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When your wife inevitably wants you to go down on her bull, don’t resist it. Don’t do what most men would do. Don’t cry about how it makes you gay. Don’t cry about how it’s gross. Instead, try to understand your role. Understand that as a cuckold your primary purpose is to give pleasure to others and in doing so experience pleasure yourself.

Understand that when your wife guides you to your knees and tells you to “Suck his cock” that it’s your place to do so. Understand that your sexuality has nothing to do with it. Straight, gay, bisexual. None of the matters when you’re a submissive cuckold. What matters is that you do what your wife and her bull desire. You do it because you want to pleasure them both.

Know that you’re making them both blissfully happy when you begin to understand your place. When you part your lips and wrap them around his throbbing cock, you’re being the kind of cuckold husband your wife wants. When she presses on the back of your head and you take him deeper, you’re being such a good boy for her.

Understand that as she watches you suck cock for her, lust will surge through your wife’s body. The warmth and wetness you ache to bring to her will build between her legs. You won’t even have to use your mouth on her. Your act of submission is enough to drive her absolutely crazy with overpowering lust and desire.

Understand that your submission to her bull is what they both crave. When you fall to your knees and take his cock into your mouth you’re acknowledging that he’s superior, at least between the legs. You’re acknowledging that in your marriage, he’s the one that fucks your wife the way she craves. He’s the one that gives your wife the mind-bending orgasms she deserves.

It’s not bisexual or gay when you suck his cock. It’s a beautiful act of submission. It’s you showing that you’re willing to do anything to make your wife happy. As you feel him throb in your mouth, you should feel proud. You’re being a good cocksucker, and that’s not something every cuckold is willing to be.

Understand that a whole new world of pleasure may open up for you once you’ve accepted your place. The first time you share a cock with your wife it will delight you both beyond belief. When she sucks his balls while you suck the head of his cock, the two of you will bond in ways you never imagined possible. When you kiss over the head of his cock it will bring you closer. It will strengthen your cuckold marriage.

Understand that you may be granted a more involved roll in your wife’s sex life with her bull when you accept your place as a cocksucker. Wouldn’t you love to taste her juices on his big dick? Wouldn’t you love to watch from underneath and get to clean his cock off when he pulls out?

All you have to do is get over your fear of labels. Stop worrying about bisexuality and homosexuality. Start thinking of yourself as a willing, eager submissive for your wife and her bull. Take his cock in your mouth when she tells you to. Suck him eagerly. Give him the kind of blowjob he deserves and desires as your wife encourages you.

Embrace that your place as a cuckold is to give pleasure to your wife and her bulls as they see fit. That is the key to true happiness in your cuckold marriage.

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7 Replies to “You Are a Cuckold. You Give Pleasure.”

  1. I do not like sucking a penis, I do not even like sperm, sticky gray fluid. I persuaded my husband for months. The excuses were, I’ll be gay, bisexual, that’s disgusting… Then he agreed on his reasons for satisfying me, and I interpreted it as his weakness. It was not a weakness but a way to please me.
    When my husband sucks bull’s penis it’s incredibly exciting for me. My vagina become very wet. When I say to my husband:
    “Make him hard for me” and he starts sucking that is incredible hot for me. Often I put a deep red lipstick on hubby lips. Then when hubby suck bull’s penis for me is much more exciting. When the bull’s penis becomes hard, hubby guide bull’s penis into my vagina, and start to lick my clit. Two sexual poses are excellent for that. Doggy and reversal cowgirl. For doggy hubby must lying on the back. I put my pussy over his head, and bull starts to fucking me from behind. In the second one (reversal cowgirl), I’m riding a bull and hubby lick my clit. I use reversal cowgirl pose in the beginning and in the end. At the end when I remove the bull’s penis from the vagina hubby immediately start to suck his penis to end. Bull cum in husband’s mouth.
    Hubby feels two fluids. My who is on the bull’s penis and bull’s sperm that he swallow. After that starts immediately, the final cunnilingus, which my husband adores because i have incredible orgasm. After that, my husband and I shower together, dress and go home.

  2. I’ve sucked two of my wife’s lovers. We both really enjoy it. She doesn’t like men to cum in her mouth, so this is something we’d like try eventually…her sucking a lover until they’re about to cum, then me finishing them off for her in my mouth. Seems like a perfect cuckold task.

  3. My wife has been working on me for a while to take this next step, and has informed me I will be doing this on this upcoming Saturday (Oct 19, 2019) Reading this blog entry is helping me sort out how I feel about it all, and understanding that it’s not about being gay. It’s about being the other submissive partner in the sexual dynamic of our relationship, and keeping them happy. She wants me to get him ready for her, and then do it to him again after I watch him pump her full of a nice large load. Her eventual goal is to watch me swallow a full load directly from his penis. Right now my mind, and stomach are churning endlessly at the thought of this. I’m very anxious right now, and afraid I will throw up upon commencement of trying this.

    I would like to thank Penelope above for the lipstick suggestion. I’ll pass the idea onto my wife, and let her decide.

  4. This was a difficult option to accept 25 years ago- now with the internet and articles like this, a real man, with a full size cock – quickly learns all will be happy with this lifestyle. Get married early, have 2 or 3 kids- then start the the cuckolding.

  5. When my wife told me we were getting married 40 years ago I was told that it was because we were such great friends, but that since my dickette was so small we would never have sex. My purpose was to support her and be her cuckold. I had no other choice but to agree and I am glad I did. My diskette. Has never touched her but I have sucked more cock for her than I can count and cleaned their seed out of her with my mouth more times than I can count.
    Looking back would I want to change my answer or life? Not at all. She is a great friend, she gets great sex from anyone she wants and I swallow a lot of cm. What could be better?

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