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I Want You to Watch, Cuckold

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He’s inside her, cuckold. Another man is inside your wife. His cock is where you wish she’d let yours go, but that’s not your place anymore. Once you embraced your role and accepted that he should have the privilege of fucking her while you should have the privilege of watching, you were forbidden from being inside her.

Do you remember what it was like to feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy around your cock? That’s what he’s feeling right now as he thrusts inside your wife. He feels her lust for him. He feels her desire. He feels her need. She squeezes him tightly as he penetrates her and makes her moan like you’ve never quite been able to.

Your wife is fucking another man. She’s fucking another man while you watch. She’s making you a cuckold. He’s the one who meets her sexual needs now. He’s the one that fucks her like she craves. He’s the one that cums inside her. She begs him to fill her cunt with his seed. You listen to her cries of pleasure, to her passion for his cock. You can’t help but jerk off to it. You need it. You cum into your hand as he cums inside her.

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Come and Clean My Pussy, Cuck

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“Come here, cuckold,” your wife beckons you from the bedroom. You step in and see the rumpled sheets, her tousled hair, and that perfect pink lingerie she bought to wear for her boyfriend. You just spent an hour listening to them fuck. Her exultant moans of pleasure are still ringing in your ears. “We’re finished,” she says as a naughty smile crosses her face.

You slip into the bed next to her and kiss her soft pink lips. “Can you taste him?” she asks and immediately you notice a subtle but unmistakable hint of saltiness. Yes, you can taste him, and you want more. You smile and press your lips against hers and your wife responds by aggressively slipping her tongue into your mouth and sharing the full taste of her boyfriend’s cum with you.

“Do you like it, cuckold?” she asks, taunting you in the most delicious way possible. Of course you like it. You always have. You love when she shares her boyfriend’s juices with you. You know there’s a yummy treat waiting in her pussy tonight. You’re only waiting for her permission to dive between her legs and clean it out.

“Would you like to clean me, cuckold?” she finally asks. There’s no hesitation as you slip between her legs, pull aside her pink panties, and dive into her cunt. You clean her voraciously, licking every drop of her boyfriend’s thick cum from inside her and swallowing it eagerly. She is your goddess and you are her creampie cleaning cuckold.

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Stroke as a Real Man Fucks Your Wife


Does it make you jealous that your wife spends so much time getting pretty for a visit with her bull? Look at how carefully she did her makeup. Look at how perfect her hair looks. She even wore the pretty earrings you gave her for your last anniversary. And of course she bought a new bra and panty set for him because she loves to look good.

Does it make you jealous, or does it make your cock hard, cuckold? Does it make you stiff between the legs to know she’s going to such great effort to arouse someone else? It does, doesn’t it? You feel the jealousy, just like any cuckold would, but you can’t help but feel that overwhelming sense of desire and lust, too.

When she’s with her boyfriend in the hotel room you sit at home and fantasize about what she’s doing, don’t you? You fantasize about their first kiss as he takes her in his arms and his hands slide down to play with her perfect ass while their tongues entwine. You fantasize about her going down on him. You fantasize about her legs spreading as he climbs between them and guides his erect cock into her pussy. You fantasize about all of it, and then she comes home and tells you about it.

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His Cock is Bigger Than Yours, Cuckold


Does your wife ever have that look of pleasure on her face when you fuck her, cuckold? I think we both know the answer to that. Your cock is too small. You don’t last long enough. You just don’t have what it takes to satisfy a woman like her.

Someone else does though. Encourage her to invite that man into your bedroom. Encourage your wife to spread her legs for that man, to allow him to bury his cock inside her and fuck her pussy until she cums. Encourage her to embrace her desire for another man, to give herself over to the joys of cuckolding you and exploring what it’s like to cum harder than she has in years.

Do this because you love her. Do this because you want to be her cuckold. Do this because it turns you on to see that look of pleasure on her face when another man’s cock is inside her. Do this because you know you want nothing more than to masturbate while your wife is getting fucked by a big cock. Do it, cuckold.

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Watching Your Wife is a Cuckold’s Pleasure


In your marriage, date night means your wife in another man’s arms. You wouldn’t have it any other way though, would you cuckold? You like seeing her legs wrapped around him. You like watching them kiss. You like witnessing the overwhelming passion she feels for him. When they climb into your bed and fool around, your cock gets stiff with desire.

The moment you crave is when his dick first slides into your wife’s pussy. He’s between her legs and he can feel the heat and wetness as he rubs his cock around her labia and gently presses it inside her. Her eyes close, her head rolls back, and she moans quietly as her legs wrap around his and pull him deeper.

She needs him inside her. Your cock doesn’t provide your wife with the pleasure she seeks. His does. That’s why she’s on her back for him. That’s why she’s kissing him. That’s why she’s moaning for him. She loves his cock, cuckold. She loves that you’re watching, too.

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