The Many Wonderful Ways You Can Make Your Cuckold Cum

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Every hotwife knows that there’s nothing her husband enjoys more than a cuck-fueled orgasm. Nothing turns him on quite like the notion of his wife experiencing intense pleasure with another man’s cock inside her, and that arousal means intense climaxes for him.

But, even the hottest thing in the world can get a little boring if it’s repeated too often. One of the great things about the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle is that it’s entirely possible to ensure that it never gets boring.

For instance, there are dozens of different ways you can make your cuckold cum. It doesn’t have to be him jerking off while he watches you fuck another man or fantasizing about that same thing. You can mix it up in a vast number of ways and that variety will ensure that things never get boring.

Below, you’ll find a long list of the different ways you can make a cuckold cum. Not every method of pleasure is suitable for every couple, but I’m sure you can find something that works for you. Also keep in mind that many of the methods are about putting your cuckold in a particular headspace while he cums and not so much about who’s pleasuring his cock. There’s more than one way to pursue variety, after all.

Now, let’s get started.

You can make your cuckold cum…

While he’s fucking you with a condom because your bull is the only one that gets to cum inside you

There’s potential for great pleasure in your cuckold being denied the right to cum inside you, even more so if that right has been given to your bull, who should be the man that fucks you far better than your husband, who has lost the right to cum inside you because he’s not good enough.

The pleasure of this can begin as you put a condom on his cock and remind him that he has to wear it because your bull is far better at making you cum. It can continue if you remind your cuck of this while he’s fucking you.

“How does it feel to fuck me with a condom while knowing that my bull filled my married pussy with his cum just last night?” you could ask. Time it right and your cuck will cum the moment he hears those words.

While telling him that you can’t feel his cock inside you

This works even better if you’ve just had sex with your bull. Your cuckold will be turned on from watching or listening and he’ll absolutely get off on the extra thrill of hearing you say that you can’t even feel his inferior dick. It works no matter when you do it, though.

“Mmm, baby, does my pussy feel good?” you ask.

He nods. He tells you your pussy feels perfect. Of course he does.

You smile. You grab his ass. You kiss him. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it, cuck, but I can’t even feel your cock. It’s like you’re not even inside me. My bull stretched my pussy so good that I can’t even feel your little dick.”

An orgasm won’t be far behind.

While telling him how much you love him for finding you a superior man to fuck

Cuckolding works best when both husband and wife get something out of it they wouldn’t have otherwise had. For him, it’s the realization of his fantasy. For you, it’s great sex of the sort you can’t have with your husband.

If that’s the case, then be sure to tell your husband how much you love him for suggesting that you cuckold him. If he’s put in some work to help you find a bull, then tell him how much you love him for putting in the work. Do so while you’re having sex with your cuck or giving him a handjob. Kiss him. Connect with him. It’s a very particular kind of connection that only hotwives and cuckolds can share and it’s a beautiful way to make him cum.

While fucking him with your strapon

There’s nothing in the world quite like the role reversal of putting on a strapon cock and fucking your cuck husband. You get to have the power. You get to do the fucking while he takes it in the ass, which is something very few straight men crave.

You can keep it at that if you like, but it’s a great deal more fun to make him cum while you’re fucking him. If you invest in the kind of strapon that vibrates your clit while you use it, you can both cum at the same time, which will feel like an entirely new way of having sex.

It’s a great way of differentiating the kind of sex you have with your bull and the kind you have with your cuckold and can pay wondrous dividends if you do it with some frequency.

While he’s having sloppy seconds sex after your bull

He won’t last long if you let him inside you after your bull has fucked you and cum in your pussy. The moment he slides into you he’ll feel another man’s warm, thick cum surrounding his cock. His manhood will be bathed in undeniable proof that another man did what a husband is supposed to do when he seeded your pussy.

You can spice this up with a bit of verbal play if you like:

“It feels good to bathe your cock in a real man’s cum, doesn’t it?”

“Is my pussy even better when it’s lubed with my bull’s thick load, cuck?”

“Fuck me, my love. Fuck me and show me how much you love that you’re only allowed inside me after my bull has filled my pussy.”

While sitting on his face and feeding him another man’s cum

Imagine you’re in your marital bed. Your bull is on his back and you’re riding his cock. Your cuckold is on his back next to you and masturbating slowly as he watches you get fucked.

You focus almost entirely on your bull as you ride him. You focus on your mutual pleasure. You focus on making him cum inside you right as you get off on his big dick.

He cums inside you. You cum on his cock. You lean down and kiss him. You tell him how much you love his cock. You tell him how good he makes you feel. You tell him that you love when he cums inside you.

Then you look at your cuckold, climb off your bull’s dick, and immediately sit over your cuckold’s face. You drop your pussy onto his mouth. You feed him another man’s load. You tell him to jerk off while he’s doing it. You tell him to cum while he’s drinking a superior man’s seed from his wife’s pussy.

You make your cuckold cum so fucking hard by doing so.

While you’re getting fucked by a superior man’s cock

You need to time this right as a cuckold tends to lose his taste for watching another man fuck his wife as soon as he cums. That being said, he absolutely wants to cum while your bull is pounding your pussy, so it’s worth making it happen from time to time.

You can do so while in doggystyle and with your hand around your cuck’s cock, stroking him as you look him in the eye while another man fucks you from behind.

You can do so while in a 69 with him. You can also put your cock on his knees on the bedroom floor and tell him he’s allowed to masturbate but not allowed to cum until you give him permission. Then, when you’re ready, you give the order and your cuck will gleefully blow his load. It feels damn good to have that much control, by the way.

While his legs are bent back and his cock is right over his face

This is a self facial for your cuckold. He needs to be flexible enough, but if he is you can have him bend his legs back over his head, take hold of his cock, and stroke him right over his face as you tell him what a good cuck he is.

Dirty talk makes it better, of course:

“I’m going to make you cum all over your face, cuck.”

“Does my little cum slut want a hot load on his face?”

“My bull fucked me and came inside me and now you’re going to blow your load on your face, you dirty little cuckold cum slut.”

An orgasm will soon follow.

While telling him that a cuckold always cleans up his mess after he cums

He’s naked in your bed. You’re naked next to him. Your body is pressed against his. You have his cock in your hand. You’re stroking him slowly and you’ve been whispering to him about how much you love fucking your bull. Now he’s getting close.

“I need you to be a good cuck,” you say. “Will you do that for me?”

He’s not sure what you mean, but he nods.

“A good cuck always cleans up his messes,” you continue. “I need you to agree to clean up your mess if I make you cum. I need you to agree to clean up every drop like a good cuckold. I need you to tell me that you’ll eat your cum, baby. Say it.”

He won’t be able to resist. “I’ll eat my cum. I will. If you give me an orgasm, I’ll eat my cum.”

Then you make your cuckold cum and as soon as it’s over you begin to feed him his load. Scoop it up with your fingers and shove them in his mouth. If he refuses, you refuse to give him an orgasm for a few weeks as punishment.

While reassuring him that you love him even though he can’t satisfy your sexual needs

It’s smart – a necessity, even – to mix in plenty of loving orgasms to go with the sort that rely more on cuckold humiliation. This is a great way to give him a little of both.

This works best if you’re on top. He’s inside you. You’re riding him slowly. You’re making love, really. Lots of kissing and touching and very little talk of how you enjoy having sex with another man.

At some point, as he gets close, tell your cuckold how much you love him. Tell him that you adore him. Tell him that you’re always going to love him even though he’s not capable of satisfying you sexually.

It’s a great way of addressing the fact that he might feel insecure about your love for him while also giving him that little thrill of letting him know that he truly can’t satisfy you in the same way your bull does.

As a side note, it’s also nice to simply make love to your cuckold from time to time and to do so without any mention of the sexual lifestyle you pursue together.

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While sucking his cock after telling him you’re going to spit his load into his mouth

A cuckold always cleans up his messes, right? Well, if you’d be willing to give your cuckold a blowjob, it can be quite thrilling for him to hear that he won’t be allowed to cum in your mouth unless he agrees to have you share that cum with him.

He’ll agree, of course. He wants to orgasm, after all. Once he does, make him cum in your mouth. Take it all. Then position yourself above him. Make him open his mouth. Slowly spit every drop of his cum onto his tongue.

You can make him swallow, but if you’re in the mood to have a little fun, you can share a cum kiss with your cuckold. You can make it nice and messy, too, and if you’re in the mood to get off it’s a great time to sit on his face and ride him to climax.

After he’s taken your bull’s cumshot directly in his mouth

He’s on his knees. He’s watched your bull fuck you to multiple orgasms. You’re as happy as a woman can be. Now it’s time to give your cuckold a treat.

Your bull pulls out after your final orgasm. You tell him to cum in your cuckold’s mouth. He climbs out of the bed and steps in front of your husband.

“Open your mouth, cuck,” you instruct. “Take his fucking load.”

He opens his mouth. You slide out of the bed and get on your knees behind your cuck. You kiss his neck and take his cock in your hand. You watch your bull stroke.

“Are you ready, cum slut?” you ask.

“Yes,” your cuck replies.

You look up at your bull. “Cum in his mouth. And don’t you dare swallow until I give you permission, cuck.”

Your bull cums. He grunts and groans and you can see he’s enjoying getting to unload in your husband’s mouth.

“His cum is delicious, isn’t it cuck?” you ask while stroking him furiously.

He nods.

“Now cum for me,” you say.

You make your cuckold cum while he holds a load of your bull’s thick seed on his tongue. You reaffirm his place in your marriage. You give him an intensely pleasurable orgasm just like he craves.

While he’s riding a dildo shaped just like your bull’s cock

Get a dildo roughly the size of your bull’s cock. Get one with a suction cup base if you can. Have your cuckold take it for a ride while you sit with your legs spread and masturbate. If you’re on the couch and he’s on the floor that’s even better.

Tell him to masturbate while he’s riding that toy. Tell your cuck to cum while he’s fucking himself with a dick very much like the one your bull uses to fuck your pussy. Even better, tell your cuck to describe how good it feels to have a nice big cock inside him. Tell him to describe it right as he’s on the verge of cumming.

While he’s fucking your feet because that’s the only kind of sex he’s allowed to have with you

Periods of denial – or total denial – can be thrilling for your cuckold, especially if you make him cum in a manner such as this.

Hold your feet together while you sit on the edge of the bed or the couch. Have your cuckold lube them and then slide his stiff dick between them. Add a little bit of verbal play to make it even more arousing for him.

“This is the only kind of sex you deserve to have, cuck. This is all your cock is worthy of now that I have a real man to fuck me.”

“It’s nice to be able to fuck your wife, isn’t it? I know you’d rather have my pussy, but you know that my bull is the only man that gets to fuck my pussy.”

Your cuckold’s orgasm won’t be far behind.

While he’s worshiping your asshole like a good cuckold

To truly worship your asshole, he has to commit. He has to press his face between your cheeks. He has to really bury his mouth in there. Then he has to put his tongue to work licking your tight little hole.

Let him cum while he immerses himself in that. You get to determine if it’s humiliating or not.

For instance, you could deny him the chance to worship your pussy at all, relegating him to your asshole. You could also shower him with verbal humiliation while he worships your anus.

“How does my asshole taste, cuck?”

“I know you’d prefer to be eating my pussy, cucky, but I’ve decided that even your tongue isn’t worthy of my cunt. You’ll just have to suffice with eating my ass from now on.”

You don’t have to mean it, either. It can just be verbal play designed to arouse him. You can enhance the pleasure of it – for both of you – by rubbing your clit and cumming while your cuck works your anus.

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While he’s worshiping your pussy as you have phone sex with your bull

There’s nothing quite like having your cuckold working your pussy with his mouth and fingers while you have filthy phone sex with your bull. I promise. It also happens to be a great way to make your cuckold cum.

He’s on his knees. He’s listening to you profess your desire for another man (or he can hear you both if you have it on speaker). He’s watching you fantasize about fucking someone else instead of fucking your cuckold.

Let him masturbate as he worships your pussy. Tell him beforehand that he’s only allowed to cum when you do. Make sure you’re wonderfully verbal about how much you love and miss your bull’s cock. It will make your cuckold’s orgasm even better.

While he cleans a superior man’s cum from your freshly-fucked pussy

He loves cleaning cum from your pussy. You know that. You see the look in his eyes while he does it. With any luck, you enjoy it too. That’s what makes it a perfect way to make your cuckold cum.

As he’s cleaning your pussy, instruct him to masturbate. Talk dirty to him. Ask him if your bull’s cum tastes good. Ask him if he prefers cleaning a real man’s cum from your pussy instead of fucking you. Tell him that he’s much better at cleaning your pussy than he is at fucking it.

When you’re ready to cum, tell your cuck that he can give himself an orgasm too.

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While holding a vibrator against his locked cock

It can be difficult to make a man cum in chastity, but it’s doable. It requires keeping him locked for a fair amount of time – weeks, perhaps even a month – and making sure to arouse him with some frequency. After a week or two that really just means giving him a kiss a few times a day.

Once you’ve got him in that state, get out your vibrator. Arouse him with kissing and perhaps a bit of dry humping while his locked cock is pressed against your panties. Then, cuddle up next to him, turn on the vibrator, and hold it against your cuckold’s locked cock while you kiss him or whisper sweet nothings to him.

A few examples:

“Once you’ve cum in your cage, there’s no reason to ever let your little dick out. You’ll be locked forever.”

“It’s not really even a dick, is it? It’s more like a clit when it’s locked in that little cage. It’s a pretty little clit, though.”

Obviously you’re going to let him out of his cage, but it might be quite the kinky thrill to hear you threaten to leave him locked forever.

While a vibrating butt plug works his prostate

A prostate orgasm is also quite difficult, but there are butt plugs designed to try and trigger that specific thing. Buy one for your cuckold. Slide it into his ass. Turn it on. Let it work him relentlessly while you have your fun.

That could mean sitting on his face. Masturbating next to him. Making him finger you. It could just mean talking dirty to him about how a real man wouldn’t cum with a toy up his ass.

As with other anal orgasm options, the thrill is in making him cum in a manner most men don’t cum, and especially not your bull, as he gets to cum in your pussy while your cuck is cumming with a toy up his ass.

While your bull gives him a messy facial

What a humiliating thing to receive a facial from the man that’s fucking your wife. What better way to make him cum, then?

Have your cuckold get on his knees and jerk off. Have him get nice and close, hopefully while he’s watching your bull fuck you or witnessing your oral talents being used to stimulate your bull.

When your bull is ready to cum, stand next to him. You could even stroke his cock and effectively give your husband the facial with another man’s dick. Tell him he’s going to look so good with a nice load on his face. Tell him that it’s exactly how a cuckold should look. Then tell him to orgasm as soon as the first volley of your bull’s cum lands on your cuck’s face.

While dry humping him as his cock strains against a pair of your panties

Most straight men don’t wear panties. Your bull certainly doesn’t. From time to time, though, it can be effective and arousing to make your cuckold wear panties. If you want to take it further, you can make him cum while he’s wearing your underwear.

Want to take it even further? Have your cuck wear the panties while he watches your bull fuck you. Let your bull cum inside you. Then, get on top of your cuckold and dry hump him through the panties with another man’s cum leaking out of you. It will make a spectacular mess and when your cuckold cums his orgasm will be that much more satisfying.

While he watches your bull cum inside you in a cuckold 69

There’s nothing quite like watching another man fuck your wife in a cuckold 69. He’s inches from your pussy as it takes someone else’s dick. The sounds of sex are loud. His face is splattered with your pussy juices and your bull’s precum.

It’s an even better view when your bull cums inside you, though. It’s the closest, most beautiful view of another man doing exactly as your husband is supposed to do, only he’s in the submissive position on his back while another man takes you.

Give your cuckold a handjob while you’re getting fucked. Play with his balls. Maybe even treat him to your mouth if you’re feeling generous. Then, right when your bull cums in your married pussy, give your cuckold an orgasm as he witnesses his wife’s breeding.

With your bull’s cock in his mouth

Can you imagine the humiliation of being made to cum with another man’s cock in your mouth? If you’re a cuckold, that’s a humiliation you might very well crave. It’s one you might find intoxicating. Why not see if your cuck would enjoy that?

You can do this in any number of ways. It’s simplest if you have your cuck clean your bull’s cock after he’s fucked you. It will still be fairly hard and covered in slippery juices so it should be wondrously humiliating. Have the cuck suck it clean while masturbating and let him orgasm as he does so.

You can also make your cuck cum while he’s fluffing your bull. That’s a little harder for him because it might be difficult to hear you and your bull fucking after he’s already had his orgasm, but it’s a good way to make sure he’s truly dedicated to being your cuck.

With your bull’s cock in his ass

This has to be close to the most humiliating way for a cuckold – especially a straight one – to cum. That might make it truly thrilling for him, though. It might make the orgasm unlike any he’s ever had.

It will be better if you’re the one that gets him off, so put him on his hands and knees in your bed. Have your bull mount him from behind. Have him fuck your cuckold husband’s asshole and fuck it hard.

While he’s fucking him, stroke your cuck’s cock, kiss his neck and back and shoulders, and offer up a bit of bisexual dirty talk to thrill him:

“You look so good on your hands and knees, baby. You look so good taking his dick in your ass. I’m a little jealous, even, that you get to make him feel good while I have to watch.”

“That’s it, my little bitch. Take it up the ass. Take it like a good slut. Take it like a naughty fucking whore.”

“Tell me you love his cock, cucky. Tell me you understand why I love it. Tell me you understand that he’s far superior to you, that he’s a man and you’re nothing but a dirty little cock whore.”

If you want to take it as far as possible, give your cuckold an orgasm right as your bull cums inside him.

While he worships your bull’s asshole

What a wildly naughty way to make your cuck cum. Not only is he eating ass, but he’s eating the ass of the man that fucks his wife.

There are many ways to do this. You could have him lick your bull’s ass while he fucks you in missionary or doggystyle. You could have him do it after you’ve gotten fucked while your bull lies on his stomach and offers up his asshole for worship.

You could suck your bull’s cock while your cuckold eats his asshole and you could reach out and give your cuck a handjob, providing him with an orgasm while he’s got his tongue in another man’s ass.

While he sucks on your bull’s big balls

Your bull’s balls are the source of his testosterone. They produce the hormone that makes him the kind of man that can satisfy your sexual desires. They produce the semen that ends up inside you and that sometimes ends up inside your cuckold. They should be worshiped.

Your cuckold should be the one to worship them. Tell him to get on his knees. Tell him to suck your bull’s balls as a way of showing his respect for the man who satisfies you. Tell him to suck those big testicles as a way of showing his gratitude.

While he’s sucking, have your cuckold cum. Have him experience the bliss of an orgasm while he has another man’s hairy balls in his mouth. You can select the timing of it, but doing it as an act of foreplay before cumming and leaving the two of you to have your fun is especially effective.

While he confesses that he’s utterly incapable of satisfying you

Many cuckolds will find it thrilling to be made to admit that they can’t satisfy their wives. If your cuckold is one of them, put him on his knees, make him masturbate, and then demand that he confess his inadequacies.

Make him admit that he’s nowhere near as good at fucking you as other men are. Make him admit that his cock is worthless. Make him admit that he cums too quickly, that he tires out too quickly, that he can’t go multiple times like your bull can.

Make him confess until you’re satisfied, and then let him cum. It will be hotter if you’re masturbating while he confesses his inadequacies and even more exciting if you’re doing so while looking at pictures or videos of your bull, his cock, the two of you fucking, etc.

While he begs you to cuckold him

It’s simple, really. Put him on his knees. Let him masturbate. Then have him beg to be cuckolded.

It should go further, though. He should enumerate the reasons you should cuckold him. As a side benefit, when he does so he’ll be sharing the things that turn him on the most.

So, if he says you should cuckold him because his dick is too small to satisfy you, you know that you can humiliate the size of his cock and give him the most thrilling sexual experience in doing so.

Feel free to agree with some of the reasons he gives and watch as he experiences an intense kind of arousal when you do so.

While he begs you to have unprotected sex with your bull

He wants another man to cum inside you. He wants it to be done safely, but I promise your cuckold wants this. Why not turn it into a way to make him cum?

You could put him on his knees to masturbate. You could give him a handjob. I think it’s most exciting if your cuckold is inside you for this, though, and if you’re on top.

Take his cock inside you. Smile. Tell him you wish it was your bull’s cock just to provide that extra level of arousal. Then, share with your cuckold that you’d like to have unprotected sex with your bull. Watch his eyes go wide with delight. Listen to him groan.

Once you’ve got him all hot and bothered, instruct him to beg you to let your bull cum inside you. Tell him to talk about how much he wants it, how much he’d enjoy seeing your bull seed your pussy, and perhaps how much he’d enjoy putting his tongue inside you and cleaning up the mess another man leaves.

While telling him how much you love sucking your bull’s big cock

Your cuck will love hearing how much you get off on sucking another man’s cock. I’d only do this if it’s actually true, but if it is, you’ll thrill him.

There are two effective ways to do it. In the first, you’re giving him a handjob or you’re masturbating together. Then you start to talk about how much you love blowing your bull, how good it feels to have him in your mouth, how wet it makes you to give him pleasure like that. With any luck, you cum together while you both think about you sucking another man’s cock.

The second way to do it is while you’re blowing your cuckold. If you go that route you can turn it into something more humiliating as you emphasize the fact that you vastly prefer sucking your bull’s cock.

“Sucking his big dick feels so much better than sucking yours, cucky.”

“I get so wet when I blow my bull, baby. I don’t get that wet when you’re in my mouth. Your cock just doesn’t turn me on like his does.”

While congratulating him for lasting six months without experiencing the pleasure of your pussy

This only works if your cuckold no longer has sex with you, but it’s a great way to enhance his pleasure if he has.

It’s better if it’s intimate. If you’re cuddled up with him. If you’re wearing something naughty – perhaps lingerie that your bull has fucked you in but your husband has not – and kissing him softly as you talk about how proud you are of your cuck for giving up your pussy.

“You’re such a good cuck for going so long without my pussy. For giving up sex in favor of letting my bull be the only man to fuck me.”

Pointing out that another man has fucked you countless times since your husband gave up the right to do that very thing will undoubtedly enhance his pleasure and make him cum in a truly wondrous manner.

You can use this method of making him cum for any pussy free anniversary. As a bonus, its potency will increase the longer he’s gone without fucking you.

While congratulating him for being such a good cum slut for you

Many cuckolds become the sort of man that could be described as a cum slut. If your husband is cleaning just about all of your bull’s loads out of you or off of you, then he certainly qualifies.

That’s why you should congratulate him. Tell him how much you like that he’s become a cuckold cum slut, a dirty little cum whore, a slutty little cum dumpster and do so while he masturbates or while you’re jerking him off.

Want to have a little more fun? Congratulate him on this accomplishment while holding a condom full of your bull’s cum. Dip the full end in your cuck’s mouth. Tease him with it while you call him a cum slut. Then, let him cum right after you’ve poured the entirety of your bull’s load into your cuck’s mouth.

Only let him swallow after he’s had his orgasm.

While you tell him that you want your bull to get you pregnant

While genuine pregnancy play runs the risk of ruining your marriage, I think it can be a wonderful fantasy to indulge in if your cuckold finds it arousing. If it does turn him on, he’ll find it all the more thrilling if you bring up the idea while he’s on the edge of an orgasm.

This particular way of making your cuckold cum can be implemented however you desire. Whether he’s masturbating, getting a handjob, getting a blowjob, or having sex with you, it’s all in how you deliver the dirty talk.

I’d recommend wearing white lingerie – there’s something about the bridal look that makes pregnancy play hotter – and then it comes down to what you say to your cuckold. Here are a few examples that are best delivered as your cuckold is nearing his orgasm:

“I’ve been thinking about it, cucky, and I want my bull to get me pregnant. I want to feel his baby growing inside me.”

“I know we’ve talked about starting a family, my love, and I’ve decided that I want my bull to be the one that gets me pregnant. I want him to be the father of our baby.”

“I want to start trying, honey, and I want my bull to be the one that gets to cum inside me from now on. I want him to be the one that gets me pregnant. You’ll have to start wearing condoms, cucky, because I want his baby instead of yours.”

If your cuckold enjoys pregnancy play he’ll cum hard. Once he has, make sure you tell him that it’s just fantasy, as this one can be harmful to his emotional health if it’s taken too seriously.

While he begs you to go off birth control so you can have a superior man’s baby

This is essentially a flip of the previous idea. In this case, you’re making your cuckold take the reins of the pregnancy fantasy. Have him jerk off while he begs for you to let another man get you pregnant, while he degrades himself by talking about how you deserve to have a superior man’s seed growing inside you.

It can be hotter if he’s allowed to pleasure you while he does, especially if he’s licking your pussy while begging you to let another man fill you with his potent seed.

While you tell him you’re going to let your bull have your ass

You might be surprised at how many hotwives are willing to have anal sex with their bulls. Those same hotwives would never consider anal sex with their cuckolds and that’s where this becomes a great way to make your cuckold cum.

Even if you’re not going to have anal sex with your bull – and I wouldn’t blame you – it can be fun to play with the fantasy. Stroke your cuckold’s cock, kiss his neck, and whisper into his ear about how you can’t wait to let a real man fuck your ass.

“Baby, my bull asked if I’d be willing to let him have my ass. I told him it was his if he wanted it. I told him I’d never let you have it, but I can’t resist letting a real man have it if he wants it.”

“My bull wants my ass, cucky. He wants what you’ve never been allowed to have. I’m going to give it to him. Your dicklet will never come near my ass, but I’m going to let him have it as often as he wants it and you’re going to rim me like a good cuck to get me wet and ready before he fucks me.”

While you tell him that your bull wants you to be his girlfriend

Sometimes, a hotwife and bull relationship becomes something more. Sometimes he shifts from being a man that fucks you to a man that takes you on dates, to a man that romances you, to a man that you have a real relationship with. Sometimes, he wants you to be his girlfriend.

If that notion arouses both you and your cuckold, use it. Play out the fantasy or wait until it becomes reality and play into your husband’s lust by informing him of your bull’s desires and talking about how eager you are to be his girlfriend.

There are so many interesting ways to do this. I’d recommend that you introduce the idea before your cuckold is even aroused. Sit him down. Let him know that your bull wants to change things up, that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

Then, slowly lure your cuckold into a place of arousal. Kiss him softly as you tell him that you want to be your bull’s girlfriend, that you want to go on dates with him, that you want to spend the night alone at his place, that you want to fall asleep in his arms. Talk about how you want to be a good girlfriend for him, that you’ll be spending more time with him, that you’ll spend the occasional holiday with him, that you’ll do things like go to his place to give him a blowjob if he’s had a particularly bad day at work because that’s something a good girlfriend would do.

Play out the whole fantasy and do so while your cuckold receives pleasure as you desire. He could be masturbating. You could be jerking him off. You could even be having sex and it could be a hugely intimate experience. I’d recommend that you find a way to experience pleasure, too, like having your cuck eat your pussy while he masturbates as you tell him about how you’re so eager to be your bull’s girlfriend.

While you confess that you’ve fallen in love with your bull

Sometimes, when everything is perfect, a hotwife will fall in love with her bull. It’s a dangerous thing, of course, and I wouldn’t recommend pursuing this particular avenue. If you do, though, use it as a way to arouse and pleasure your cuckold. It’s a great way to remain connected and intimate with him and ensure that you can segue into being a polyamorous couple.

First, I’d recommend that you let your cuckold witness you and your bull declaring your love for each other. Perhaps it’s while you’re sharing a glass of wine on the couch or after you’ve made love while your cuck watches. Perhaps it’s while you’re on the phone with your bull. The moment your husband hears you utter the words ‘I love you’ to another man he’ll feel something deep. Arousal will be present – assuming you’ve mutually agreed that your relationship with your bull could go to a more intimate place – and you can then stoke that arousal.

I think intimacy is a good way to approach it. Lots of kissing. Lots of touching. Perhaps making love to your cuckold while talking about your love for your bull. Your husband will have the full cuck experience as he is suddenly awash in angst and pleasure and jealousy while having sex with you and the potent orgasm that follows will deepen his devotion to you and the lifestyle you’ve committed yourselves to.

While masturbating with your bull’s used condom

Your bull has just fucked you. He’s satisfied your sexual desires. He’s done so while your cuckold has watched.

Your husband is hard as a rock and ready for an orgasm and you’re eager to make him cum. Thankfully, your bull has provided you with a perfect way of doing so.

Pull the used condom from his dick. Order your cuckold to approach the bed. Place the condom on his dick. Tighten your fingers around the base to make sure the cum doesn’t leak out and then use your other hand to jerk off your cuckold and give him an orgasm while his underwhelming penis is wrapped in the rubber another man wore while he fucked you.

What a blissful way for your cuckold to cum.

While masturbating with your bull’s cum as lube

This one can start with a wonderful tease. Your bull has just cum inside you. Your cuckold is in your bed and on his back with a raging erection. You straddle him and your pussy hovers over his cock.

He thinks you’re going to ride him. You have other plans, though. Your bull’s cum leaks from your pussy and onto your cuckold’s cock, providing the perfect lubrication for a handjob.

No sex for your hubby. Instead, you lie next to him and take his dick in your hand. You stroke him slowly as you kiss him. You make sure to offer up a touch of dirty talk, too.

“You thought I was going to fuck you, didn’t you? You thought I was going to ride your cock, didn’t you? No, cucky. You don’t deserve that. You don’t deserve my pussy. Not after I’ve been fucked by a real man. No, instead, you deserve a handjob while your little dick is slick with a superior man’s load.”

Soon after, he’ll have an unforgettable orgasm.

While you’re stroking him over the sink or the toilet

It’s simple, but it can be so hot. Bring your cuckold into the bathroom. Have him strip naked and step behind him. Take his cock in your hand while he’s standing in front of the sink. Jerk him off.

This works best if your bull is already cumming inside you as you’re looking to create a thrilling dichotomy between the cum of your bull and your cuckold. Your bull gets to unload in your pussy but your cuck’s cum belongs down the sink or in the toilet.

As with so many of these ideas, it really only works if he gets off on humiliation. If he does, though, well, he’s going to love hearing you tell him that his cum belongs down the drain while your bull’s load belongs in your pussy.

While telling him he’s not good enough to make you cum the way you desire

You’re on your back. Your cuckold is inside you. Your eyes are full of love as he fucks you slowly. He’s moaning. Your pussy feels so good. Your pussy is perfect in every way.

Ask him if it feels good. Ask him if your pussy brings him the pleasure he craves, if it brings him the kind of pleasure he can’t experience anywhere else. Ask him these questions after you’ve denied him your pussy for a week or two.

He’ll say yes. Of course he will. That’s when you offer up a bit of loving humiliation. That’s when you tell him that he can’t make you feel anywhere near as good as you make him feel. That’s when you kiss him and then whisper into his ear that he’s nowhere near good enough to satisfy your sexual desires, that he can’t serve your pussy the way your bull does.

That’s also when he cums. Afterwards, he’ll thank you for the incredible orgasm.

While telling him that he’s no longer allowed to fuck you

You might choose to make your cuckold pussy free at some point. There are numerous reasons for doing so, though it really should be something you’re both excited about if you don’t want to sow discord in your marriage.

If he’s excited about it, though, it can be a great way to make him cum. I’d actually suggest taking him inside you for a short spell and then lying next to him, grasping his cock, and stroking him as you inform him that he’s fucked you for the last time, that your pussy is no longer his to enjoy, that he’s being denied that pleasure because he’s a cuckold.

It doesn’t have to be permanent. It can be for a few weeks, for a month, for the duration of your relationship with your bull. The point is that it should be fun and exciting in the way only a cuckold and his hotwife can appreciate.

I promise, a few whispered words about his denial of your pussy will likely thrill your cuck:

“That’s the last time you’re going to enjoy my pussy, cuckold. Your cock isn’t worthy of it. Not anymore. Not since I found a bull with a cock that puts yours to shame. Not since I found a man that can fuck me far better than you.”

“No more pussy for you, cucky. From now on your tongue is the only thing going in my cunt. Your worthless little dick is going to be pussy free for a long, long time.”

While telling him his cock is far too small to satisfy you

A great many cuckolds get off on small penis humiliation and if yours is one such man, there’s no reason you can’t provide him with that pleasure to make him cum.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can humiliate the size of his dick:

  • While he’s inside you
  • While he’s standing right next to your bull
  • While you’re stroking his cock and talking about how good your bull’s dick feels
  • While you’re pleasuring your cuckold with your mouth
  • While he’s masturbating as you look at pictures of your bull’s cock on your phone
  • While he’s licking the pussy that your bull just fucked and stretched with such skill

Use your imagination. If he gets off on SPH, he’ll love you for making him cum in this manner every once in a while.

While telling him he cums far too quickly to satisfy you

Some men cum too quickly. They get excited. They can’t help themselves. In a way, it’s a compliment. It can be frustrating, though. It can be a reason to consider his cuckolding fantasy. It can also be a way to make him cum.

You see, some cuckolds love having their inadequacies pointed out. Or, at least they’re turned on by it. So point it out. In fact, you could make him cum too quickly by pointing out that he cums too quickly, thereby reinforcing that particular viewpoint and the pleasure he takes in it.

Let him inside you after you’ve denied him for a few weeks. Tell him to fuck you slowly. Tell him to really enjoy your pussy. Tell him that you both know he’s going to cum quickly if he really pounds you because that’s the kind of man he is, because he’s a minute man, unlike your bull.

Then tell him to fuck you as hard and fast as he wants. Tell him to cum inside you. Tell him that you both know he’s not going to last, that he can’t possibly last long enough to actually satisfy you.

Kiss him and tell him you love him after he blows his load inside you. Then tell him to give your bull a call and invite him over to fuck you because you need someone that can actually last long enough to make you cum.

Share Your Ideas

I’m sure you can think of even more ways to make your cuckold cum, or if you’re a cuck you can think of a few ways you’d like to have your wife make you cum. If so, share them below.

Otherwise, enjoy this naughty list and with any luck it will make your hotwife and cuckold relationship a little more interesting.

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