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I wrote my first cuckold story for an audience of one: My husband. We’d been reading stories to each other (and fooling around afterwards) from a book of Penthouse Letters and I was inspired to try crafting a dirty tale.

As you might imagine, he loved it. His reaction and the thrill I felt writing the story inspired me to continue, which led us all the way to my pursuit of a career writing cuckold stories.

You’ll find some of my work below (and I suspect you’ll enjoy it a great deal).

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There’s plenty of hot content below too, so feel free to browse the site and find what works for you. Enjoy the stories:


A Cuckold Christmas – Part 1

Haley wants to give Shawn the hottest Christmas gift imaginable, so she decides to cuckold him. She’s seen his browser history and watched some of the videos he loves, so she knows he desperately wants to see her fuck someone else.

Read this naughty cuckold story to find out how Haley reveals that she’s been cuckolding her husband. Hopefully you’ll be aroused right along with the lucky husband. This is the first of 12 parts, making it a truly thrilling cuck experience. Read the story…


The Training of a Cuckold Cum Slut

When Mitchell meets the irresistibly dominant Mistress Isabella at a coffee shop he can’t say no to the chance to serve her. He ends up at her roomy loft for a lesson in the pleasures of being a submissive cuckold and an eager cum slut.

Thanks to her skillful domination, Mitchell finds himself eagerly cleaning another man’s cum off Mistress Isabella’s breasts before his first session comes to an end. The story is filled with dirty talk, domination, and cum cleanup play, so if that sounds like your thing, you should read the story…


Sex Party Creampie Cleanup

Come to a naughty sex party with Edward and his cuckoldress wife Melanie. It’s the first time they’ve indulged in group play and he can’t wait to clean the creampies of multiple men from his wife’s perfect wet pussy.

Follow the couple as they indulge their wildest desires. They watch other people fuck, Melanie enjoys multiple men over the course of the evening, and there’s even a foursome with another girl. There’s lots of cuckold creampie cleanup, too. If that’s what you crave, then read the story…

a cuckold vacation

A Cuckold Vacation – Part 1

After a long, busy year, Rose and Steven are finally taking a vacation to a small island resort in the Caribbean. The beauty and isolation of their vacation spot encourages the couple to embrace their most hedonistic desires, which is how the cuckolding unfolds.

It turns out that Steven really likes the idea of his wife having sex with someone else and Rose can’t pass up the chance to have a fling with a gorgeous man, especially if it makes her husband so happy. Go on the adventure with them when you read the story…

Serving the Cuckoldress Next Door

Serving the Cuckoldress Next Door, Chapter 1

In the first part of The Cuckoldress Next Door, we meet Pete and April. They’re neighbors in the same apartment building and the walls are thin enough that he always hears her having vigorous, hot sex with her many lovers.

What Pete doesn’t know is that April is looking for a submissive man to be her loving cuckold. Read the story to discover how she convinces him to submit and grants him the pleasure of worshiping her freshly fucked pussy, among other things. Read the story…


Her Lust for Other Men Makes Your Cock Hard

Your wife is getting ready for a date with another man and she’s happy to let you watch. She loves that you get so turned on when she’s going to offer her pussy to another man. Let her tease and tempt you before she leaves to be with him.

She wants you to think about the things she’s going to do with him. She wants you to think about his big cock plunging into her pussy. She wants you to be a good boy and get all hot and bothered for her. Want to be a good boy? Then read the story…

A wife watching story

The Parking Lot – A Wife Watching Story

Your wife knows you like to watch, cuckold. She knows you love to see someone else’s big cock fuck her, so she’s going to put on a show. She tells you to drive to an otherwise empty parking lot and sit in the car as your fantasies come to life.

Aren’t you excited to see her suck cock? Don’t you want to watch your wife ride someone else’s dick while you’re jerking off? If so, read the story…

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