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Bisexual Cuckold Stories

Eager for more bisexual cuckold stories? You’ll find more than 200 of them (along with dozens of bi cuck captions and audio files) on my Patreon page. Below are just a handful of highlights from the massive collection:

Her Bull is Coming Over – Your wife’s bull – the man that satisfies her sexual desires in ways you’ve never been able to do – is coming over, which means it’s time to get ready to serve. You’ll fluff him while they fool around. You’ll suck his cock and his big balls. You’ll show your wife and her bull that you know your place, that he’s the superior man in your relationship. When they’re done fucking, you’ll clean his cock and happily lick his seed from her pussy.

Training Her Cuckold to Suck Dick – Kim is massively aroused by the idea of her husband sucking cock for her. She wants to see him submit his mouth to her bull and to her desires. She wants to see him on his knees with his lips stretched around a superior man’s cock. To get what she wants, she sets about training her husband to embrace the idea of being a bisexual cuckold for his beautiful hotwife.

Will You Suck His Dick for Her? – Over the course of this beautiful second person story you’re asked the question – will you suck his dick for her? – repeatedly. Each time you find that your resistance to the idea of sucking dick for your wife has worn down until eventually you’re loudly declaring that you’d happily be a good cocksucking cuckold for your wife.

Couple Seeks Submissive Cuckold – This kinky multi-part story begins with you responding to an ad on Fetlife. The couple is looking for an eager submissive cuckold. In fact, they’re not willing to accept anything less than complete and total submission. That means you’re going to have to do whatever they desire. It’s going to get crazy.

Collared Bisexual Cuckold Used at a Sex Party – Marie collars her well-trained cuckold husband Kurt and takes him to a sex party where he spends the night as a bisexual toy to be enjoyed by all the guests. He’s a good submissive, but what’s required of him at the party turns out to push Kurt right to his limits, which of course makes it a thrilling read.

Suck Cock for Me, Cuckold (Audio) – Indulge in the aural pleasure of a silky-voiced woman luring you into giving her bull a blowjob. Hear her call you a cocksucker. Hear her offer you the gentle verbal humiliation that makes your dick hard as a rock. Her how much it turns her on that you’re willing to embrace your place as a cuckold and suck dick for her.