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Bisexual Cuckold Captions – Suck Cock for Me

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That’s it baby. Be a good boy and take his cock in your mouth. Suck cock for me. Suck cock for your wife. That’s it. You’re such a good boy. Look at you sucking dick like a cuckold hubby should.

It makes me so wet when you suck cock for me, cucky. It makes my pussy so juicy to see you bobbing up and down on his dick. Do you like sucking cock for me? Do you like being my little cuckold cocksucker?

See if you can swallow it all, cocksucker. See if you can take my bull’s dick down your throat like a good boy should. There you go. Try not to gag. What a good boy! I’ve trained you so well, honey. You’re almost as good at sucking cock as I am.

I know you don’t want to. That’s what turns me on. You don’t want to, and yet you’re being a good boy and sucking cock for me anyway. Now make sure you get him nice and hard because he’s going to fuck my pussy better than you ever have.

When we got married, I never would have imagined you’d be such a nasty, naughty little cocksucker for me. Yet here you are with a mouthful of dick, just because I asked you to. Now you’re truly a cuckold. You fluff my bull, you clean his cock after he cums inside me, and you eat his cum out of me too. What a good boy you are.

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Cuckold Creampie Cleanup Captions – Time to Eat!

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“He’s a huge cummer, honey. Are you sure you want to clean his load?” she asked. You agreed, but that was before you saw how much cum he shot inside your wife. “It’s too late to back out now,” she said when the doubt crept across your face. “Time to clean up, cuck.”

Her words drew you to her pussy. You couldn’t resist. You had to clean her up. You had to be a good boy and clean her messy pussy.

“He wants to watch, cucky. You’re okay with that, aren’t you? He wants to watch you eat his cum off of me, so get to it. I don’t care that you’re embarrassed. You’re a cuckold. This is what you do. You eat cum. Stop whining and get to work.”

Your cock throbs as you gaze into her pussy. You see a lake of his sticky white fluid inside her. You salivate. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in your life.

“Clean him out of me,” your wife says. You move forward. You extend your tongue. You slip it inside her. Your tongue is bathed in the salty taste of his cum. Desire surges through your cock. “Mmmm,” she moans. “That’s so good.”

It is good. It’s better than good. Licking another man’s cum from your wife’s pussy is the most arousing thing you’ve ever done.

Stop for a second. Think about what you’re about to do. You’re going to eat someone else’s cum from your wife’s pussy. Is that registering for you? Do you understand what that means? You’re going to eat her boyfriend’s cum right out of her pussy! You’re going to swallow it! You’re going to swallow someone else’s cum.

Wait, what am I saying? Of course you know what you’re doing. You’re a cuckold. You live for this. You were born to suck someone else’s spunk from your wife’s well-fucked hole.

You thought watching your wife get fucked was the most incredible experience of your life. Then he pulled out. Then you watched his cum leak from her pussy. Then she told you to eat it.

“Clean that creampie,” your wife said with a giddy smile on her face. “Come on, cuckold. Clean him out of me. Get all that cum out of my pussy.”

You knew it would make her happy. You knew she would love it if you cleaned him from her cunt. You knew you’d love it too.

The first lick is always the yummiest, isn’t it cuckold? That first taste of his cum is the most delicious. The first time you take the slimy, viscous fluid into your mouth is always the best.

It’s time. He just fucked your wife. He just pumped his nut into her pussy. Now she wants you to clean her. She wants you to lick him out of her. She wants you to swallow his cum.

Extend your tongue. Take his seed onto your tongue. There you go. Savor the taste of that first mouthful. Enjoy the salty bitterness of it. Now swallow it. There’s lots more to eat, cuckold.

You can take a moment to study it. You can simply admire the beauty of your wife’s well-used pussy. You had fun watching him pound her, right? You enjoyed seeing him slam his hard shaft into her slick hole. You loved it when she begged for his cum.

She did that for you. She knows that you love eating his cum out of her. She knows that you love sucking his load from her cunt. She knows that you’re a cum eating cuckold. Now it’s time to be that for her. It’s time to eat that thick, yummy, creamy load from your wife’s pussy. Be a good boy and get to work.

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Your Wife is Wearing Her Bridal Lingerie for Him

Do you remember when she walked out of the bathroom in that skimpy white lace lingerie set on your wedding night? Do you remember how wildly in love you were? Do you remember how good it felt to slide into her pussy for the first time as a married couple?

She’s always been perfect, and now you’re eagerly sharing her body with another man. You’ve become her cuckold, and tonight she’s going to fuck her lover in the same lingerie she wore on your wedding night. It was her idea, too. She loves the symbolism of it.

“I’m wearing it for him because I want it to be clear who the man in our marriage is,” she said when she shared her idea with you. “I think we both know it’s not you, after all.” Her words hurt, only because you knew she was right.

Now she’s in your marital bed in the same lingerie she wore on your wedding night, only you don’t have permission to slip into her pussy. That privilege belongs to another man, a better man. It’s his big cock that will fuck her this evening, and he’ll actually make her cum, which you failed to do on your honeymoon.

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He’s Cumming in Your Wife, Cuckold

She gave you the privilege of watching. She invited you into the bedroom to watch his cock slide into her pussy, to listen to her moans of pleasure, to see another man make your wife cum. You watched him bring her to a thunderous, mind-blowing climax. Then you watched it happen again. You’ve never been more certain that you’re simply not man enough to make your wife cum. You’ve never been more certain of your place as her cuckold.

She wanted to give you a delicious prize for being such a good cuckold, which is why she fucked him bareback. The condoms stayed in the nightstand and she enjoyed deliriously arousing unprotected sex with another man in your bed. He thrust deeply into your wife and filled her womb with his seed. His balls tightened and his shaft throbbed as shot after shot of cum sprayed her insides.

He pulled out and a stream of thick white cum followed. You met your wife’s gaze and she beckoned you between her legs. “Clean me,” was all she said. You crawled into the bed and towards her pink cunt. Finally you felt like you had found your place in your marriage. You ate another man’s cum from your wife’s pussy. You cleaned a creampie. Your marriage will never be the same.

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Time for You to Clean Her Pussy, Cuckold

The sounds of sex are still ringing in your ears. Her moans. Their flesh slapping together. His grunts and groans. Your wife practically begging for his cock. Then, finally, she said, “Cum inside me. Cum in my pussy!” He did. He flooded her womb with his seed as you watched like a good cuckold is supposed to. He pulled out and rolled out of bed and into the bathroom, leaving you alone with your beautiful wife and her pussy full of another man’s cum.

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“Your turn,” she said with a smile. It wasn’t your turn to fuck her, of course. That’s not what a cuckold does. No, it was time for you to get between her legs and clean all of that delicious, sticky cum from her pussy. It was time for you to do your creampie cleanup duty. You worshiped her, licking every drop out of her and swallowing eagerly. Nothing makes you feel more like a cuckold than another man’s seed sliding down your throat as your wife caresses your hair and moans as a final orgasm rushes through her body.

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