Cuckold Audio

You’re about to discover the intense pleasures of cuckold audio. Every month, my Patreon supporters get to immerse themselves in the pleasures of a sensual goddess talking them through a cuckold experience. The samples below should give you an idea of what you’re in for if you become a supporter at the audio tier (future months will include an audio cuckold JOI for every tier).

Put your headphones on and get ready for a truly astounding, arousing, thrilling experience. Remember, when you become a Patreon supporter at the audio tier you get access to the full-length version of every one of these files. Stay a subscriber and you get a new file every month, along with tons of stories, blog posts, captions, JOIs, and more.

Valentine’s Day Cuckold JOI (available to all Patrons as a bonus) (Artist: MzSpecific):

Cuckold Creampie Cleanup Audio (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip begins before your wife has left for her date. You help her get dressed and she teases you before heading out and leaving you home to wonder what she’s doing. When she gets back, she tells you all about the fun she had with her bull before having you clean the creampie out of her pussy.

Cuckold Chastity Humiliation Audio (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip begins with you being locked up before your beautiful cuckoldress and her bull enjoy an evening of wild hardcore pleasure. It’s a pure, dirty delight.

Cuckolding is the Solution to Your Marital Problems (Artist: MzSpecific):

The full audio of this clip begins with you and your wife talking about the obvious issues in your marriage. She’s sweet and caring and she wants to make it work. She has a perfect solution, too: Another man. A knock on the door announces his presence and you get cuckolded for the first time as she sucks his cock, fucks him, and makes him cum while you’re sitting right there.

Be a Good Boy for Your Cuckoldress (Artist: AprilAlltheWay):

The full audio of this clip features lots of sensual domination as your cuckoldress makes you prepare her pussy before her bull arrives. Then she shows him the kind of wild pleasure he craves through sensual kissing, a blowjob, and lots of great sex. All the while you’re tasked with being her good boy.

One more time in case you forgot: When you become a Patreon supporter at the audio tier you get instant access to the full length version of all of these files (they’re 10-20 minutes long each). They’re downloadable, too.