eloquently and on a level of OMG!!!
    I just about gave up on finding my dream girl then 1 year ago almost to the date, I found her…. She has taken me on a slow training regiment and I love her for that. She can and does force me to do things she desires, but she has a way of making me crave exactly what she desires from her training. The only thing different is that she loves my cock and wants it very much and always tells me that it’s what she wants and enjoys me more than anything. I am completely her’s and there are no other women ever, but men for her are allowed and I’m encouraged to tell her what I think about her prospects. I have had only one experience with her fucking another man and let me tell you that there is a myriad of crazy emotions that come along with that. The more you love her , the more emotions that will surface. It’s a crazy thing for obvious reasons, but desire if your a true cuckold will prevail and spill over with desires for more like you could not imagine…

    Your love for her grows, your desire, wants and needs go crazy and it’s all you can think about. I love pleasing her and I love watching her get pleased. She uses chastity now and that is scary by it’s self but I want and love that. My cock is her’s and her’s alone to use when and how she desires. It’s not full time yet, but she is working on that, lol.

    I felt awkward when she showed me her bulls cock. They were both standing in front of me when she pulled his sweat pants down and held his large cock in front of me. He told me to lay on the bed on my back with my head over the edge where he just started face fucking me…Yes….that’s how it started, and let me tell you that the rest of the night was absolutely beautiful. I prepped him for her and the crazy emotions of what I was doing and what was getting ready to happen was all over the board. She gets very wet and squirts quite often and when they were done fucking in front of me, I cleaned all that from him, and let me tell you that is something I now crave very, very much….He finished in my mouth as she smiled giggled and enjoyed watching that so much. There was even a moment where she put on her strap-on and fucked my ass as I sucked her bull. OMG….That was hot, and I know that sounds like bull shit but it’s very true and I can’t wait until we do it again. I am so in love with her and I know I have found my place forever….She will be moving in with me soon and I want and need her to marry me forever….
    I know this sounds crazy, but now, when she talks about a man or other men, my cock begins to tingle…..WE are definitely two peas in a pod. I feed completely off of her and she feeds off of my love, desire and new found needs to please her.
    It has taken me way to long to find her, but we have the perfect world finally….
    your’s truly,
    The happiest man in the world

    1. I can totally relate, and know exactly what you mean. Once you feel that cock in your mouth, and get that first taste of cum you just can’t get enough of it after that. I did a group sex party with nine other guys one time, (no women allowed) and was very satisfied, but definitely sad when we all had to get going home.

  4. Loved this article, felt so nice after reading it….motivated a lot to become a good bi-cuckold from just a cuckold. Thanks

  5. I would like to be a good bi cuckold and suck the bulls cock and balls for my wife’s pleasure and his. My man pussy would be available for the bulls pleasure to anal f**k me when required. Cleaning up cum will be a welcome task for me both licking the bulls cock and my wife’s vagina. I will be a most devote cuckold.

  6. I’m bisexual amd,want to play with a guy. I also want my wofe to cuck me. Could me being bisexual be a reason for my cuckold desires?

  7. Really erotic. I desire to cuckold for my wife and service her bull. My mouth and anus will be ready to satisfy their desires. The thought of the bulls cock in her pussy bringing her to orgasm as he pumps his semen into her as I watch, before the clean up of his cum from his still throbbing cock and her cum dripping pussy turns me on, as it will be my duty to them. I would serve them well.

  8. I am a cuckold in the old world sense. My wife has cheated on me almost from the beginning of our marriage. She does not let me participate other than teasing me about having her boyfriends. She tires easily of the same man so she has had several different men over the years. I have never let it be known to her, but one of my biggest fantasies is to be sexually submissive to one of her alpha male boyfriends while she watches and talks to me about now that I have started sucking cock I should understand why she prefers other men to me.

  9. I am a straight man, but this sounds very hot. I would love to find a Dominant Lady to turn into a sub. sissy cuckold. Then force me to become a bi-cuckold under her direction. I would be a permanantly denied bi- sissy cuckold Only getting to orgasm from her strap-on or from anal penetration by the Bull.

  10. I’d love to submit my stories of my lifestyle to you, I’ve been the bull and the cuck.

  11. I let agreed to allow my wife to tie me over our oak kitchen table. Ropes holding my wrists, and legs to the legs of the table; the night her bull was taking my cherry. He got onto a short stool, and we started. I cannot describe my fast fall from grace, when my mother in law was brought in to watch! There I was begging him to stop, crying in tears from pain, and then shame, in front of her mom. Worse was each time he drove into me, my metal Birdlock Chastity device hanging from my little cock, and shriveled balls would rap against the table!

    All my wife did, was stood beside her mother, in total silence, smiling the entire time, enjoying every moment. Since that night there is no doubt for MIL, my wife, and me who the real man is in our marriage now.

  12. i’d do anything my wife wants from me. i’m her slave. i’d love to see her experiencing her first real orgasm through a mans cock. i can’t stisfy her that way but she never was with another man. i wouldn’t deny her that experience. and who knows how it will proceed from there. i’d happily suck her bulls cock while my wife is pleasuring herself watching me swallow his cum. if they want to, her bull can fuck me in my ass while i lick my wifes pussy. with every thrust of her bull my face gets shoved in her pussy. if it makes her happy, if it arouses her, turns her on, i will do it. period. i would even risk my health for her pleasure. if it turns her on, that her bulls strangles me while my wife sucks his cock, so be it.

  13. Honestly, I get so hyper-turned on by allowing my girlfriend to be fucked by others–not all the time, mind you, but often enough that it is a regular theme–I can’t imagine not doing this. I first noticed after a girlfriend had cheated on me while spending a month in Costa Rica. I heard through mutual friends that she had a couple of drinks while sunning on the beach, met a couple of guys and, well, you can imagine what followed. The thought of her spreading her legs for another guy just consumed my imagination. I’d get hard throughout the day and could not stop masturbating. I’m sure this is similar for other guys. In my case, I’m normally quite dominant. But in these situations where I arrange for her to stray, it is just intoxicating. In one case I stashed a box of 40 condoms in her luggage with a note that she would have to account for each one that was used.

    Just thinking about this has me rock hard and dripping wet now–I’m typing with one hand. Would love to hear from more women who understand this male turn-on. I know you’re out there. -Steven

  14. Postscript: In all candor, I get so turned on logging into my email just waiting to see replies to this thread. I’m super open and would like to hear from like-minded people.

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