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It’s okay if you don’t understand why your husband would crave cuckold humiliation. Sexual desires, especially those that fall outside the boundaries of what’s considered “normal,” are exceptionally difficult to understand. You don’t need to understand it though. You just need to accept and embrace it. Trust me when I say that your cuck hubby will be deeply grateful that you’ve done so.

A few things to keep in mind before I dig in to the various ways you can humiliate your cuckold:

  • These aren’t one size fits all – It’s best to discuss cuckold humiliation as a couple. Don’t surprise him. He’ll likely be on board with some of the ideas and find others abhorrent. It’s also possible that you’ll both warm up to the more extreme ideas as you gain experience with humiliation.
  • You don’t have to be cuckolding him – It’s possible to enjoy some of these ideas without actually sleeping with other guys. Some work as is and others can be adjusted.
  • Aftercare is important – Please refer to the last section to read about aftercare and its importance in ensuring that humiliating your husband doesn’t damage him or your marriage.

Also, if you have any ideas or experiences that I’ve missed, please leave a comment and I’ll add them.

Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

Go Lingerie Shopping for Your Lover

It’s such a simple thing, but bringing your husband along while you buy lingerie for another man is a perfect way to humiliate him. It’s a thrilling experience for a cuckold to watch his wife try on the sexiest underwear imaginable knowing that she’s doing it to arouse someone else.

Be sure to work in plenty of verbal play along the way. Ask him “Do you think this will turn him on?” while you hold up a sexy red lace bodysuit. Confidently say “I think he’d love fucking me in this,” when you step out of the dressing room. If a dose of public humiliation works for both of you, say it loud enough for a sales girl or another customer to hear. Your cuckold’s face will burn with humiliation and his cock will throb with desire.

Flirt Openly While Your Husband Watches

This is easiest to do at a bar or lounge. Have your husband find a seat across the room and eagerly flirt with other guys while he watches. It’s even better if there’s music, as you can dance with the guys you like best. If things get a little bit intimate – touching and kissing, etc – then that’s even better. Your cuckold will sit in the corner and watch as you enjoy the attention of other men.

If you dance with a guy or have a make out session, text your husband afterwards and let him know that you could feel the guy’s big cock pressing into you. Tell him you couldn’t help but think about having it inside you and how it would feel so good to finally have a big cock fill your pussy. He’ll love that.

Tell Your Husband His Cock Isn’t Big Enough

For most women, size matters to a degree. Generally, a bigger cock feels better than a small cock. For the purposes of this exercise, you want to play that up. If you want to humiliate your husband, tell him that his cock simply isn’t big enough to make you cum like you desire. Tell him that he just doesn’t measure up. A few suggestions:

“Your cock just isn’t big enough, baby.”
“I need a bigger man.”
“I cum harder on a big cock than I do on your little cuckold dick.”

You know your husband best, so feel free to keep the harshness to a level you know he can handle. It’s always best to start on the mild side and work your way up. You don’t want to break the man, after all.

Tease and Denial with Verbal Humiliation

Hopefully you’ve embraced your power as the wife of a cuckold husband and taken some form of control over his orgasms. With any luck, tease and denial has already become part of your sex life. It’s thrilling to get your cuck all worked up and desperate for release before denying him the pleasure he craves. There’s even a bit of humiliation in that moment when he submits to you and puts his cock back into his pants without cumming.

You can make tease and denial play even more humiliating by adding in a verbal component. Ask him “Do you deserve to cum?” and inform him that he absolutely doesn’t, because his cock is worthless and can’t make you cum. If you’re denying him access to your pussy, bring it up. “Does your little cock miss my pussy, cuckold?” is a wonderfully effective way to remind him that he’s not allowed to fuck you because your lover does a much better job.

When you’ve made it clear he won’t be cumming, throw in a healthy dose of verbal humiliation. Try “You’re not going to cum today because this pathetic cock hasn’t made me cum in years.” Or “You don’t deserve an orgasm, cuckold. Only a cock that can make a woman cum deserves an orgasm, and your dick certainly isn’t capable of getting me off.”

Fuck in the Backseat of the Car as Your Cuckold Drives

Have your cuckold drive you around town as you fool around in the backseat. It’s better if he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Give him a destination that’s far enough away to offer ample time for sex. Wear a skirt to make it easier and then get down to business. Start with kissing and feel free to get a little louder than usual about it. Your cuckold will be stiff with desire soon enough.

Go down on your lover in the backseat. Make it a louder blowjob than usual to ensure that your husband knows exactly what’s going on back there. Then, climb on top of that big cock and sink your pussy down on it. Take your lover for a ride until you both (hopefully) climax. Thank him for a particularly good fuck, all while your husband is driving the car. Given how turned on your cuckold will be, it’s wise to be mindful of his driving. If it seems like he’s not concentrating on the road, remind him of his responsibility to keep you safe while you’re enjoying your lover’s cock in the backseat.

Deny Your Cuckold the Pleasure of Watching

This only works if your husband is accustomed to being able to watch you have sex with your lover. If that’s the case, it can be helpful to mix it up every now and then by denying him the pleasure of it. It’s particularly effective to do it right as he’s walking into the bedroom to take his usual place. Simply stop him in the doorway and inform him that he won’t be watching tonight. Then shut the door before he has a chance to argue.

If you’d like to make it a little more painful, you can emphasize the fact that you want to be alone with your lover because you crave something a little more romantic. If you typically fuck, you’re going to make love with just the two of you in the room. You’ll know best if such a thing would be a humiliating delight for your cuckold.

Make Your Husband Sleep in the Guest Room While Your Lover is in the Master Bedroom

If you don’t have a second bedroom, the living room couch will work just fine. The idea is that your lover, the sexually superior man, is kicking your husband out of his place in the master bedroom, at least for one night.

It works best if you don’t tell your husband until after you’ve fucked your lover in the marital bed. In your post-orgasmic bliss, tell your cuckold that your lover will be spending the night. Inform your husband that he is to spend the night in the guest bedroom, alone. If you want to make it a little more humiliating, have noisy sex in the middle of the night to remind your hubby of his place. You can do so again in the morning, too.

Wear Your Bridal Lingerie for Your Lover

If you still have the lingerie you wore on your wedding night and/or your honeymoon, wear it for your lover. Inform your husband that you’ll be doing so. It’s a simple, subtle thing, but it can be humiliating to associate the lingerie you wore on the first night of your marriage with another man’s cock entering you.

This works especially well if it’s the classic all white bridal lingerie and if you only wore it on your wedding night. You can also replace your bridal lingerie with someone else precious and personal to your marriage. You could wear your husband’s favorite dress on a date with your lover, his favorite shirt, etc. You could wear the jewelry he gave you for a big anniversary. All of it can be an effective way of humiliating your cuckold.

Take Control of Your Cuckold’s Orgasms

As a cuckold’s wife, you have more power than you know. Exercise that power by demanding control over his orgasms. He’s not allowed to cum unless you give him permission to do so. Merely submitting to your command can be humiliating, as most men wouldn’t readily admit their wives have complete control over their orgasms.

If you’re a little bit imaginative, you can have a great deal of humiliating fun with your cuckold once you control his orgasms. Make him do something embarrassing before he’s allowed to climax. Make him clean the house naked, or suck your sweaty toes, or worship your ass. If he’s turned on enough, he’ll do damn near anything for the pleasure of an orgasm.

Dress Up Slutty for Your Lover

The vast majority of guys like it when a woman dresses slutty for them. They don’t necessarily want you to dress like a hooker, but getting dolled up like you’re going to a club for a night of dancing and grinding will drive any guy wild.

You’ve probably long since stopped dressing like that for your husband (if you ever did), so do it for your lover. Do it for the man that inspires wetness between your legs and fucks you to incredible orgasms. Your cuckold will feel the familiar burn of humiliation as you get tarted up to arouse another man.

Even better, take your husband shopping to buy slutty clothes for your lover. Make him pick out tight dresses and short skirts and then try them on for him. Ask him if he thinks your lover would be turned on as you model the clothes for him? Make it clear that he won’t be fucking you in them and that you only dress up like that for real men that know how to fuck you.

Subtly Remind Your Husband How Good Your Lover Is

Constant but subtle reminders of how much you enjoy sex with your lover are a simple, beautiful way to humiliate your husband. You’ll need to find a man that really knows how to fuck you, but once you’ve partnered with a guy that rocks your world, all you really need to do is communicate that to your cuckold.

It’s most effective if you do it when your husband isn’t expecting it. He should hear how good your lover is when he’s licking you afterwards or when your lover is inside you (if he’s allowed to watch), but he should also hear it when you’re at the movies, driving to a restaurant, or enjoying a Friday night with pizza and a movie. Whispering into his ear about your lover’s bigger cock or how hard another man made you cum is a perfect way to lightly humiliate your cuckold husband while also arousing him beyond his wildest dreams.

Tell Your Cuckold How Badly You Want to Be with Your Lover

This will be exceptionally easy if you’ve actually found a guy that fucks you like you deserve. You’ll be thinking about him constantly. You’ll be reliving the last time you had sex with him. To humiliate your cuckold you just need to share those thoughts.

If you get horny, make your cuckold go down on you and tell him you wish your lover was there. “I need his cock inside me so badly, baby,” is the perfect thing to say as your cuckold’s tongue is tending to your clit. The humiliation comes in part from the fact that your husband has a hard cock between his legs and in that moment you have no interest in having it inside you. You don’t even have to say it; he’ll know it by your insistence that he go down on you instead of fucking you.

If your cuckold is particularly attentive he’ll notice when your mind has drifted off and you’re daydreaming about your lover. If he asks, tell him. “I was thinking about Tyler’s big cock, honey. I think about it all the time. I want it inside me so badly.” Those words will be enough to send a wave of beautiful humiliation through your cuckold.

Make Him Admit That You Deserve to Fuck Someone Else

This is most effective when you do it repeatedly. It works especially well if you insist that your husband admit that you deserve to fuck someone else right before he’s about to stick his cock inside you.

Your goal should be to refocus your husband’s attention on your pleasure. He should have to admit, over and over again, that you need someone else to fuck you so that you can achieve the orgasms you desire and deserve. You can make it a ritual that’s tied to his sexual pleasure. Before he’s allowed to orgasm, he must first admit that he’s not capable of pleasing you and that you deserve to fuck someone else.

Make Him Beg to be Cuckolded

If you’re reading this, it’s almost guaranteed that your husband wants to be a cuckold. He might feel guilt, shame, and jealousy, but he can’t deny that the notion of you sleeping with other men turns him on. That gives you power, and you should use it to humiliate him.

If he wants you to cuckold him, make him beg for it. Make him fall to his knees, look up at his beautiful wife, and plead with you to sleep with another man. It doesn’t matter how badly he wants it and how much being a cuckold turns him on, when he’s down there asking you to fuck someone else because he’s not good enough, he’ll feel a deep sense of humiliation.

Spank Your Cuckold

While spanking isn’t necessarily related to cuckolding, you can easily tie them together. Assuming he’s inadequate in bed, give him a spanking after he fails yet again to give you an orgasm. Take him over your knee and as you’re swatting his ass, remind him that it’s happening because he couldn’t please his wife, because he couldn’t accomplish the most basic of sexual feats.

Make Your Cuckold Pay for Your Dates with Your Lover

This act of humiliation is small, simple, and rather effective. It will play with your cuckold’s mind on a primal level. The knowledge that he’s paying for you to go on a date with another man will thrill him.

There are so many ways to do it, too. You could have him hand your lover enough cash to cover the date before you leave. You could have him hand over his credit card and watch as your lover puts it in his wallet.

If you want to be especially humiliating, you could have your cuckold husband take a different table at the restaurant where you and your lover are dining. When the waitress brings the check, simply say, “My husband will take the check,” and point to where your cuckold is sitting. The public humiliation will be so beautiful for him.

Go Shopping with Your Lover and Have Your Cuckold Act as Your Valet

A little bit of public humiliation for your cuckold can be exceptionally arousing and going on a shopping trip with your lover is a great way to accomplish that.

Have your cuckold drive you to your destination. Have him carry your bags. Have him pay for everything. You can determine the level of public humiliation you’d like to dole out. For instance, if you really want to humiliate him, make it perfectly clear that you’re deep in lust with your lover as you’re checking out. Then, when the salesperson gives you the total, inform her that your husband will be paying. In that moment, your cuckold will know that the pretty girl behind the register knows some very intimate details of your sex life.

You can go shopping for anything, but it will be more humiliating if you’re shopping for sexy items for you to wear for your lover. Clothing tends to work better for the purposes of this particular humiliation idea because it’s expected that you’re going to come out of the dressing room and model it for your man. In this case, your cuckold will have to witness you modeling it for your lover. Of course, doing a little lingerie shopping is always fun too.

Moderate Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

Make Him Wear Panties

One day, when your cuckold is in the shower, pick a pair of panties for him to wear and leave them on the bed (or somewhere else he’ll see them) along with a simple note. “I’d like to see you in these,” or something similar. This works particularly well with a chastity device.

If you want to deepen the humiliation, you can explain exactly why you want him wearing panties. You can be as harsh as you think he can take. “Since you don’t have a real man’s cock, yours should be in a pair of pretty pink lace panties, don’t you think?” He’ll burn with humiliation and be overcome with lust.

Go Panty Shopping for Your Husband

Once he’s wearing panties, you can increase the humiliation by taking him on a shopping trip to buy a pair of his own. Victoria’s Secret is the easiest place. If he’s okay with public humiliation, make sure to comment about how good a sexy pair of panties would look on him. The sales girls will almost always go along with it too, so you can ask them to help you pick out a pair of panties for your husband.

Put His Cock in Chastity

For a man to lose control over his cock and his orgasms can be deeply humiliating. Buy a chastity device, lock his cock inside it, and keep the key on a chain around your neck. He’ll be constantly reminded that you have control over his orgasms, that you’re in charge, and that he needs to be a good boy if he wants release.

If you’d like to increase the humiliation, you can constantly remind him why he’s locked up in the first place. “Your cock is too small to pleasure me, so I’ve locked it up,” is a good place to start. “If your cock can’t please me, then why should you be able to please yourself?” is another good one.

Please check out my article on chastity teasing to add a little extra flavor to your chastity device play.

Do Things with Your Lover You Won’t Do with Hubby

Believe it or not, this tends to happen organically. When you’re with a man that rocks your world in ways you haven’t experienced in years, you tend to want to go the extra mile to please him.

There are lots of options for this. If you never give your husband blowjobs, then go wild with your lover. A shocking number of hotwives have their first anal experience with a lover. Whatever you do, the important thing is to make it clear to your husband that you’re doing it. It’s especially effective if it’s something your cuckold has always wanted. If he’s bugged you about anal sex for years, make sure you emphasize that you’re giving your lover your ass because he’s better in bed.

Share Pregnancy Fantasies with Him

Another man getting you pregnant is the ultimate cuckold humiliation, and while I don’t endorse actually going all the way and letting someone else knock you up (unless your husband can’t get you pregnant, in which case you could talk about it), there’s no harm in sharing pregnancy fantasies with him.

You might find that this arouses both of you, but even if it’s just a delightful humiliation for him, it’s worth doing. It’s most effective if you’re both naked and fooling around. Take hold of his cock and stroke him gently as you kiss his neck and whisper into his ear. Feel free to be as bold as you want.

“I went off the pill, honey, and you won’t be cumming in me anymore. I want to make sure he gets me pregnant.”
“I’m going to have another man’s baby.”
“Soon, my belly is going to be swollen with his seed, honey. He’s going to get me pregnant. He’s going to knock up your wife.”

Make Your Husband Watch without Being Able to Masturbate

If your husband is like most cuckolds, he desperately wants to watch you get fucked and he really wants to jerk off while another man’s cock is filling you. Deny him that pleasure. Let him watch, but forbid him from masturbating. If he can’t be trusted, then lock his cock in a chastity device.

Even better, tie him to a chair with a really good view of the sex. His hands will be bound and he’ll be insanely aroused but completely unable to do anything about it. To make it extra painful, get him hard after you tie him up and then leave him to join your lover in bed and have mind-blowing sex while your cuck watches.

Let Your Husband Listen on the Phone While You Fuck Your Lover

Go to a hotel room or your lover’s place and call your husband. Put the phone on speaker and mute him so he can listen without you hearing anything from his end. Then, enjoy an evening of pleasure with another man’s cock inside you.

You can choose to act as if your cuckold isn’t there, or you can play it up a little. The latter is the more humiliating choice. Moan a little louder. Go down on your lover a little more vigorously. If it works for you, add in verbal play like “Your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s” or “Your cock feels so much better than my husband’s.” A little something like “I missed this cock baby. I need it inside me so badly,” is a good way to remind your cuckold why you’re with another man and he’s at home.

Make Your Husband Thank Your Lover for Fucking You

It can be remarkably humiliating for a cuckold husband to thank another man for fucking his wife. This is especially true if he’s made to explain exactly why he’s so grateful that another man has taken his place in the bedroom.

In most cuckold relationships, the wife is with another man because her husband can’t quite give her everything she needs sexually. If that’s the case in your relationship, then your cuckold will experience deep humiliation when he thanks your lover for giving you what he’s been unable to provide. This one is a little dangerous though, so be sure your husband can handle it before you require it of him.

Make Your Husband Beg Your Lover to Fuck You

Your cuckold husband will be enormously turned on whenever you’re with your lover. If he’s allowed to watch you fool around and enjoy sensual foreplay, this will be doubly true. You can use that to humiliate him. In that moment right before your lover’s cock penetrates you, make your husband beg him to fuck you.

When he gets turned on like that, the one thing in the world your husband wants is to see you have sex with another man. Make him give voice to that. Make him beg another man to fuck you. Make him do it exactly as you want. Make him repeat himself over and over. Make him say that he wants another man to fuck his wife because he’s inadequate when it comes to sex.

Make Your Husband Do Errands for Your Lover

Invite your lover over to fuck you, but instead of letting your husband watch, make him leave the house to do errands for your lover. If he needs his car washed, your cuckold can do it while the two of you are having sex. If he needs his dry cleaning picked up, that’s perfect. The more menial the task, the more humiliating it will be.

To add a little extra humiliation, invite your cuckold into the bedroom after you and your lover have fucked. He should walk through the door to see the two of you naked and cuddled together. In that moment, when you would typically reward him with an orgasm or the chance to lick your pussy, send him out on another errand and let him know that while he’s gone, you’ll be fucking your lover again.

Go on a Romantic Vacation with Your Lover

A romantic vacation would typically be reserved for you and your husband, which is precisely why going on one with your lover will be humiliating for your cuckold. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you really like your lover and can spend time with him doing something other than having sex.

Start with a weekend away. Pick a hotel that’s known for romance (a boutique hotel is always a good choice) and pack lots of lingerie and sexy clothes, making it clear to your cuckold that you’re going to spending a lot of time fucking someone else while you’re away. You can even have hubby help you pack.

While you’re there, treat it like any other vacation. Enjoy the romance and the great sex. Enjoy a new experience with a man you’re hopefully enamored with, at least sexually. If you want to increase the humiliation, be in constant contact with your cuckold. Send him texts about the great sex you just had or call him and let him listen while you fuck. You can even send him pictures of the fun you’re having.

Swallow Your Lover’s Cum, Not Your Husband’s

Guys love it when you swallow their cum. You can make that work for you as a naughty way to humiliate your husband. It can be as simple as swallowing your lover’s cum while your husband watches. If you happen to swallow your husband’s cum, you can inform him that you’ll no longer be doing so and that only your lover gets the pleasure of cumming in your mouth.

Perhaps you find the whole thing disgusting (you wouldn’t be alone). If that’s the case, you can still do it every once in a while just to arouse your lover and humiliate your husband. If you’ve never swallowed your cuckold’s cum, just imagine what he’ll feel when you let another man cum in your mouth so you can swallow it.

Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Lover

Valentine’s Day is for couples and you’d normally spend it with your husband. For a dose of cuckold humiliation, consider spending it with your lover. There’s a lot of room to have fun with this scenario.

Before V-Day, go lingerie shopping with your husband and pick out something you’re going to wear for your lover. Inform your husband that the man that makes you cum is the one that deserves to spend the year’s most romantic holiday with you. You can invite your lover to your house and make your cuckold serve you both (refill your champagne glasses, bring you chocolate, etc).

You could also go on a romantic dinner date with your lover and check in to a hotel for the evening, leaving your cuckold to stay home and imagine what you’re doing. Upending what is traditionally a holiday for couples and turning it into a holiday for you and your lover is rife with humiliating possibilities for your cuck.

Make Your Cuckold Find a Lover for You

It’s easier than ever to go online and find a man to fuck, which means your cuckold can do it for you. The entire experience will be blissfully humiliating. You can tell him what you’re looking for or let him make the choice. Either way, he’ll have to spend hours, maybe days, considering what kind of man would be suitable to fuck his wife and to make her cum far better than he’s ever been able to.

When he talks to the guys, have him make it clear that he’s looking for someone to fuck his wife because he’s inadequate in bed. It will make every interaction with your potential lovers humiliating. You’ll have to make sure he’s not picking a crazy person, but by the time the search is over you’ll have a new man to fuck and your cuckold will be suitably humiliated.

Make Your Cuckold Admit That He Has an Inadequate Cock

Take your husband to the bedroom and have him strip. Get naked with him (or wear lingerie) and turn him on. Have him lie on his back while you kiss him, grind on him, and generally drive him wild with desire.

When he’s reached a place of wild desire, press your body next to his and take his cock in your hand. Gently run your fingers around the head and feel him shudder with pleasure next to you. The goal here is to get your husband to a place where he readily admits that his cock simply isn’t good enough to satisfy you (even if that’s not entirely true).

You’re free to take whatever approach works best for you. A soft, slow, sensual approach is what I’d recommend, though. Nibble his ear lobe while you slowly stroke his cock and whisper, “Don’t you think I deserve something bigger and better than your cock?” You can tell him about a former lover that had the size you crave. It might take a while for him to come around, but soon he’ll eagerly admit that his dick just isn’t good enough for you.

Do a Cock Comparison

This only works if there’s a significant size difference between your cuckold and your lover (which is not always the case). If that size difference exists, this is an exceptionally effective form of humiliation.

Get your lover hard through your preferred means (kissing, handjob, oral sex, etc). Make your cuckold watch and masturbate, though he must not cum. Once they’re both erect, have them stand close enough that the comparison is obvious.

It works best if you let both cocks rest in the palm of your hands. If you can stand being on your knees between the two of them, that will be most effective. That way, your cuckold will be forced to look down at you and your lover’s cock as you both show and tell him exactly why he has no business fucking you.

The verbal component is important here. You need to tell him exactly why his cock doesn’t get to fuck you. Don’t just show it. Talk about it. Ask your cuckold questions, too, and make him answer. “Do you understand why your cock doesn’t belong inside me, cuckold?” is a good example.

It’s also worth doing this from your knees because you can make your cuckold watch as you offer your lover oral pleasure. Take him into your mouth and run your tongue over the head of his cock. Ask your cuckold if he’s jealous. Tell him that only a man with a nice big cock deserves the pleasure of your mouth.

Make Your Cuckold Watch from Outside the House

The idea is fairly simple and straightforward: You send your husband out of the house while you enjoy your lover’s big cock and you give him permission to watch through the window.

This idea works on multiple levels. First, you’re denying him the pleasure of watching in person, which he no doubt enjoys. Second, you’re making him hide outside the house like a pervy voyeur and he will no doubt have to hope he doesn’t get caught, especially if he’s going to masturbate as he watches (which you should encourage him to do).

If you want to make this naughty idea even more fun, plan to do it with a man that doesn’t know you cuckold your husband. It’s even better if it’s a friend of his. Send your cuckold out in a way where his friend would expect him to be gone for quite a while. Then, use your seductive charms to convince that friend to fuck you, all while your cuckold watches from outside the house like the pervy voyeur he is.

Make Your Cuckold Massage You and Your Lover

Your cuckold almost certainly enjoys giving you massages (and if he doesn’t, you really should train him to do so; it’s wonderful). He probably wouldn’t enjoy giving your bull a massage, though. He’d probably find it quite humiliating, in fact.

Try a simple scenario to start out. Have your cuckold sit on the floor as you and your lover enjoy a movie. Make the cuckold massage your feet. He can start with yours, but he’ll have to rub your lover’s feet too.

If you want to make it a little more humiliating, start to make out with your lover as your cuckold is massaging you. Make it seem like his foot rub has enticed you into showing your sexual desire for the other man in your life.

If you want to graduate to different kinds of massage, go ahead. Turn your cuckold into your personal masseuse if you want. He could give you both back rubs and then watch as you fuck.

Advanced Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

Have Him Place Your Lover’s Cock Inside You

When you and your lover are ready to fuck, have your cuckold guide his cock inside you. Get into position, and then order the cuck to take hold of your lover’s dick and place it at the entrance to your pussy. Adding in a “good boy” when he’s completed his task can be very effective. You can have him do it multiple times over the course of a fuck session, too. With every position switch your cuckold can be called over to place your lover’s cock inside you.

Make Him Wear a Condom While Your Lover Gets to Cum Inside You

Your husband is likely accustomed to releasing his cum inside you. Let’s end that. This one is hard to do if you’re not with a lover long term, but if you get to the point where you’re letting another man cum inside you, take that pleasure away from your husband.

It’s hottest to do it right before you’re going to have sex with your cuckold (assuming you still do so). He’s between your legs, his cock is hard and dripping with precum, and just as he’s about to slide into you, pull out a condom and insist that he put it on. Inform him that from now on your lover will be the only man that gets to cum inside you.

Want to make it a little more humiliating? Try these bits of dirty talk:
“Only a man that gives me orgasms gets to cum inside me.”
“Only a real man’s cock gets to cum inside me.”
“It’s his pussy now, honey. Only he gets to cum inside me.”
“I don’t want your cum inside me anymore. I only want his.”

Deny Him Access to Your Pussy

Your pussy is a great source of pleasure for your husband, so why not deny him access to it? The very act of forbidding him from fucking you is delightful (especially if you’re getting all the sex you need from someone else), but you can make it so much more humiliating.

If you want to humiliate your cuckold, make it absolutely clear why he’s being denied. Ask him “Why would I let you fuck me when you can’t make me cum?” You could also try, “You don’t deserve to fuck me, cuckold. Your cock isn’t worthy of my pussy. I need a better, bigger man.” Make it clear that he’s not allowed to fuck you because he doesn’t satisfy you and you’ll put him in his place.

Tell a Friend about Your Husband’s Inadequate Cock

We’re treading on dangerous ground here, so I certainly don’t recommend it to everyone, but it’s unquestionably humiliating to tell a close friend about your husband’s small cock or his lack of skill in bed. Obviously your cuckold needs to know you’ve shared this information, but you need to be sure he can handle it and not be completely destroyed by your sharing.

If he can handle that kind of humiliation, consider doing it while he’s in the room. Have him sit and listen as you tell your friend how your husband can’t please you in bed or doesn’t have a big enough cock to fill you like you desire. You can do the same thing with a lover, to be honest, and while it won’t be quite as humiliating, it can be a good place to start.

Have Pregnancy Risk Sex, or Fake It

I honestly can’t recommend having genuine pregnancy risk sex (that’s unprotected sex with your lover when you’re not using some form of birth control). To me, the potential consequences far outweigh the pleasure. However, there’s nothing wrong with pretending that you’re doing it. Tell your husband that you’ve gone off the pill (or pulled out the ring) and that you want your lover to get you pregnant.

The other risk here is that it’s hard to know how your husband is going to react. That’s why you should know ahead of time if your cuckold finds pregnancy play arousing while being humiliating, or if it would just make him furious. You don’t want to cross a boundary.

Try a Cuckold 69

If you’re not familiar, a cuckold 69 is when your husband is on the bottom, you’re on top of him, and your lover is fucking you from behind. Your cuckold gets an extreme close up view of another man sliding into your pussy. He gets to witness your lover’s size and your wetness for him. Plus, you can make him lick your clit, lick your lover’s shaft, or suck on his balls if you so choose.

You can play with your husband’s cock if you’d like, but you’re also welcome to leave it alone entirely. It’s a little more frustrating and humiliating for him to be so close to your mouth and hands and to be denied those pleasures. Feel free to concentrate on your pleasure in that moment (and if your husband is licking your clit as you get fucked, it should be quite pleasurable).

Make Your Husband Eat His Cum

Many men are aroused by the idea of eating their cum, but only before they’ve had an orgasm. Once they climax, every bit of that desire goes away. You can humiliate your cuckold continually by making him eat his cum every time he has an orgasm.

You don’t need a reason other than he’s a cuckold and you’re his wife and it’s what you want. He might fight you, but eventually he’ll relent. He wants you to fuck other men. He wants you to tease him about it. He wants you to reward him with the chance to lick your pussy. Just make it clear that if he doesn’t consume his cum after every orgasm, he gets none of those things. He’ll be your little cum slut before you know it.

Make Your Husband Your Waiter/Servant/Slave for an Evening

Invite your lover over for the evening. Have your husband greet him at the door, take his coat, and offer him a drink. Have dinner together and make your cuckold act as your waiter. Make him see to your every need for the evening, like he’s your servant.

It will be most thrilling and humiliating if you extend his service to your sexual play. Have him undress you as your lover watches. Have him prepare your pussy with his tongue. If you’ve delved into bisexual play, have him fluff your lover to get him hard for you. Treat him like a borderline slave and you’ll deepen his humiliation.

Give Your Cuckold Cock-Flavored Kisses

Invite your husband to join you on your knees in front of your lover. Make him watch as you give a sensual, sexy blowjob. Show him how much you love sucking your lover’s big cock. Then, pull your mouth off the thick erection and share a long, deep tongue kiss with your cuckold. Ask him “How does his cock taste, cucky?”

This is especially good for couples that have yet to delve into bisexual play (or those that will never cross that boundary). To watch you eagerly devour another man’s cock is humiliating enough, so pulling him to share kisses right after you’ve pulled your mouth off that dick doubles down on those delightful feelings. Do it over and over, and make sure that there’s plenty of dirty talk to go along with it.

Have a Friend Spank Him

Spanking can be so much more humiliating for your cuckold if you involve a friend. You can be up front about it too. Tell your husband that you’ve invited your friend over because you need someone else to understand just how inadequate he is. Then, have him strip to show her his small cock before he bends over her knees and takes a spanking.

You need to make sure your friend is fully on board and understands that what you’re doing isn’t to be discussed outside of your house. There’s no need to completely destroy your husband by inviting a friend that will blab to everyone she knows about your marriage. If you have that trust, and she happens to be kinky, then ask her over to give your cuckold husband’s ass a hard spanking.

Make Your Cuckold Masturbate in a Condom Filled with Your Lover’s Cum

First you get the pleasure of having sex with your lover. Feel free to take your time and make it especially arousing for your cuckold. If he can be trusted to masturbate without cumming, let him do it. This will work better if he’s really turned on by the time you offer him the condom.

After your lover has ejaculated in the condom, carefully pull it off of him and offer it to your husband. Make sure you haven’t informed him of your plans. It will be more humiliating if it’s a surprise.

Inform him that if he wants to orgasm he’ll have to put on the used condom and bathe his cock in your lover’s cum while he masturbates. Chances are good he’ll do it without hesitation.

Begin a Regular Cum Feeding Practice

For the purposes of this idea, cum feeding is the act of you literally feeding your cuckold a load of semen from your pussy. It specifically involves you sitting on his face and letting the sperm seep out of your body and into his mouth.

It’s obviously very similar to him cleaning a creampie, but this act feels more dominant. This is him submissively lying on his back while you straddle his face and feed him from your pussy. It will have a different mental impact on him, and you want that.

You don’t even have to have a lover to do this. You can feed your cuckold his own loads if you haven’t begun sleeping with anyone yet. Verbal play during the cum feeding can be very helpful. Ask him if it tastes good. Tell him that he’s a good boy for eating semen out of your body. Tell him how much you love feeding him a yummy load.

Bring Your Cuckold on Vacation with You and Your Lover

It’s always fun to go on a vacation with your lover, but it’s so much more humiliating for your cuckold if you bring him along. Just think of the possibilities.

You could get a room with two beds and spend the entire vacation in your lover’s bed. You could make your cuckold listen as you have sex while he’s forbidden from masturbating or joining in any way. You could have him join in and make him suck cock, clean your pussy, etc.

You absolutely should have your cuckold serve the both of you. Make him bring your bags to your room. Make him cover all the bills. Make him rub sunscreen on the both of you. It’s vacation, and anything goes. Feel free to treat him like little more than a servant. The humiliation of it will thrill him.

Seduce Your Husband’s Boss

There’s some obvious danger with this one that you should consider, especially in modern workplaces. You don’t want to get your husband fired, after all. Still, it can be wonderfully humiliating for him if you seduce his boss, and there are multiple ways to do it.

You could seduce his boss without sharing the knowledge that you’re a hotwife and your husband is a cuckold. You could make him think that he’s fucking a cheating wife. You could tell him that he’s incredible, that he’s so much better than your husband. Then you share it all with your cuckold and he spends the rest of his work days knowing that his boss is well aware of his sexual shortcomings.

You could also seduce his boss and share the reality of your marriage with him. You could tell him that your cuckold husband’s small cock doesn’t satisfy you, that you want a powerful, strong, sexy man to fuck you. You could fuck your husband’s boss over and over and tell him that he doesn’t need to be shy about reminding your cuckold that he’s been fucking his wife.

Recreate Your Wedding Night, Only with Your Lover Fucking You

Chances are good that you and your husband got into cuckolding long after you were married. Chances are also good that he’s had a fantasy about a cuckold wedding night at some point in his life. Why not make that fantasy a reality as a chance to humiliate him?

If possible, rent a room at the hotel where you spent your wedding night. If it still fits, put on your wedding dress and the lingerie you wore. Re-enact the part where you and your husband entered the hotel room (perhaps he carried you across the threshold). From that point forward, change everything.

Have your lover waiting in the room. Put your cuckold in his place immediately. Inform him that the first person to fuck your married pussy is going to be your lover because your husband’s cock is too small to satisfy you (or any reason you prefer).

From there you can use your imagination. You could make your cuckold sleep on the floor while your lover sleeps in the bed with you. You could make him orally service both of you. You could fuck him with a strapon. The possibilities are endless and they’re all humiliating for your cuckold.

Have Your Cuckold Fuck a Blow Up Doll

This is most effective if your cuckold is particularly desperate for an orgasm, so try for multiple weeks of denial before you introduce the blow up doll. He still won’t want to do it, of course, but if you tell him it’s the only way he’s allowed to orgasm, he’ll embrace his humiliation and slide his disappointing little cock into the rubber pussy of the blow up doll.

To enhance everyone’s pleasure, don’t tell your cuckold he’ll be fucking a blow up doll that evening. Just tell him that he’s going to have the pleasure of an orgasm. Get him all worked up with touching and kissing. Get him to that place of lusty madness – much easier if he hasn’t cum in a long time – and then bring the blow up doll out of the closet, lay it in the bed, and instruct your cuckold to fuck it. As always, the delivery matters, so here are a few examples of what you might say to make his humiliation a little deeper, and a little more exciting:

“That’s the only pussy you’re getting for a long time, cuckold, so you can fuck that rubber slut or you can fuck no one.”
“You’re certainly not fucking me anytime soon, so I’d take what you can get, cuck.”
“That’s right, cucky. A blow up doll is the only kind of woman that will ever have any interest in having your cock inside her.”

You don’t have to have your bull watch, but the experience will be more humiliating for your cuckold if he does. If you want to make it extra humiliating, you and your bull could fuck on one side of the bed while your cuckold fucks the blow up doll on the other side. As he gets closer to his orgasm, pay closer attention to him. Laugh at how pathetic he looks as he’s about to cum inside a blow up doll and I guarantee you’ll deepen the pleasure of his orgasm.

Extreme Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

Have Him Fluff Your Lover

Want to push your cuckold’s boundaries? Have him suck your lover’s cock to get him nice and hard for your pussy. Have your lover stand and order your cuckold to fall to his knees in front of the superior man. Order him to suck cock, to get that big beautiful dick hard for you.

You can deepen his humiliation with verbal encouragement/taunting:
“You’re such a good cocksucker, cuckold.”
“Do you like being a cocksucker?”
“What a nasty cock slut you are.”

If your lover is comfortable with it, having him join the verbal play can be deeply humiliating for your cuckold. Hearing another man call him a good cocksucker or a slut will put him in his place as a cuckold.

Have Him Suck Your Lover’s Balls

There are a couple of fun ways to do this. While you’re going down on your lover, invite your husband to join you and have him suck on those big balls. It might be a little difficult to find enough room for the both of you, but it’s worth it. If you can’t both fit in there, pull your mouth off and have your cuck suck his nuts for a bit.

To increase the humiliation, have him suck your lover’s balls while you’re getting fucked. This is easiest if your lover is sitting in a chair or on the couch and you’re on top. Have him slide his ass forward until his balls are right at the edge and then invite your cuckold to get in there and take those nuts into his mouth.

Have Him Rim Your Lover’s Ass

Your lover needs to be extra clean back there (he should shower right before sex, to be honest) but it’s deliciously humiliating to make your cuckold rim his asshole while you’re getting fucked. This is easiest to accomplish during doggystyle with your lover standing while you’re in the bed.

Have your cuckold get on his knees behind your lover. He should have a beautiful view of your pussy being filled. Let him watch for a little while, and then order your cuckold to eat out your lover’s asshole. As an added benefit, your lover will get to enjoy a rimjob while he’s inside you.

Strapon Fuck Your Husband

Strapon sex (sometimes referred to as pegging) isn’t necessarily humiliating. Lots of couples indulge in pegging without any element of humiliation. That’s why I’m calling this a strapon fucking. Let’s think of this as something a little different. You’re savaging his asshole. You’re making him your bitch. You’re taking away a little part of his manhood as you pound him with your strapon cock.

Extra humiliation: Either buy a dildo that’s a close facsimile to your lover’s or buy a make-your-own-dildo kit and make an exact copy of his cock and then fuck your cuckold with it. While you’re doing so, rain verbal humiliation down on him. “Do you like his cock in your ass, cuckold?” Getting fucked by your lover’s dick while you’re wielding it should be sufficiently humiliating for any cuckold.

Make Him Clean a Creampie

Once you’ve started having unprotected sex with your lover, it’s worth making your husband clean up another man’s cum. Presumably he’s cumming inside you – why deny yourself that pleasure? – and that alone can be wonderfully humiliating for your cuckold. Take it to the next level and make him clean that creampie.

After your lover has cum inside you, invite your cuckold between your legs. Let him admire another man’s cum as it leaks out of you, and then order him to clean it up. “Clean me, cuckold. Clean his cum out of me.” Verbal play can significantly increase the humiliation and pleasure your cuck feels. “This is your place, cuckold. Eating another man’s cum out of your wife’s pussy is your place. Now be a good boy and clean me.”

Make a Girlfriend Babysit Your Cuckold as You Fuck Your Lover

This is a delightful form of humiliation that requires you having a friend that’s totally on board. You invite that friend over to babysit your husband while you’re out fucking your lover. It works best if you have a reason. The simplest is that you don’t trust him not to masturbate and your friend is there to ensure he’s a good boy all night long.

If you want to deepen the humiliation, tell your friend to engage with your cuckold. “How does it feel to know that your wife is getting fucked by a bigger, better cock right now, cuckold?” is an effective question that will put him into a place of deep cuckold humiliation, especially if he’s forced to answer. Have your friend make it clear you’ve told her all about how good your lover is in bed and how much better he is than your cuckold husband.

Have Your Cuckold Take a Facial from Your Lover

You’ll have to consult with your lover beforehand, but if he’s willing to give your husband a facial it will be deliciously humiliating. As long as you know your cuckold will go along with almost anything, it’s best to keep it a surprise. Play along as if you’re going to stick to the normal routine (whatever that might be), and then as your lover is getting close to his climax, order your husband to his knees.

It should be as simple as saying, “He’s going to cum on your face.” If he’s a good hubby, he’ll wait to be covered in another man’s spunk. He’ll be anxious, aroused, excited, and humiliated before anything happens. When thick ropes of cum are sprayed across his face, he’ll unquestionably feel the humiliation. If you’re feeling naughty, call him a cum slut or tell him he looks good with another man’s cum on his face.

Make Hubby Drink Your Lover’s Cum from a Glass

Whenever your husband consumes your lover’s cum it’s humiliating, but there are so many delicious ways to do it that it’s worth trying them all. In this case, you’ll pour your lover’s cum out of a condom and into a drink and make your husband drink it while you both watch.

After your lover has cum, have your cuckold prepare the drink. A clear liquid works best – Vodka or Gin would be perfect – as he’ll be able to see the semen in the glass before he drinks it. Hand your husband the condom and watch as he pours it into the drink. Then encourage him to drink it down. “Does his cum taste good, cucky?” is a nice way to humiliate him as he’s consuming another man’s seed.

Make Your Cuckold Clean Your Lover’s Cum of Your Engagement Ring

As your lover is about to cum, have him pull out and shoot his cum on your wedding band and engagement ring. Hold your hand on your stomach so he won’t make a massive mess with his cumshot. Once he’s finished, have your cuckold come right over and clean up the cum.

The act of licking another man’s semen off the ring he gave you to propose marriage is a beautiful form of humiliation. It will linger long after he’s done it and you can bring it up over and over again.

Find a Bisexual Guy to Fuck Your Husband

For a straight man, the act of being anally penetrated by another guy is deeply humiliating. That’s why you’re going to convince your cuckold to bend over for another man and take it up the ass.

This isn’t something you want to force him into. You need to convince him that he wants it, or at least convince him to submit to it for your pleasure. That should be easy enough to do, honestly. Most straight husbands will freak out at the notion that getting fucked makes them gay, but if he’s doing it for you, it has no impact on his sexuality.

Orgasm denial with lots of teasing is the best way to warm him up to the idea. While you’re slowly stroking his cock, tell him the idea of watching him get fucked turns you on. Tell him how badly you want him to take another man’s dick in his ass. Tell him how badly you want him to submit to cock for you.

This works best if you really are turned on by it. It can be that bisexual play turns you on, that your husband’s submission turns you on, or that you genuinely enjoy humiliating him. When he finally gets fucked, you should be involved. Play with his cock as he’s taking it anally, or let him lick your pussy and give you pleasure. It all works.

Make Your Cuckold Clean an Anal Creampie

You need to be extra clean before you do this, but once you are there’s little risk of harm coming to your cuckold when he eats another man’s cum out of your asshole. It’s that extra bit of filthiness that introduces a higher level of humiliation to this behavior.

This works even better if your lover is the only one permitted to have anal sex with you. Have your cuckold watch and remind him of that fact while you’re being taken anally. Then, urge your lover to cum inside you so your cucky can clean it up (also, play with your clit while you’re having anal sex as it will make it even better).

Have your cuckold approach you from behind while you’re on your hands and knees. There likely won’t be much cum to clean up at that point, but there should be plenty of left over moisture from the sex. Have him lick it up. If the creampie is leaking out, have him clean that too. Chances are good you’ll have to sit on his face to effectively lick your lover’s cum from your asshole. That’s even better.

Strapon Fuck Your Cuckold as He Blows Your Lover

Have your cuckold get on his hands and knees and take your lover’s cock into his mouth. Tell him, “That’s it baby, suck his cock. Be a good little cocksucker for me,” while you lube his asshole to be penetrated by your strapon.

Gently push inside him as he continues to suck cock. Make sure you’re using a dildo that will fit inside him with ease. Once you’re inside your cuckold, find a rhythm with your lover and spit roast him properly. You fuck his ass and your lover fucks his mouth.

Want to up the ante? Treat him to verbal humiliation. “You’re such a slut, taking cock from both ends,” is a good place to start. You can have your lover get it on the action too, asking your cuckold if his cock tastes good, etc.

Have a Friend Strapon Fuck Him

We’ve talked about how taking a strapon ass fucking can humiliate your cuckold husband, but you can go deeper. Invite a friend over to do it. Humiliate him in front of another woman, and one that’s anally pounding him.

This should include lots of verbal play, so make sure your friend understands how you want to do it. You should have a sense of how much your husband can take and how harsh you want to be with him.

Because your friend will be fucking him (doggystyle, preferably) you can be more intimate with your husband. Look him in the eyes. Kiss him. Ask him, “Does her cock feel good in your ass, cuckold?” Make him answer. Tell her to spank his ass while she’s fucking him. If she’s comfortable with it, have her get verbal too. She could say things like, “Take my cock, cuck. Take my dick up your ass you little slut.” It will all be intensely humiliating.

Have Your Cuckold Wear Your Cum Filled Panties

This one works best if you’re having unprotected sex with your lover. Whether your cuckold is watching or not, enjoy the incredible sex you typically have with your lover. After he cums inside you, quickly put on your panties. It’s best to choose a pair that will do a fairly good job of holding the cum in them as it leaks out of you. If it can also be a pair that your cuckold would find extra humiliating to wear, even better (maybe pink satin with frilly bows).

Wait long enough for most of your lover’s cum to leak out of your pussy and into your panties. Once it has, pull the panties off and hand them to your cuckold. Make him wear them.

The humiliation of wearing your panties will be significantly increased by having to do so while they’re full of your lover’s cum. Make him spend hours with another man’s semen soaking into his balls and resting against his small cock.

As always, a little verbal humiliation can go a long way here:

“How does it feel to have a superior man’s cum in your panties, cuck?”
“Do you like the way his warm cum feels against your worthless cock, honey?”

If you’re feeling extra naughty, make your cuckold reach into your panties and play with his cock like it’s a clit. Make him use your lover’s cum as lube as he rubs the head of his dick. Make him stop before he cums.

Make Your Cuckold Completely Satisfy Your Lover

We’re in full bisexual territory here, because you’re going to make your cuckold do all the work of making your lover cum. He’s going to suck cock and he’s going to get fucked. He’s going to be you for an evening. Emphasize that point, too. He’s taking your place in pleasuring your lover. He’s doing it because you can’t.

If you want, you can tell him that you’re on your period and you just don’t want to have sex. You can also just make him do it. Even hearing you demand that he satisfy your bull will be humiliating. Having to actually do it will deepen that feeling.

Help him out by coaching him through it. Tell him how good he looks with your lover’s cock in his mouth. Tell him that he’s being such a good boy by submitting to your desires and giving a gorgeous blowjob. Play with his asshole as he’s giving head and tell him that soon he’s going to get fucked by a real man.

Have your cuckold husband get on his hands and knees. Make him beg for your lover’s cock. Tell him you want to see him get fucked. Tell him you want him to fall in love with your lover’s big dick just like you have.

Have your lover fuck your cuckold until he cums. For an extra dose of humiliation, have your lover wear a condom, and when he’s done peel it off and feed the load to your cuckold. Then, make him thank your lover for fucking him.

Send Your Cuckold to Your Lover’s House to Suck Him Off

Take your cuckold’s cocksucking to the next level by sending him to your lover’s house to suck him off without your supervision or encouragement. This works even better if you’re doing it because you’re out of town.

The next time you go on a business trip, confer with your lover beforehand and arrange for him to welcome your cuckold to his home. Then inform your cuckold that he needs to step in for you and see to your lover’s sexual needs by sucking him off in your stead.

This is a wonderful form of bisexual cuckold humiliation. It may take a little convincing, but you’ll get him there eventually. Make sure you emphasize that your cuckold is doing it for you. Let him know that it would make you exceptionally happy if he were to suck your lover’s cock and swallow his load when you’re not able to. If he does it once, you can make him do it again and again.

Feed Him a Load of Your Lover’s Cum from a Condom

Consuming another man’s cum is wonderfully humiliating for a cuckold. It works on a deep, primal level and is a great way of putting him in his place.

You can deepen his humiliation by coming up with a variety of ways to get him to consume your lover’s cum. A simple, exceptionally hot way of doing it is to have your lover cum in a condom and then feed your cuckold that cum.

You can make it more humiliating by making a little production out of it. Dip the tip of the condom in his mouth. Make him suck your juices off of it. Make him beg for the pleasure of eating your lover’s cum.

Then, put the open end in his mouth and lift the cum-filled tip. Make sure the cum slides down the condom slowly. You want your cuckold to have to live with the anticipation for a little while. Finally, make him hold the cum in his mouth before he swallows. Make him show it to you. Then give him the instruction to consume your lover’s load.

Make Your Cuckold Consume Your Lover’s Cum in Public

You will need to be subtle about this, but it can be deeply humiliating to make your cuckold consume your lover’s cum in public. He’ll be torn between a deep desire to submit to your naughty request and a desire to hide the fact that he’s a cum eating cuckold. It will be so sexy.

The easiest way to do it is to mix your lover’s cum into a drink. Bars and lounges are usually dark so you’ll likely be able to pour it from a condom and into the drink without anyone noticing. Then your cuckold is free to enjoy delicious sips of a cum-flavored drink as you all hang out together. Plus, you can offer a little extra humiliation via the manner in which you extract the cum. Make him watch you fuck your lover in the car to collect the cum. Slip into the bathroom as he waits at the bar, knowing full well that his wife is fucking another man.

If you’re in the mood to be a little bolder, you could have your lover cum inside you, let it leak out into your panties, and then make your cuckold lick them clean in public. It’s best not to do something that could get you arrested, but feel free to be as imaginative as you want with this one.

Have Your Cuckold Give You Both Post-Workout Rimjobs

Your cuckold almost certainly loves licking asshole. It’s a little humiliating on its own and it makes him feel delightfully submissive. If you want to humiliate him a little more, amp things up by making your cuckold give you and your lover a rimjob right after you finish a workout.

The idea is that your asses will be sweaty and perhaps a little ripe. Make your cuckold clean up all that sweat, and make sure you emphasize that’s why he’s doing it. He’s using his tongue to clean you both up. Eating a sweaty, salty, potentially smelly ass is humiliating, but the fact that you’re just using him is humiliating too.

You can deepen that portion of the humiliation by engaging in a casual conversation with your lover as your cuckold cleans both your asses with his tongue. You can act like he’s not even there. You can also try and make it lusty if you want. If you happen to be aroused by receiving a rimjob, then let your cuckold get you both going and fuck after he’s done.


Aftercare is of the utmost importance to any relationship delving into kinky, BDSM-related play. The same is true of your cuckold relationship. While your husband might find humiliation exceptionally arousing, it can also be emotionally damaging. Aftercare is meant to soothe any emotional pain he might have suffered and return your relationship to a normal state.

This article does a great job of detailing aftercare in BDSM relationships. Cuckold humiliation, as detailed in my article, doesn’t always fall into a “scene.” After all, if you’re making an offhanded comment about your husband’s small cock while you’re at dinner or mentioning how much you’d like to sleep with a guy you just flirted with, you’re not doing so within the confines of scene, at least in the traditional sense.

That means you have to engage in aftercare a little differently, but most of the time it will be pretty simple. Tell your husband you love him. Show him physical affection. Compliment the things he does well. Ultimately, the humiliation damages his ego (while turning him on like nothing else). You need to counterbalance that in other areas. If you’re not prepared to do so, you shouldn’t engage in cuckold humiliation play.

Your Ideas

What did I miss? I’m sure there are lots more naughty ideas for cuckold humiliation out there and I’d love to hear them. Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll update the post with any original ideas that I missed.

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    1. I guess that depends on what you mean by beaten. If you’re talking about a spanking, that’s fine (that’s actually one of the ideas). If you’re talking about a genuine beating (punching, kicking, that sort of thing), then I’d say no. To me, that’s the sort of thing that should remain a fantasy or that you should create with a mistress that’s controlling the action and doing it in a safe space.

    2. One thing that I enjoy imagining is that my wife allows me to have sex with her in the missionary position while her lover is there as part of a threesome. At some point she holds my face in her hands, kisses me, looks me in the eyes and then tells me that she wants her lover to fuck me while I am inside her. She wants to feel his thrusts through me. She continues to look at me, kiss me, and encourage me and/or ask me questions about how it feels, if I love her, do I want him to fuck me deeper or harder. I get off when i imagine her telling him that she wants him to fuck me harder. Or that she wants him to cum in me, and that I can’t cum until he is done.

    3. I think that the cuckold should be strapped, whipped and bitch slapped by the bull. The cuckold has to learn that the Bull is his Master to be obeyed without hesitation.

  1. Fantastic list of cuckold ideas. I think we have done most of them.

    I would add a few:
    -Make hubby pay for all of wifes dates
    -Give credit card to wifes lover to use for anything he wants
    -Clean lovers house while he fucks your wife
    -Lay in 2 piece bikini to get sexy tan lines

  2. My wife and I have moved from swinging, to hotwifing (Stag/vixen), to bordering on cuckolding.
    We’re going to Desire in a few weeks, and I’m turned on that everyone will see that I have the smallest cock at the resort. They’ll know my wife fucks all the men while I watch, or sit at the bar, or stay at the pool. I’d love to hear my wife acknowledge how much better she likes all of the other cocks, and how none of the women want mine. I stopped participating in swinging because I couldn’t get over one woman being visibly disappointed when she saw my cock, now that it is part of my psyche, it’s just a huge turn on. Nothing would be better than to hear her ask another couple to take her to their room so she could enjoy a decent sized cock, or explain that I’ll just be watching, because I can’t satisfy anyone and have all three of them talk about how good she feels getting fucked by a real cock and how I won’t even be able to feel her when I finally get my sloppy seconds.
    My wife wouldn’t read this article if I asked. Any ideas on how to hint that I like my small penis to be humiliated? I think the phrasing needs to be just right. If I comment that it’s small, I think she’ll just be kind and lie that it gets the job done.

    1. It’s hard to give this kind of advice without knowing you or your wife. I think you’re right that it needs to be phrased just right, though. It’s likely that your wife loves you and that she’s nice, which is why she doesn’t want to say anything that she might see as hurting your feelings. There’s also the possibility that she would find it difficult to openly admit to herself that you come up short in some areas. Consider that for a moment. Would you really want to focus on what seems like a flaw in your life partner? That can be difficult to do. That being said, I think there are a few ways to approach it.

      1) You can try and convince her that she’s actually being kind to you, in a way, by letting you know that she prefers other, bigger cocks or pointing out that yours isn’t big enough to satisfy her. It might take a while for her to come around to the idea, but it’s worth trying to make that clear.

      2) You could try and focus on the other guy. Assuming most of them have bigger cocks, see if you can get her to talk about how good his big cock felt. I will say here that size genuinely doesn’t matter to some women. Some need and/or enjoy a big cock and some don’t care. The orgasm tends to come from clitoral stimulation for most women and a big cock doesn’t always matter because of that. That being said, it’s worth trying to make clear that you find it arousing if she’s having sex with someone with a big cock. By focusing on his size she could arouse you without ever mentioning your small cock, if she finds it difficult to directly humiliate your cock.

      3) If she’s willing, you could try having sex with her using a cock sheath or a strapon (that you’d wear). In that case, all she would have to do is talk about how good it feels and she would indirectly be humiliating your cock.

      As with almost all things cuckolding, patience will be required. It may just take your wife a long time to come to terms with the notion that you find humiliation pleasurable. That’s why I think open discussions can be really helpful, but not everyone is willing to engage in that sort of thing. Still, the fact that you’re going to Desire means that she’s wide open sexually, so with patience you should get what you want.

      I would add just one more thing. The more fetishistic your desire for small penis humiliation feels to your wife, the more likely she is to be afraid to do it. If you’re giving off a creepy, needy vibe (I’m not saying you are; I have no idea) she may find the idea of doing it a little bit off-putting. If you’re able to talk to her about it in a calm, collected, thoughtful way she may understand it a little better and find it easier to do for you.

      1. My wife would never say that I have a small cock. She tells me that she loves my cock. So, I approached it with my wife by telling her that I find it extremely arousing when I see her with a man with a bigger cock. Her primary lover has a cock much larger than mine. I let her know that I love to see her play with it, and that I love to see how it fills her up. I then ask her to tell me how it feels inside of her. She tells me it feels wonderful and that it makes her orgasms much stronger. After each session she’ll talk about his wonderful, big cock. So, she never says that my cock is small (it its), but she indirectly tells me that by telling me how much she likes big cocks, and I get off by hearing her talk about his size. Problem solved.

  3. Thank you so much for this; you’re very perceptive!
    Your #2 suggestion is working really well. She’s not a size queen, but she does come fairly easily from internal stimulation. She always uses a vibrator when we have sex, but she only uses it with other guys during anal sex (which they all get and I haven’t gotten in years).
    Last night we were doing a bit of dirty talk during sex, and I asked why she only uses that with me. She said “…because they’re bigger.”!
    I couldn’t believe it; I came instantly! I’d only dropped a couple of hints since your reply, and she got it. This morning she shook my morning wood with just a finger and thumb and said, “Aww, look whose up already.” I’m not imagining things, she’s never just used two fingers, she definitely got that I really liked her comparing me last night. She’s still testing the waters; she doesn’t want to go too far, but I love it, and it’s making me so horny that’s she’s on her way to admitting (out loud) that she’s cuckolding me because her other lovers are better.

  4. Great humiliation ideas.

    Have you considered the fantasy of the hot wife pretending to fall in love with her boyfriend? And telling/humiliating her husband about it.

    Or the wife partly moving in with her boyfriend or alternatively have her boyfriend move in to the married home?

    Even falling in love with the boyfriend and being seen in public with him

    1. Those are interesting ideas. When I revise the list I’ll add something related to them. It feels like a more delicate thing to me, which is why I left it out in the first place. While I get that the idea of the hotwife falling in love with her boyfriend can be hugely arousing, it can also be really dangerous so I get a little nervous writing about it.

      1. It is dangerous but it is also the most humiliating! Having you hot wife fall in love with her lover/boyfriend. I think when you get to the extremes part this should be in there. Myself and the wife have done most of these, now she’s talking about moving in with her lover. Which I’ve understood and except it but it is the most humiliating and has me so aroused that she fell in love with her lover and wants to move in with him, while I’m home and still locked up in my chastity.

  5. I think the idea about the cuckold wearing his wife’s lingerie could be made better by making him wear some used panties which are cum stained after sex.
    Perhaps going to out to work etc with fresh cum in them while he is caged.
    Just an idea.

  6. A really hot variation on the cuckold 69 is, wife on her back, cuckold laying down somewhat sideways with his face and mouth right above her pussy, giving him a perfect view of the Bull’s cock as he fucks the wife and the Bull can then alternate fucking the wife’s pussy and the cuckold’s mouth, alternating back and forth with each stroke. It’s up to the wife or the bull if he cums in her pussy or the cuck’s mouth!

    1. Yes, that’s excellent. I’d like to do a post detailing all the different positions to use where the cuckold can be in close proximity to the action happening between his wife and her bull.

      1. My wife luvs the me under her 69. One of her other favs is to ride him cowgirl, big boobs in his face and have my tounge up her ass as she grinds. Has me luck n suck his balls then too.

  7. I really liked the way you structured the article from light to extreme, though I’d personally switch the order about a bit – I guess it’s just a case of how each individual perceives each idea; something I’d find really humiliating, you might not, and vise versa.

    What I most like about the cuckolding lifestyle is that the wife can enjoy the practicalities and comfort of a submissive beta husband, whilst fulfilling her sexual desires with a more alpha male. Quite often, alpha men can either great in bed, but not the best partner, whereas beta men can make for great partners, without being able to completely fill her sexual desires. With this lifestyle, she can have her cake and eat it, the alpha male (lover) gets to have sex with somebody’s wife (and possibly on a regular basis), and the beta hubby gets to be with, and make the woman of his dreams as happy as he can possibly make her. Society tells men that should not ever wish to be the beta male, and that taking up such a role would be as a last resort, and would be humiliating for the man to live with. But if humiliation is a turn on, then cuckolding is a perfect way to express it.

    With this in mind, here are some of my ideas, which could fall within the advanced-extreme cuckolding, as per your lists:

    – Hubby takes up a part-time second job to fund expensive dates and fun holidays for his wife and lover, which hubby will not be invited to.
    – Hubby has to periodically offer his detailed gratitude to his wife’s lover for giving his wife what hubby himself cannot, and/or for generally being the better alpha male.
    – Hubby, wifey & lover spend a day/weekend together, but wifey does not speak to, or even acknowledge her hubby, with the lover being the one to give orders to hubby.
    – Hubby gives both his wife and her lover a foot massage whilst they’re cuddling on the couch, talking and/or making out.
    – Hubby drives wifey to lover’s house, and hubby spring cleans the lover’s place, whilst the lover and wifey have fun in the bedroom.

    These ones are probably a bit OTT, and probably should be kept strictly to fantasy, as some of these will almost certainly emotionally damage cucky hubby on a long term basis, and the wife would have to be borderline sociopathic to actually go through with these:

    – Wifey shares hubby’s deepest and most embarrassing secrets with her lover, in front of hubby, after which they both spend time mocking hubby about it together, and bring it up periodically in future.
    – Wifey sleeps with somebody she knows hubby doesn’t like.
    – Wifey and lover have a threesome with one of hubby’s family members (mother/sister/etc).
    – Hubby is kept in permanent chastity, and is only ever allowed to orgasm through prostate milking or ruined handjobs, and these forms of relief only occur rarely (once a month) due to health.

    1. These are great suggestions! Thanks so much. Some of them will definitely make it into the revised version of the post.

  8. – Blow Your Lover, Hold His Cum in your mouth and spit it to Your Cuckold nose, eyes and mouth.
    – Go off the pills. (optional: Have sex with two or more lovers with a condom on). they cum in condoms. Make your cuckold pour their semen inside you.
    – wear your bridal dress and Let your lover rip it in front of your cuckold. (you can make small holes with scissors for better tearing)
    – make your cuckold to put a chastity, dress like girls and make up, tie him to a chair in front of a mirror. now have sex roughly with your lover behind your cuckold.

    1. I like the lovers condoms with cum in them , the cuck pours the cum into her pussy. So in effect he’s making you pregnant.

  9. What a wonderful list and what a delicious attitude you have. Many of what you’ve listed, from mild to extreme, my wife and I have done and loved. My favorites we’ve done were fluffing, then guiding him into my wife along with being taken anally by any of my wife’s lovers. Here’s some suggestions from my cuckold mind, although some may just be variations on a theme you’ve already suggested.
    1. A variation on making your husband sleep in the guest room. This is best done on a Friday or Saturday night so you have time the next morning. Have your cuck give a house key to your lover to use whenever he wants. Set it up with your lover in advance and right at bedtime, send a text message to him. Your lover comes in just as you two are settling in and sends your cuck to the guest room. If he can cook, give him a breakfast order with instructions to wake the two of you when ready. Make sure you’re both, uncovered, nude and lovingly entwined when your cuck announces breakfast. Another variation of this is to have your cuck sleep on a pallet right next to the bed while you and your lover sleep together.
    2. This works best if one of your lover lives fairly close to you and if your husband is very submissive. Again, set this up in advance with your lover. Just as you and your cuckold are in bed starting foreplay and without his knowledge, send a text alert to your lover. He calls you back immediately to come over to his place for a couple of hours of sex. When you get home, drag your cuck back to bed and give him sloppy seconds. When this really happened to us, it wasn’t a set-up, just a happy coincidence but it was so humiliating to see my wife jump up out of bed, put on only a dress and shoes then head out the door. When she got home, knowing she was so wet from and I was fucking her through his cum, my normal 1 minute ejaculation was only a little over 20 seconds.
    3. This one, a wife must be very sure of how her cuck with react. Engage in some castration play. While fondling your cuck, hold his balls and say something like, “You know, now that I have (lover’s name) to fuck me, I don’t see why you need these balls anymore. So (lover’s name) and I are setting up an appointment at a clinic for you. It will be so cute to have a sexless pet eunuch.” Or, if your lover uses your cuck anally, he can say something on the order of, “I don’t think there’s really room for more than one man in this relationship. I think we’ll have you castrated and then the only time you’ll feel a man’s balls will be mine slapping between your legs when I fuck your ass.”
    4. On the dress slutty for your lover, you could do a variation of this. On a cool/cold winter day, drive to your lover’s house wearing only lingerie and a coat. Make sure your cuck helps you dress and watches you put on your coat to leave. When you get home, tell your cuck in detail how short a time it took before your lover was fucking you.
    5. Go to dinner with your lover and your cuckold. Pick a place that has booths and sit on the side with your lover across from your cuck. Arrive with your cuck but when dinner is over go home with your lover, leaving your cuck to pay the bill. If appropriate, as an added humilation, your lover can tell your cuck as you leave, “I’ll bring your wife home in the morning,” making sure others overhear.

  10. I forgot a couple I meant to include.
    1. Keep a scrapbook of things that have to do with your lovers. Put a photo of you and a lover on the cover and leave it out all the time where your cuckold can see it. As an example, my wife keeps the covers off matchbooks from hotels/restaurants (most don’t have these anymore), napkins with hotel/restaurant names on them, flattened condom packets from new lovers, ticket stubs from movies, theme parks, etc., little squares of wrapping paper from presents (birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day). Basically, keep anything that will torment your cuck.
    2. Keep a diary. Write down a detailed description of everything your lovers do to you. Describe your orgasms, especially if they are far superior to those your cuck gives you (if you allow him to give them to you). Also detail your emotions, how you felt about accepting a man from outside your marriage inside your body. You can do all of this with a regular bound notebook or get a locking diary. Whichever you do, make sure your cuck understands what you are writing about. If you do get a locking diary, make sure you “accidentally” leave it unlocked after every five or six meetings so he can read about your lovers.

  11. This will only work if You keep your husband in chastity for extended periods of time. About two weeks before Christmas suggest to Your cuckold that You would enjoy going on vacation with Your lover right after the holidays, and that You would love for Your cuckold to help with planning , research, and have him accompany You and Your lover to the travel agent to book and pay for the trip. A very humiliating icing on the humiliation cake would be to have Your cuckold husband book the air tickets and hotel reservations in Your married name and Your lovers. Upon returning from the travel agent lock Your cuckold husband in his chastity device and informing him that he will be kept wearing it through the holidays and Your vacation. Also inform him that he will be taking his vacation at the same time You and Your lover are gone and staying with Your closest single Girlfriend to act as Her servant. She of course will have a key to Your cuckold husbands chastity device and tell Her to have fun with Your cuckold husband while Your gone. Have Your cuckold and Girlfriend pick You and Your lover at the airport, go back to Your Girlfriend friends place for a cocktail party. Have Your cuckold serve drinks in the nude, as You, Your lover and Girlfriend discuss how much fun they had. After several rounds of drinks have Your cuckold sit in a straight back chair, and present him a gift thanking him for being such a giving husband. As he unwraps the gift, release Your Cuckold from the chastity device and have him start to masturbate as he views the contents of the box, all the used condoms from the trip! As he continues to beat off under Your instructions, have him tilt his head back as You unwrap the condoms and slowly feed him the contents, much to amusement of all present.

    1. Do not give the key to your friend, but make him write a romantic story about his idea of ​​how you spend the holidays with your bull and when you return make him read it in front of public. If you like it and he performs well, you will reward him, but let him think that the reward will be unlocking the cage and reward him with something else – for example, the right to watch a video of your vacation with the bull, which may not even be with sexual content, and unlocking the device … well, it can wait. You are not in the mood now. You will unlock it when you feel that the moment has come.

  12. An add-on to the extreme humiliation would be to have him smell/sniff the lover’s asshole without being allowed to rim. This would be a first thing every time the lover comes home to fuck the wife. Only sniffing the lover’s asshole till the wife likes. The humiliation aspect would be high as the lover has come after a long day at work. The cuckold should start loving this aspect and get aroused at the though everytime he knows that the lover is coming.

  13. I really like the story of the cuck getting fucked while he eats the wifes pussy, that was very erotic. And the added part of the bull cumming in the chucks ass was super. That would make a great vacation story where the couple go to an island resort and the cuck has to prepare or flff multiple bulls for a wife gang bang and the waiting bulls use both hole of the cuck while they wait their turn

  14. I realy like the vacation were the cuck services multiple bulls while the wife takes them on. The cuck could be made to wear panties the thong type as beach wear with the chasity devices on.

  15. Hello Becca,

    As a white woman I love your posts on cuckolding.
    Thanks to interracial cuckolding my marriage has become much better. I am very grateful for the life that my husband and I have.


  16. You recommended this:

    “Make Your Husband Beg Your Lover to Fuck You”.
    I have made my husband do this. It was a tremendous turn-on for all three of us.
    I have also ordered my husband to beg my lover to give me a black baby. It was truly amazing how hot it was.

  17. The lover is going to piss in the bathroom and he and my wife ask me to accompany them. He orders me to kneel by his side, takes out his cock and places the trunk between my lips while he begins to pee. My wife hugs him and kisses him.
    When he has just urinated, he shakes his cock from my face and we go to the living room. He sits on the couch with my wife at his side, who hugs him, caresses him and kisses him.
    They order me between the two, to place myself between the legs of the male and suck his cock. I obey and begin to lick the head cleaning the rest of urine, then eat all the member …, I put it in my mouth to reach my tongue with your balls. I enjoyed it for a while! I got stuck but between them two prevented me from taking the member out of my mouth, holding my head with his hands.
    I could feel when the corneador tensed his legs and a scream came out of his throat. His cock began to flood my palate and my tongue. I let his discharges rest for a moment on my tongue to savor his taste between salty and acid, and then let them run down my throat, but there were so many jets of cum that he ejaculated, that I could not contain them all in my mouth, I let a part of the white liquid escape through my lips, so that they ran down the trunk of his cock, until I reached his balls and the hole in his ass.

    I finished sucking the cock of and dedicated myself to clean it with my tongue, from its balls to the tip of its beak, and when I thought I had finished with my homework, my wife grabbed me by the hair and said: “you still do not finish your job! “” It has semen the hole of the ass “” clean it well with your tongue …, do not leave a single drop of cum in your ass !!! “If you do not comply with my order and we will take you to the Bath for my lover to urinate in your mouth.

  18. One thing my wife and I have done still turns me on and I’m 70 now…..When my wife’s lover has cum inside her I get to suck the last few drops from his cock as it deflates and then bury my face into her dripping wet pussy tongue first. I considered this my reward for making a good love nest for her and her lover to enjoy.
    I’ve also given her lover a blow job while he sucks on my wife’s boobs—–Great fun. Guess I’m just a sissy cuckold at heart.

  19. I have fantasized about my hotwife telling me that I’d have to take a chance that she could get impregnated. I could role a dice and gave even number decide if she takes her birth control. Etc. It is a turn on to have the wife try risky pregnancy sex with her lovers while I am denied or told to use condoms.

  20. My wife keeps me in thight chastity 24/7. Since april She has denied me to penetrate her.
    She now has 3 diferent lovers. I clean her everytime… I am the luckiest man alive ❤️🔐

  21. My wife dressed to the “nines” took me out dancing downtown one night and during
    our first round of drinks began to openly “flirt” with men sitting at the bar till one bold
    guy came to the table and asked my wife if she would like to dance! My wife said: “Yes, I would love to”.They danced to a couple of fast tunes and she kept moving close to him talking the whole time and I could not understand a word they were saying?
    My wife looked really sexy dancing in a short black evening dress and I was definitely
    jealous big time!
    My wife finally came back to the table and I asked what they were talking about but she only answered “It’s none of your business and your lucky he doesn’t turn me on!”
    That was only one of a few men who asked her to dance that night and she would not tell
    me what she was saying to them…. except they would occasionally glance my way and start laughing?!
    True story!…needed to share, love your site and shared it with my wife!

  22. 1. There is a spare bedroom right next to the main bedroom in our house which of course is where the marital bed for my wife, and I. Of course I don’t need to mention that this is also the bed of her, and her lover. My wife told me that I would be putting two air vents onto the wall that divides these two rooms.
    I bought two vents that are 10 inches high by 32 inches long. I then cut out the wall board to size on each side of the wall, and attached these in place with screws into the 2″x4″ wall studs. I was told to do this because she does not permit me to watch her, and her bull. I stay in the spare bedroom at all times when they are having their private time. I can now easily hear all of their lovemaking, and the pleasure she is getting, but will never see what is happening between them.

    2. I am rarely permitted sex with my wife, but when it is allowed by her, I have to wear a condom.
    However she tells me her bull never uses one.

    1. Albert. My wife, and I did the exact same thing but a bit differently. I bought eight vents, 9 inches by 12 inches. I put two at floor level on each side of the wall 60 inches apart from each other. Then put two additional ones 36 inches up from the floor on each side of the wall. The two up off the floor were offset a bit so I can’t attempt to look through. However sound very easily passes through now.

      Another great idea listed earlier. My wife, told me we were spending a weekend at secluded area about sixty miles away. Starting at 10:00 am on Saturday I spent alot of time sun tanning in bikini panties, and a bra. I set an alarm on my phone so it would ring every thirty minutes, and I would turn over. This resulted in incredibly visible tan lines, and I could not wear a white shirt to work for over a month. Her boyfriend loved the results.

  23. I convinced my wife to start fucking other men and now she enjoys it. The problem is that she is not humiliating me at all. How can I make her humiliate me ? What should I tell her? I wish she could read this great article

  24. We are couple from India (32 and 26) and we entered the cuckold lifestyle six months back, the reason was quite simple as I have a small penis which is not able to satisfy her. She read about cuckolding and introduced me to it and asked me that can she live a happy sexual life which I can’t provide. I agreed to it and for four months it was just about watching her taking another man’s dick and licking the creampie but since two months she has started humiliating me using other methods.
    I wear chastity cage, she makes me suck her bull’s cock and make me swallow cum, I am made to wear women dress with wig and complete makeup. Now soon she will make her bull fuck me which will be happening in front of her best friend and elder sister.

  25. Have your husband clean the house, buy your lover’s favorite wine, make the bed with new sheets and leave the house for the week end with his chastity cage on before your lover sleepover.

  26. My wife will often put me in chastity a few weeks before she meets with her lover. On the day she meets him, I’m required to help her get ready by laying her clothes/lingerie out, bathing her, shaving her legs, painting her nails, etc. I’m rarely allowed to watch them in bed, but am permitted to listen at times from the guest bedroom (another great idea already on the list!). Most recently, they required that I be kneeling in the guest bedroom with my hands cuffed behind my back. The gusset of from a pair of my wife’s well-worn panties from her morning run was placed against my nose, which I had to hold against the wall (with my nose!) during their lovemaking. It drove me crazy inhaling her sweet aroma and listening to their love making, all the while knowing he was enjoying the real thing.

    Another time, they went on short two-day vacation and she returned with a completely new — and very short — haircut. I’m a fan of short hair on women and had been asking her to cut her hair short for years, but she always refused! The kicker was that he went to the salon with her and watched her get it cut — something I would have really wanted to do — and that I wasn’t allowed to ask her any questions or even comment about her “new look.” It drove me crazy — in a great way!!

  27. Dear Becca,

    one of my favourite humiliation fetishes is where my hotwife fucks me with a strapon while the bull fucks my wife anally. This is especially deliciously humiliating since I am never allowed to fuck my wife in the ass, but the bull is. Instead, I have the honor to rim and prepare her ass for a good fuck with the bull. I love it when she wears a strapon and I am forced to perform the “rusty trombone” on her 🙂

    It is extremely humiliating and arousing, since I love being the very bottom of the bull-hotwife-cuckold relationship 😉

  28. One of the fantacies is she arrange and go with her bull to a hotel, or bringing him home, while her husband out for work or traveling. The bull will start take videos on his phone and sending it to the husband.

    Another one the bull will take her and get his own selection of permanent tattoo

  29. Thank you so much for your ideas.
    A few others:
    -Make a video of you giving your lover a blowjob while baking something for your husband (example brownies). Then have your lover cum into the brownie mix. Then bake the brownies and give them to your husband without him knowing. Show him the video after he ate one.
    -Cuckold Snapchat. Snap your husband photos or videos of yourself with your lover. Verbally abuse him while you do so. Flip off the camera, etc. You can have a lot of fun with this one.
    -Have your cuck lay on the ground as you give your lover a blowjob over him. Whenever your mouth gets full or gets some pre cum, spit it into your husbands mouth. Then make him swallow it. Repeat until he cums in your mouth. Spit that into your husbands mouth.

  30. Interesting ideas. Most I understand. How does the wife keep from developing strong feelings for the lover? Going on a romantic vacation, romantic dates, spending the night, etc.? These to me are all things that bring a woman and man closer together not just casual. Playing with a bit of fire. I’m curious what the success rate of a husband and wife is when these things happen regularly.

  31. Great piece! I’m surprised giving hubby sloppy seconds isn’t on the list though. For me, there is nothing that fucks with my head, humiliates me, and turns me on more than the feeling of using another man’s cum as lube in my own wife’s pussy. It’s especially good if you’re having reclaim sex immediately after your wife has just fucked her bull/lover/boyfriend and his dick is significantly larger, because her pussy *will* feel different and more stretched than normal. The wife’s verbal play options are limitless while hubby is trying (and failing) to measure up to the better man who just fucked her.

    For an extra cruel twist, once hubby is addicted to the feeling of his rival suitor’s cum all over his dick, the wife can produce a condom just before hubby enters her freshly fucked pussy and deny him the full sensation he now craves. The wife could tell hubby he’ll only get to have unsheathed sloppy seconds again if he admits how much he likes it or admits that he prefers fucking a wet, used pussy over a fresh, tight one.

  32. We are new to cuckolding and we liked this article. A few of these we are going to try. Thanks for the ideas/suggestions. xoxo

  33. Hello. i have a few ideas: 1) Have a generally cordial relationship with your bull and encourage their relationship (even to the point of volunteering your secrets of the bedroom); 2) Volunteer to report to the bull to have your head and pubes shaved; 3) Wear a body-stocking or leotard/tights when they are both around, and volunteer to be handcuffed as well; 4) If married, surrender your wedding band to your wife and request that she retain custody of it; 5) Surrender any and all photos of your wife/girlfriend and obey an order not to possess any.

  34. 1 very important idea that is missing seems to be – Make him wear a chasity and make him fuck the wife with a bigger strap on. My girl does this to me, and the name of the strap on is the name of her bull. She pretends as if she is having sex with him while I fuck her with a strap on which is bigger than me. This is extremely humiliating and I have no chance to get off but she enjoys the cock inside of her.

  35. My wife and I are not really into heavy humiliation, but rather a genuine romance and affection mixed with a certain level of what I sometime call, “sweet betrayal”.

    One fantasy we’ve both enjoyed on occasion is one involving going out to a fine restaurant for our anniversary. We’re both dressed to the nines, her in the proverbial, figure-hugging “little black dress”, high heels and little else. She looks absolutely breathtaking. At her design, we leave the house an hour or two before our dinner reservation and I instead drive her first to her bull’s home.

    Her bull meets us at his front door, invites us in and immediately takes control of my wife. With a well-earned sense of entitlement, he possessively grabs her sexy ass and pulls her toward him. She kisses him deeply in return, right in front of me. He slowly unzips her short dress and lets it fall to the floor, then picks her up and carries her away to his bedroom where my beloved bride spends the next hour or so on her knees, on her back and on top of this man with his thick, rigid cock buried deep in her sweet mouth and pussy.

    My wife often keeps me in chastity, so it’s not hard to imagine I might be wearing my locked cage under my clothing. Whatever the case, I obediently occupy myself alone in her bull’s living room while he absolutely ravages the woman I love. Through the open door, I can hear every whisper, every giggle, every gasp, every forceful grunt and every breathless scream in ecstasy.

    In time they both emerge from his bedroom, both naked and spent. She gives me a loving kiss that has the taste of passion and sex. I hand her her newly folded dress and she steps away to freshen her makeup and hair. He and I chat for a brief while, me fully dressed and him with that big, mostly flaccid cock hanging down between his muscled legs, still glistening with my wife’s sweet juices.

    My wife then emerges with a bright smile, looking as lovely as ever. She gives her bull a deep soulful kiss before taking my hand as we head toward the door. I shake his hand before we leave, the hand of the man who just fucked my lovely wife senseless on our own wedding anniversary, and then escort her to our car.

    The rest of the evening is one of a happily married couple out on the town. She has the confident glow of a woman well satisfied in every way imaginable. Every man we see eyes her up and down and immediately wishes he were in my shoes. Every woman we meet looks at her with knowing envy. What they would never imagine though is that only moments earlier, this lovely creature was rapturous in illicit lust, riding a big, thick cock, breathlessly clawing her nails into the strong, masculine chest of a man who was not her husband, and that the thick sperm still oozing from her naughty, stretched pussy is not mine, but that of a man twice my size and with stamina to match.

    We spend the evening together in the public eye, her tauntingly enjoying the lustful attention of everyone around her while intentionally making me squirm in my seat, whispering naughty things to me about her bull and the amazing way he makes her body tingle even hours later. When we get home, her tiny g-string panties are now slick with his seed and we make love as husband and wife. She’s still loose from him and I can still taste him on her tender flesh, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I love my wife.

  36. Thank You Becca,

    Those are great ideas for humiliation and we have to add one thing there “Cuckold Contract”. Its not a legal one but very good to remind roles as a Bull, hotwife and cuckold. Some couples make it more official with ceremony with it.

  37. Excellent resource from an expert married lady. Definitely things a wife should accomplish in any marriage IMO.

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