I Know You Want to be a Submissive Cuckold

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You’re not like most men. Most men want to see their wives on their knees in front of them. You want to be on your knees in front of your wife.

Most men want to fuck their wives and spill their seed inside them. You want to watch another man fuck your wife and fill him with her cum.

You’re a submissive cuckold. You find deep, intense, indescribable pleasure in submitting to your wife.

The idea of being on your knees and looking up at your beautiful wife as she smiles down at you and runs her fingers through your hair is enough to make your cock stir to life. The following sensual fantasy drives you wild with desire:

“What do you crave?” your wife asks.

“Your pussy, my love,” you answer.

She smiles. Her fingers move from your hair and down your right cheek. Your skin tingles pleasantly at her touch. She rests two fingers against your lips. You open your mouth.

Your wife smiles as she pushes her fingers into your mouth. You close your lips around them. You suck like you’ve been trained to do.

“Good boy,” your wife says as she removes her fingers from your mouth. She lifts her skirt and pushes a hand into her panties. Her slippery fingers push into her pussy as you watch.

“What do you crave?” she asks again.

“Your pussy, my love,” you say once more, though this time your voice quivers just a little. You’ve sunk just a little deeper into submission. Your arousal has strengthened.

“You don’t deserve my pussy,” your wife says as she pulls her fingers from her panties and presses them against your lips once more.

You open. She pushes them into your mouth. You suck them clean. You savor the taste of her pussy. She’s giving you a gift. The mere taste of her juices is enough to make your dick throb.

She pulls her fingers from your mouth and walks away. You don’t deserve her pussy. Not right now. You’ll have to earn the privilege of pleasuring her with your mouth.

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That felt good, didn’t it? It turned you on, didn’t it? That’s okay. That’s a good thing, in fact.

It’s exceptionally rare to find a submissive cuckold that takes such pleasure in service. When paired with the right woman, you will live a life of blissful happiness. You will live in service to her needs and in doing so you will find yourself elevated.

You want to worship her

You yearn to worship her. You want to taste her pussy, but more than that, you want to make her cum. You want to lick her clit until her thighs shudder and she experiences a beautiful climax. You want her to pull you close and thank you for licking her pussy without pulling on your cock or spilling your seed. You want to put her needs above yours. You want her to decide when you get to orgasm.

You want to be in this situation:

“Do you think you’ve earned an orgasm?” your wife asks as her fingers delicately dance over your testicles.

Your cock is stiff. Precum is steadily flowing from the tip. It’s been a week since she let you cum. You feel desperate.

“I do, my love,” you say.

Her soft fingers wrap around your cock and move up the shaft. They move over the head and collect your precum. She strokes you slowly. It feels heavenly.

“Thank you, my love,” you say.

“For what?” your wife asks.

“For giving me pleasure,” you answer. Her touch is electric. You crave it even in the smallest of doses.

She moves closer. Her lips brush against your neck. You can feel the warmth of her breath before she says, “I agree that you’ve earned an orgasm.”

You feel a momentary sense of elation.

“But I don’t want you to cum. I want to tease you. I want to drive you crazy. I want to make you beg me. Then I’m going to deny you the pleasure you crave even though you’ve earned it.”

You want to cum, but you know it arouses her to deny you. You know it makes her wet when you beg for release. You know that when she denies you, she’s going to push you between her legs and let you lick her to a powerful orgasm.

“Please, let me cum,” you say. Your mind is foggy with lust. You want to cum so badly.

She bites your ear lobe hard enough that it hurts and then says, “No. You will not cum.”

She strokes you faster. It feels impossibly good. You can feel your orgasm building. You want to cum, but you know she’s not going to let you. It feels torturous.

For you, true satisfaction comes from being a submissive cuckold. It comes from making your wife happy. You find far greater joy in bringing a smile to her face than almost anything else in the world. You are selfless, but in your selflessness you find the satisfaction you crave. You are a submissive.

You want to worship her body. Your desires are not limited to licking her pussy to make her cum. You crave the chance to give her full body massages. You love to rub her feet. For you, every chance to touch her, to serve her, to make her feel good is a reward.

When she welcomes you to her breasts you feel a sense of joy. Sucking her nipples as she moans is joyful, especially since you know it builds wetness between her legs.

You love when she grants you the privilege of worshiping her ass. You love spreading her soft, sexy ass cheeks and licking her asshole. You love the way she moans and how she reaches back and pushes you deeper.

You want this:

Your wife steps out of the shower and you follow her. She waits as you grab her towel and dry her body. You dry yourself second.

“You did a wonderful job,” she says.

You smile. You love that she lets you tend to her in the shower. You love running your hands through her soapy hair and massaging her scalp. You love shaving her pubic hair. You love soaping up her body.

“Thank you, my love, for letting me wash your body,” you say.

She smiles and moves to the counter. She picks up her hairbrush and turns around to say, “I think you’ve earned a little treat.”

She looks towards the floor behind her. You know what that means.

You fall to your knees and crawl to your wife. You kiss her ass. Her cheeks are soft and warm from the shower. You move from one side to the next, kissing her and relishing the joy of being so close.

“You may worship,” she says eventually.

You reach up and spread her ass cheeks. For a moment you admire her beautiful asshole. Your cock is hard. It’s rare that she grants you this privilege. She must be quite pleased with your dedication as of late.

You press your face between her soft ass cheeks and extend your tongue. You lick her asshole. You run your tongue over it. You worship your wife’s perfect ass.

She goes about her beauty routine at the kitchen counter as you rest on your knees behind her. You eat her ass and she does her hair and makeup.

“Push your tongue inside me,” she says.

She wants you to taste her asshole. She wants you inside her. She knows you love it. She knows it’s a treat when she gives you permission to fuck her ass with your tongue. You do so joyfully.

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You are a cuckold. You take pleasure in knowing that your wife enjoys great sex with other men. You take pleasure in doing whatever you can to make that sex better.

You are a submissive cuckold. You will make any sacrifice necessary to ensure that your wife has the sex life that she deserves, even if that means that your cock is forbidden from entering her body. You will find pleasure in being denied entry to her mouth or pussy (and the idea of you enjoying her ass has always been off the table).

Long before your wife fucked another man, you knew it was your destiny to be her submissive cuckold. While your tongue was always talented, you knew you couldn’t provide her with the kind of sex she deserves. You knew it would take another man to do that.

Your wife bought lingerie for her bull

Now your wife has a bull. She has a man that serves her sexual needs in ways you’ve never been able to. She has a man that can fuck her like she craves. She has a man that can make her cum with his big cock, that can show her the kind of sexual bliss every woman deserves.

You relish everything that comes with being her submissive cuckold. You love preparing her for her dates. You love shaving her pubic hair as her bull likes it. You love dressing her in lingerie that she will use to arouse another man. You love shopping for that lingerie, too.

You love this:

“I want something that no man can resist,” your wife tells the girl at the lingerie store. “I want him to see it and be unable to think about anything other than fucking me. You know what I mean?”

The sales girl smiles and looks at you. You can tell she’s not sure why someone as beautiful as your wife would need to work so hard to get a man like you to fuck her.

Your wife notices her glance. “Oh no. It’s not for him. He’s my husband. This lingerie is for my boyfriend.” She gestures to you. “He’s just here to help.”

“How lovely for you,” the sales girl says. She actually seems a little jealous. Perhaps she’s married to a man like you and would love to find a boyfriend that could fuck her to the kind of orgasms your wife’s bull provides her.

“It is,” your wife says as she follows the sales girl to a section of the store filled with sexy-looking lingerie sets that are clearly designed for seduction.

“He really doesn’t mind that you have a boyfriend?” the sales girl asks. She can’t contain her curiosity.

“He finds it thrilling,” your wife answers as she runs her fingers over a black lace chemise. “Nothing turns him on more than meeting my needs and making me happy. More than anything, he yearns to submit to my desires. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, my love,” you answer. You don’t mind that the sales girl knows you’re a cuckold. “Your happiness is all that matters to me.”

“Does he watch?” the sales girl asks.

Your wife’s smile is devilish. “He does more than watch,” she says. “He helps in any way necessary. He’s a very good boy.”

Yes you are.

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As her submissive cuckold, you’re willing to do anything to make her happy. You understand that your orgasms are not important. You understand that her satisfaction is the only thing that matters. You understand that sometimes that means doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

If you are called upon to worship her pussy before her bull slides his cock into her, you do it without question. You do it selflessly, for you know that your cock won’t be entering her. Your cock likely won’t receive any attention. Instead, you will lick her pussy to get her ready and then you will watch him fuck her.

As her submissive cuckold, you’ve accepted that your sexuality is unimportant. You will wrap your lips around her bull’s cock and fluff him if that’s what she wants you to do. You’ll suck cock because it’s what your wife craves. You’ll be her bisexual cuckold cocksucker because that’s what a good submissive does.

You know you crave this:

Your wife and her bull are kissing on the couch. His hand is in her blouse, playing with her tits. She moans as he expertly teases her nipples.

She unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, which is already half hard and enormous looking. It’s so much thicker than your dick.

You stare between his legs as your wife strokes him. His cock grows. She pulls her lips away from his for a moment and turns to you.

“Suck his cock, cuckold,” she demands.

You crawl towards them. He spreads his legs as you approach and you move between them. You rest your hands on his thighs. Your wife’s fingers are wrapped around the base of his thick dick as she waits for you to take him into your mouth.

You part your lips and let your tongue fall from your mouth. You lick under the head of his cock. You lick that sensitive spot that delivers so much pleasure. You want to make him feel good. It’s the only thing you care about. It’s the only thing that matters in that moment.

“Good boy,” your wife says before she goes back to kissing her bull.

You wrap your lips around the head of his cock and take him into your mouth. You bob up and down like a good cocksucker. You feel him getting harder. You feel proud. You’re making your wife’s bull feel good. You’re getting him hard for her pussy. You’re making her evening more pleasurable.

You gag on his cock as you try and take it down your throat. You do it because you know it turns him on. He likes that you submit to his dick. He likes that you blow him because you know he’s superior to you in bed. He likes that you’re not a threat to him when he’s in your house.

There’s a dick in your mouth and you have an erection. You’re a true cuckold cocksucker.

Living in service to your wife thrills you. Sometimes that means doing things you wouldn’t normally consider. Sometimes that means finding pleasure in degradation. That means wordlessly getting on your knees when she says, “Suck his cock.” That means giving her control over your sexuality. That means doing anything she desires because it pleases her.

The life of a submissive cuckold can be filled with those joys if you’re willing to commit. If you’re genuinely unselfish and concerned with her needs above yours, you’ll find true happiness.

By submitting, you’re making your dominant wife happy. You’re making her life better. You’re increasing her daily joy. You’re showing her that you recognize your place, and that you respect her dominance. You’re showing her that the two of you fit together perfectly, and that the work she puts into dominating you is always worth it.

Eventually, your dominant wife will require her submissive cuckold to consume her bull’s cum. You will do so without hesitation because doing as she desires is what makes you happy, even if you find it unpleasant.

You will eat his cum out of your wifes pussy

You will consume his cum because you recognize his superiority in the bedroom. You know that he fucks your wife better than you ever have. You know that he makes her cum harder than you can. You know that she finds pure, unadulterated pleasure in having his big cock inside her.

For those reasons, and because you’re a good submissive cuckold, you will eat his cum when commanded to do so. You want to. You need to. You crave it. You want to eat it off her breasts. You want to lick it off her ass. Most of all, you want to lick it out of her pussy.

You want this:

“Come here,” your wife says as she points between her legs.

She’s in your bed. Her legs are spread. Her body looks beautiful. She’s just been fucked by her bull.

You move between her legs. You look up at her pretty face. You see her smile. You see that look of joy that only comes after she’s had multiple orgasms with her bull’s big cock in her pussy.

She’s happy, and part of that is because she has another man’s cum inside her. A man that she lusts after. A man whose cock is far superior to yours. A man who fucks her with the kind of vigor and power that she needs.

“What do you crave?” she asks.

“Your pussy, my love,” you answer. “And his cum.”

She trained you to eat his cum long ago. Training is no longer necessary. Now you crave his seed. You crave the submissive pleasure of licking it out of her. You crave the taste of it on your tongue. You crave the feeling of having her bull’s cum in your stomach.

“You may clean me,” she says.

Even this is a reward. When you watch them fuck, you think about this moment. You think about the overwhelming joy of being able to clean his creampie. You think of how your body buzzes with arousal while you’re doing it. Now she’s given you permission. She’s granted you the privilege of licking another man’s cum from her pussy.

As you’ve done so many times before, you press your lips against your wife’s pussy and use your tongue to lick up her bull’s cum. You carefully avoid her clit – she’s too sensitive after being fucked for so long – and stick to the task of licking his load from her.

You swallow his cum. You act like a good submissive cuckold and you eat every drop of her bull’s load because it’s your duty. She’s trained you well. Your cock throbs as you taste his salty semen. You like that it makes her so happy. You like being her cum eating cuckold.

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Each act of submission makes you a better husband. It makes you fall deeper in love with your wife. It makes you want to serve her more. It makes you willing to do anything to ensure her happiness.

Most people would be surprised at the things you’re willing to do for your wife, but she’s not. She knows you’re her loving, sweet, submissive husband. She knows that you value making her happy above everything else.

She knows that you crave her domination. You crave that look of lust that crosses her face when she takes control. You love the feel of her fingers in your hair as she guides you to her pussy. You love the way she makes you suck her bull’s cock. You love that she expects you to behave selflessly and to put her desires above your own.

For a submissive cuckold like you, her domination is a reward in and of itself. A harsh word that’s meant to humiliate makes your cock hard. When she sits on your face and smothers you with her pussy, it makes you feel loved.

When she puts on her strapon cock and fucks your submissive ass, you feel an overpowering sense of love for her. She knows that the role reversal and power exchange that happens when she fills your ass with her cock is a beautiful form of domination. She knows that you crave it, that you want to submit your asshole to her, that you want to be fucked in a way most husbands do not.

You crave this:

You’re on your knees in the bedroom. Your beautiful wife is in front of you. You watch as she pulls on her harness and slides her favorite dildo into it.

She takes a step closer. Her strapon cock bounces. She reaches out and her fingers entwine in your hair. Her grip is strong and commanding.

“Suck my cock,” she demands.

Her words are like music to your ears. You love when your wife demands service. You love when she commands you to suck her cock.

You lean forward and wrap your lips around her cock. She pulls you forward. She shoves her cock into your throat. You barely gag. She’s trained you well.

“Good boy,” she says. You can hear the dominant lust in her voice. You know this turns her on. You know that fucking your face makes her wet.

Now she has two hands in your hair. She’s fucking your mouth like it’s a pussy. She’s using you for her pleasure. It thrills you.

When she pulls her cock out of your throat it’s slick with spit.

“On your hands and knees,” she demands while pointing to the bed.

You assume the position. Your ass hangs over the edge of the bed. Your wife moves behind you. She slides her strapon cock into your ass. She’s fucking you.

“Take it, slut,” she says. You hear that same dominant aggressiveness in her voice. You know she’s getting wetter.

She fucks you hard and fast. With each thrust you sink deeper into submission. When she calls you a slut, your cock throbs. You crave the verbal humiliation. You crave her cock.

“I own your ass, slut,” she growls. “I own you.”

She does, and she will fuck you for as long as she likes. Her cock never goes soft. It never gets tired. It’s rock hard and ready to fuck all day long. If she wants to, she’s going to savage your ass for hours.

She’s trained you to be a good slut for her, though, and the more she fucks you the more pleasure you take in it. The deeper she pushes you into submission, the happier you are.

You are a submissive cuckold, and as such you’re a gift to the woman you dedicate yourself to. You give her everything and in return you experience boundless pleasure because her needs are more important than your own. Making her happy makes you feel joyful in a way nothing else can.

You crave her domination and you work hard to be deserving of it. You crave the chance to taste her pussy and to worship her body. You love preparing her for another man to fuck. You love buying her pretty things for him to fuck her in. You love sucking her bull’s cock and getting it hard. You love cleaning cum out of her pussy. You love taking her strapon cock in your ass.

Every act of domination from her is a gift, and there are so many you can receive over the lifespan of a beautiful cuckold marriage. Every day brings a new opportunity to experience the most intense pleasure of your life. Every moment is a chance to deepen your submission and your commitment to your wife.

You are a submissive cuckold. Embrace that. Live that life. Show your wife that you’re worthy of her domination. Put her needs before yours. Serve her desires above all else. Take pleasure in knowing that you’re making her happy, because that’s all that matters.

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