The Challenges of Finding a Bull/Boyfriend for Your Hotwife

In a typical cuckold fantasy it’s exceedingly easy to find a man to fuck your wife. She’s hot and any guy would kill for a chance to fill her pussy, right? Instinctively, that seems spot on, but in the real world it turns out it can be far more difficult than you might imagine to find the right man for the job. I’m going to go over some of the reasons why that’s the case and help you find a perfect man to meet her needs and yours.

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Talk About What You Want

One of the reasons so many couples run into trouble is they don’t really know what they want. Sometimes the husband and wife disagree on the perfect man to fuck her, and sometimes they haven’t really talked about it at all and they end up with a total dud, or a man that gets way too aggressive and dominant when they’re looking for nothing more than a stunt cock.

The best way to talk about what you want is to do it in a fantasy context. Engage in a mutual masturbation session and talk dirty about your cuckolding fantasies, which should be shared at this point. Tell each other what you crave in a bull or boyfriend. Do it often, and soon enough a picture will take shape that will guide you to the man of your shared dreams.

You can also sit and have an honest conversation outside of the bedroom and your fantasies. You should absolutely do this before you try and find someone, but I always think it’s worth doing it in a naughty, sexual manner too because that’s just so much fun.

The Many Ways Potential Bulls/Boyfriends Will Disappoint You

You’re almost certainly going to experience some sort of disappointment and/or letdown in your search for a bull/boyfriend. If you take your time with the process those disappointments will end up happening via emails and texts, not when you’re in the bedroom or in the middle of a sexual encounter.

First let’s talk about the way guys can disappoint you when you’re actually in the room and ready to have some good sex:

  • Performance issues – This one is shockingly common and happens most frequently when the husband is in the room watching. Some men just aren’t comfortable having sex with an audience. Some guys turn out to be less comfortable fucking another man’s wife too. What’s often so odd is that some guys aren’t into the notion of having sex with a married woman when her husband is totally into it, even if he’s not in the room watching.
  • Flaking out – Guys just don’t show up sometimes. Even if they were great in emails, texts, and phone calls, they just don’t come at the appointed time. There are a host of reasons this happens, but it’s usually a blessing. If he doesn’t show up and didn’t call to let you know why, he’s not worth being with.
  • Too rough/dominant – Sometimes a bull/boyfriend will go way over the top with his dominance. He’ll pull hair, smack her ass, and get rough when she has no interest in it. This is not a good thing. A good bull/boyfriend strives to understand what a couple wants from him and delivers it.
  • His cock is not as advertised – This one always strikes me as insane, but some guys are more than happy to lie about the size of their cock. I guess they assume that you’ll just go for it once you’re in the room and they’ll get laid. Don’t. Kick his ass out and go find someone else. Unless you like the look of his cock. In which case, go ahead and have some fun.
  • He cums too quickly – This one is tough, because some guys will cum quickly their first time with a woman because it’s really exciting. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever see him again, but you’re free to kick him to the curb if it happens and you’re not happy. It’s worth sticking around until he can get hard again though. If he cums super quick the second time around you know he’s not worth your time.

Most of the time the guys will disappoint you before you ever get to a face to face meeting. You need patience to find the right guy for you (usually, at least; some couples find the right guy the first time out). Here are some of the ways a potential bull/boyfriend will disappoint you via email/text/phone calls.

  • Picture collecting – Some guys get off on convincing you to send them a naked or naughty picture with no intention of being your bull/boyfriend. For this reason I prefer using dating sites where you post a picture in your profile and that should be enough for prospective guys. If a potential date is too pushy about getting your picture, stop messaging him.
  • The “hey” or “what’s up” guys – I will never understand the deluge of guys that will send a message that consists entirely of “hey” or “what’s up” or some other worthless variation. Do those guys think I’m going to respond to that? Do they think that’s good enough? If a man isn’t willing to put in enough effort to write out a few sentences in an email, he’s not going to be anywhere near good enough for you.
  • Cyber sexers – Some men have no intention of getting off their couches or out of their desk chairs. They just want to masturbate to a fantasy. Generally they’ll push you for details on what you’d do together or ask for more pictures. You can safely ignore those guys.
  • Married guys that are cheating – This can be hard to suss out, but at some point it usually becomes obvious that you’re talking to a married guy that’s fucking behind his wife’s back. He’ll be short on any sort of personal information, really shy about sharing a face picture, and cagey about meeting in a place that’s too public. Always check the ring finger. Longtime wedding ring wearers will typically have a little bit of a mark there.
  • Time wasters – Some guys just get off on playing the role of a man that fucks married women. They’ll mostly want to chat endlessly, send emails, and maybe get into naughty texting. That can be fun, so you’re welcome to pursue it, but it’s not going to end up with the sex you crave, so feel free to cut the cord when it becomes obvious he’s not really interested in meeting up.

Tips for Finding the Right Bull/Boyfriend for You

There’s no guaranteed way to do this. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you as a couple. I can give you a few pointers on how to make it easier though.

  • Where to Search Online – I’ve found that swingers personals sites are the best place to start. and are both great and filled with real people, unlike most adult dating sites (which are usually filled with fake profiles and desperate men). There are lots of married guys that have complete sexual freedom and are allowed to fuck without their wife around. There are single guys that want to play with couples too, so you have lots of options. is a kink-focused social network and a great place to build relationships, but it can take more time to find a guy.
  • Experience is Better – If it’s your first time being with another man it’s best to go with someone that has plenty of experience in the field. He’ll know how to read the both of you and deliver a pleasurable experience.
  • Find Someone that Knows About Cuckolding – If you’re playing as a cuckold couple you need a guy that knows all about the world of cuckolding. You need him to know that your husband’s needs must be met along with yours. Ultimately, a cuckold relationship involves the husband, wife, and the man you’ve brought into your bedroom.
  • Be Clear About What You Want – It’s possible you won’t really know what you want, but you should try your best to figure it out as a couple before you search for a bull/boyfriend. If you can explain what you’re looking for, it’s infinitely easier to find a guy that meets your needs and will deliver an experience that pleases both husband and wife. It can be as simple as wanting a big cock that can last a long time or a little more complicated, like a dominant bull that will make you both submit without pushing your limits too far. There’s a guy for every couple, so as long as you’re clear you’ll be able to find him. It’s also possible to message and chat with lots of guys before you decide what you really want.
  • Meet in Public First – It’s always smart, especially when you’re starting out, to meet with a potential bull/boyfriend in a public place before you even consider making him a sexual partner. A coffee place is simplest since there’s no commitment to staying for a long time. The meeting is meant to confirm he’s been honest about his age/looks/general fitness level and to make sure he doesn’t come off as a psycho in person. If you like what you see you can then make a date for sex.

I hope this helped. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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