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Your Wife is Another Man’s Plaything

You were the one that brought it up. You couldn’t help yourself. You’d spent so many years masturbating to cuckold fantasies that you had to ask her. You weren’t sure how she’d react, but you weren’t expecting her to be so excited. You didn’t realize just how unsatisfied she was with what you were providing in bed. You didn’t realize just how badly she wanted to experience truly blissful sex with someone else. You didn’t realize how happy you made your wife by suggesting she fuck another man.

It’s been better than either of you imagined possible. He unleashed another side of her. She relishes being his plaything, being able to completely let loose and fuck as she desires. He makes her cum so hard when they’re together. He makes her scream so loud they get complaints from fellow hotel guests. She doesn’t care. She just wants his cock. Your wife badly wants another man’s cock and you made it happen. You’re such a good husband.

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Sit There Cuckold. Sit and Watch.

This is why you convinced her to cuckold you. This is why you begged her, in fact. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You want to see another man fuck your wife. You want to watch his hand disappear up her skirt. You want to see her drop to her knees to suck his cock to a throbbing erection. You want to watch her straddle him and guide his thickness into her pussy so she can take a wild ride and cum so hard on him.

You rented this beautiful hotel room just for the occasion. You bought your wife a brand new little black dress and the lingerie she’s wearing underneath it. You made sure everything was perfect, and now your fantasies are coming to life. How does it feel, cuckold? Is your cock hard? Is your heart pounding? Do you have any regrets? Or, are you just thrilled that your wife is about to have the sex she craves with a man wielding a much bigger dick than yours?

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Submit to Your Cuckoldress


She craves your submission, cuckold. She craves that sweet, vulnerable look in your eyes when you give her everything. She wants to see you fall to your knees and beg to worship her, when you beg to worship your cuckoldress. Early on you accepted that it’s not your place to be inside her. Other men enjoy that privilege. Instead, it’s your place to worship her as she desires. It’s your place to cater to her needs. It’s your place to submit.

The introduction of a chastity device gave you pause. You saw the little plastic cage and imagined your cock locked up inside it and you couldn’t help but cringe. Then she told you that giving her control over your orgasms was the ultimate form of submission. Giving her something you truly loved would prove your devotion to her. Now your cock is locked in a cute little chastity device and only submission will result in you ever being set free and allowed a supervised orgasm.


You Know the Rules, Cuckold. You Watch.


It’s the same thing every time her bull comes over to fuck in your marital bed. You sit in a chair at the foot of the bed and she cuffs your hands behind your back. You sit there naked, your small cock stiff as steel, and you can’t masturbate. As the room fills with the sounds of passionate sex precum drips from the tip of your turgid rod, but there’s nothing you can do. You desperately wish she’d uncuffs your hands and let you masturbate to her getting fucked in your bed, but it’s not to be.

Early on in your cuckolding adventure she decided that you’d be cuffed while she played. When she let you masturbate you’d cum too quickly. In less than a minute you’d have spilled your seed and found it too difficult to watch her fuck the better man with a bigger cock. Now you end up sitting and watching for upwards of an hour as he does whatever he pleases with your wife’s body. To watch another man possess her so completely is intoxicating and painful at the same time. That’s the life of a cuckold.


Do You Want Me to Cuckold You?


You need to be sure, cuckold. Once I invite him into our bedroom, once I spread my legs for him, it’s going to change everything. Once you become my cuckold husband our marriage can never go back to what it was. You know his cock is bigger than yours. Much bigger, if I’m being honest. I know it’s going to feel better inside me. What if I never want to feel you inside me again? What if I only want him? You need to be prepared for that, cuckold.

You’re sure? Good. Take your seat over by the window. You can stay and watch, but you aren’t to speak and you aren’t to come any closer. Sit over there and stroke your little dick all you want while you watch him fill me like a woman needs to be filled. Today is going to change our lives, cuckold, and it’s going to be for the better. Today I’m going to get fucked like a woman deserves and you’re going to get cucked like a small dick beta deserves.

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