Cuckold Stories

I wrote my first cuckold story for an audience of one: My husband. We’d been reading stories to each other (and fooling around afterwards) from a book of Penthouse Letters and I was inspired to try crafting a dirty tale.

As you might imagine, he loved it. His reaction and the thrill I felt writing the story inspired me to continue, which led us all the way to my pursuit of a career writing cuckold stories.

You’ll find some of my work below (and I suspect you’ll enjoy it a great deal).

If you want more cuckold stories (and why wouldn’t you?), you should visit my Patreon page. There are hundreds of posts featuring naughty tales of cuckolding that I guarantee will thrill all of you.

There’s plenty of hot content below too, so feel free to browse the site and find what works for you. Enjoy the stories:


A Letter from Your Cuckoldress

You know that I love sucking my boyfriend’s cock, my sweet cuckold. You know how much it turns me on to give him head and hear him moan as my mouth works wonders on his big cock. Would you like to hear about it?

I was a naughty wife. I invited him to our house while you were at work. I took him into our bedroom and I sucked his cock on your side of the bed. I swallow too. If you want all the dirty details, you can read the story…


First Time at the Club – A Swingers Story

Luke and Scarlett have never been to a swingers club before. They’ve never done anything even remotely like it, in fact. They want to spice things up though, and they figure there’s no harm in going and seeing what it’s like. It’s not like they have to do anything.

Once they’re inside they meet a lovely couple and things heat up quickly. They’re both swept up in the pleasure of it all and Luke ends up enjoying his first ever cuckolding experience as he watches his wife fuck another man. Read the story…

First time with a big cock

Wife’s First Time with a Big Cock

Enjoy a naughty first person tale of a wife enjoying her first big cock. Her husband’s 4 inch dick just isn’t enough to satisfy her and she’s finally getting to experience the bliss of having a long, thick, rock hard cock pounding her pussy.

She lets her hubby watch and it will feel like you’re there too, so if you want to experience the joy of seeing your wife get fucked by a big cock, read the story…


College Cuckold

Chad can’t help his desires. He wants his college girlfriend Cecilia to fuck another man. He wants it desperately, in fact. Lucky for him she’s willing to have a little fun. She doesn’t go all the way, but he does get to watch her suck cock in the college library.

It’s the most thrilling sexual experience of his life, and all he does is watch. It would be for you too, wouldn’t it? If you want all the details, read the story…

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