A Heavy Dose of Cuckold Degradation

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Are You Ready to be Degraded, Cuckold?

You know this is pathetic, right?

You know that getting on your knees and begging me to degrade you is pathetic, right?

Of course you know. You’re a cuckold. You crave degradation. You crave it every minute of every day. You crave it because it makes you feel an unimaginable kind of pleasure, because it fills your body with a kind of lust you just can’t replicate in any other way.

You wish it wasn’t true, don’t you? You wish you were normal. You wish you could watch a porn video with a beautiful girl getting fucked and think it was the hottest thing in the world. You can’t, though.

You can’t feel the pleasure you want unless the porn you’re watching features a beautiful girl getting fucked by a big cock while her pathetic cuckold watches from his knees. You want to be that cuckold. You want to watch another man’s cock – a better man’s cock – fill your beautiful wife’s tight, wet, needy little pussy.

You want to hear her scream in pleasure. You want her to tell you that he’s better than you, that you could never satisfy her the way he does, that his perfect cock reaches places your worthless little dick will never reach.

That’s what you want, isn’t it? You crave that beautiful sense of degradation, don’t you cuckold? You crave that feeling of worthlessness, of knowing that another man fucks your wife better than you ever have, that he’s so superior to you that she’ll never want you to fuck her again.

You’ve always known you’re not good enough, haven’t you? Even before you fucked a girl for the first time you knew you wouldn’t measure up. You knew you’d disappoint her. Even then you craved degradation. Even then you wanted her to laugh at you when you pulled your pants down and exposed your little dick. Even then you wanted a pretty girl to tell you that you weren’t good enough to fuck her.

Your need for cuckold degradation is like an addiction, isn’t it? You know it’s not good for you. You know you shouldn’t give in to your need, and yet you can’t help yourself. You want it. You’re hungry for it. You can feel that hunger growing inside you. The longer you go without it, the more desperately you need it.

Do you want me to degrade you, cuckold? Do you want me to give you a beautiful dose of degradation? Do you want me to satisfy your addiction?

I’ll give you what you want. I need something from you first, though. I need you to show me exactly how pathetic you are. I need you to get on your knees and beg for it. Beg for the cuckold degradation you crave. Do it. Right now.

Mmm, what a good boy. Did it feel good to beg, cuckold? Did it feel good to admit your craving for degradation?

You deserve a little treat, just like a good little doggy gets when he does as his owner commands. So let me give you a little treat, a little taste of what you crave. Let me degrade you.

You’re not worthy of my pussy. That pathetic little dick of yours isn’t worthy of any woman’s pussy. You couldn’t satisfy me if your life depended on it. I’d rather fuck my dildo than let your cock inside me, because at least my dildo won’t cum after a few pumps into my tight, wet, perfect pussy.

You know who’s worthy of my pussy? My bull. He’s a real man. He puts you to shame. He’s an alpha male. You’re a worthless little beta cuck. He fucks me like a man is supposed to fuck a woman. You fucked me – when I used to let you in my pussy – like a pathetic little beta bitch, spilling your rancid seed in my pussy long before I even approach an orgasm. He always makes sure that I cum before he unloads inside me.

You know what’s more pathetic than anything else, cuck? That you don’t even want to fuck me anymore. You’d rather watch someone else fuck me. You’d rather watch him satisfy me and cum inside me. You’d rather I invite you between my legs to clean his hot, thick, creamy cum out of my freshly-fucked cunt, wouldn’t you?

Of course that’s what you want. Look at how hard your little dick is. Your mouth is watering at the thought of licking a real man’s cum out of my pussy, isn’t it? You get off on the fucking degradation of it, don’t you? You get off on the idea of being a nasty cum slut for me.

Say it for me, cuckold. Degrade yourself. Tell me that you want to crawl between my legs and lick a real man’s cum out of my pussy.

Mmm, did that feel good, you worthless little bitch? Is that the kind of cuckold degradation you’re looking for? Does it turn you on to look into my eyes and admit to exactly what kind of man you are? Is that what makes your tiny little dick harder than anything else?

Do you crave more? Do you want me to take the degradation even further? Are you truly an addict? Is being a cum dumpster not enough for you? Is being a pussy free little bitch not enough for you? Do you want more, cuckold?

Of course you do. Look at you. You’re trembling with desire, just like the pathetic addict that you are. You want more cuckold degradation. You want me to go deeper. You want me to expose just how desperate you are.

I can do that. I can degrade you even more. I can do it for my pleasure, because make no mistake, I take pleasure in making you embrace the kind of man you really are.

That’s why you’re going to suck cock for me.

Don’t pretend that you don’t want it, cuckold. Don’t pretend that you didn’t just get a little bit excited at the idea of sucking a real man’s cock for me. Don’t bother. I see the real you. I see that you crave the degradation of being told to wrap your lips around the cock that’s going to fuck your wife, that’s going to satisfy her while you watch from your knees and pull on your utterly pathetic little dicklet.

Admit it. Tell me that you want to suck cock for me. Tell me that you want to degrade yourself by wrapping those pretty lips of yours around a real man’s dick. Tell me that you want to be a cocksucker for your wife.

Mmm, that’s music to my ears, cuckold. I can see how good it feels to degrade yourself by admitting that you want to be a cocksucking bitch for me.

Do you want a little more? Do you want an even heavier dose of cuckold degradation? Say it. Tell me that you want it. Tell me that you want me to destroy you, cuck, to ruin you.

What a good boy. I can ruin you. I will ruin you. I’ll degrade you so thoroughly you’ll never recover from it.

It’s simple, really. I’m going to turn you into a faggot. You’re already a cocksucker, so you don’t even have to go that much further to be a faggot for me.

Can you imagine anything more degrading than getting on your hands and knees so a real man can fuck you in the ass? My bull is more than happy to do it. A hole is a hole, after all, and I think we both know he’d enjoy ruining you with his big, beautiful cock.

I know some part of you wants to fight against the idea of being a faggot for me. I also know that part of you is going to lose. You can’t help it. You crave the degradation, cuckold. You want to feel the pain of his cock sliding into your asshole. You want to suffer for my pleasure. You want him to fuck away the last of your manhood, to completely ruin you, to bathe you in overwhelming degradation.

Now say it for me. Tell me that you want to be a good faggot for me.

Tell me that you want me to ruin you.

Tell me that you want me to degrade you so thoroughly that you’re no longer a man.

Good boy. You make your cuckoldress so happy.

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