Your Cuckold’s Participation Makes Sex with Your Bull Even Better

It’s thrilling to think of being involved in your wife’s encounter with her bull, isn’t it? Maybe it even makes your dick hard. Well, I’ve got good news. I’ve written countless stories where the cuckold participates and you can access all of them when you become a Patreon supporter. Just click the link to start reading the best cuckold erotica online.

There’s no doubt your cuckold loves watching as another man’s cock fills your pussy. He loves to sit there and jerk off while you cum on someone else’s bigger, better cock and fill your bedroom with wild, wondrous moans of pleasure.

Your cuckold can do more, though. He shouldn’t be allowed to simply sit there and watch. He should have to participate to enhance your pleasure and your bull’s pleasure too. Plus, I promise your cuck will enjoy himself more if he gets to participate.

Here’s a handful of ideas for how your cuckold can participate:

Making You Drinks – It’s nice to have a drink while you relax on the couch or the deck with your bull. It’s even nicer when those drinks are served by your cuckold.

Preparing the Bedroom – Once he’s served your drinks, instruct your cuckold to go to the bedroom and make sure everything is ready for your arrival. The room should be neat, the bed should be turned down, and if you’re going to change into lingerie before welcoming your bull, it should be laid out on the bed.

Fetching Water, Towels, Tissues, Etc – Think of your cuckold as a servant while you’re getting fucked. If you need water, tell him to get you a glass, If you need a towel to wipe up some sweat or because your pussy is dripping like crazy, make him fetch one for you and make him dry you off, too. That’s why he’s there.

Preparing Your Pussy and Your Bull’s Cock – The cuckold’s mouth should be put to use in preparing you both. Have him eat pussy and suck cock like a good boy. Tell him he’s doing a good job, that he’s making you both feel good. Tell him you’re grateful that he’s there and that he knows his place.

Putting a Condom on Your Bull’s Cock – If you’re still having protected sex with your bull, then your cuckold should be the one to dress him. Have him carefully roll the condom down your bull’s cock and then be sure to have him ask if it’s comfortable. If for some reason the condom tears during sex, the cuckold should be the one to remove it and place another one on your bull’s beautiful cock.

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Placing Your Bull’s Cock Inside You – Whether it’s the first time you’re being penetrated that night or if your bull’s cock has slipped out, have your cuckold participate by placing the superior man’s cock into your pussy. It’s a perfect way to remind him of his place and to give him a close up view of his wife being penetrated by a perfect cock.

Sucking on Your Toes/Licking Your Feet – Your cuckold can put his mouth to use in sucking your toes and/or licking your feet while another man satisfies your desires by fucking you far better than your husband ever has. It’s not for everyone, but for some women it feels spectacularly good and it’s a wonderful way to draw attention to the vast differences between your cuckold and your bull. After all, one is fucking you and one is sucking on your toes.

Holding Your Hand – Sometimes it’s nice to be connected to your cuck while another man fucks you. It’s nice for both of you, in fact. Holding his hand is a perfect way to forge that connection. It’s a small form of participation, but you might find that it feels far more intimate than expected and enhances your pleasure.

Kissing You – It’s hotter than you might imagine to kiss your cuckold while another man is fucking you. Plus, it works in just about every position if you make some modifications. It’s intimate, sensual, and it heightens the interplay between all three of you as you kiss him with someone else’s cock in your pussy.

Eating Your Ass – If you ride your bull’s cock, your cuckold can absolutely spread your ass cheeks and lick your tight little hole while a superior dick is deep inside you, and that extra stimulation will feel fantastic.

Eating Your Bull’s Ass – If your bull is fucking you from behind or in missionary, your cuckold can get his tongue in there and eat the superior man’s ass. Keep in mind that this is a deeply humiliating act, so only demand it if your cuck is into that sort of thing.

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Sucking Your Bull’s Balls – If you’re on top, have your cuckold get between your bull’s legs to suck his balls while his cock satisfies you. If you’re in doggystyle, put the cuckold beneath you and have him put his mouth to work in the same manner. The extra stimulation will make the sex even better for your bull and that will almost certainly make him want to come back over and over to give you the kind of pleasure you crave.

Licking Your Clit in a Cuckold 69 – Doggystyle doesn’t always offer a woman direct pleasure because her clit isn’t being stimulated in the same manner as other positions. It can still feel great, of course, but if you want that extra pleasure then put your cuckold beneath you in a 69 and direct him to lick your clit. As a bonus, he can be ordered to suck your bull’s cock and balls as well, ensuring he enjoys full participation while you both enjoy using him.

Soothing Your Sore Pussy – Sometimes, your bull will fuck you hard, maybe even rough. He’ll do it because you like it, of course, but your pussy will still be sore. Thankfully, your cuckold can come in to lick and kiss your labia to relieve that soreness and show that he’s always willing and eager to do whatever it takes to make you feel good. Plus, there’s something so beautiful about seeing your cuck between your legs after another man has fucked you.

Taking Your Bull’s Load – This one is really only if it seriously arouses you or your bull, but if it does then it’s worth having your cuck take the bull’s load every once in a while. It can be a facial, cum in his mouth, cum on his cock (that’s a naughty one), etc.

Fluffing Your Bull’s Cock Between Orgasms – Chances are good you’ll orgasm multiple times and you’ll need a bit of a break between each time. During that break, call in your cuckold to keep your bull’s cock rock hard with his mouth while you connect with the man that just gave you a breathtaking orgasm. He can also fluff your bull’s cock to get him ready for his second orgasm.

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Getting Fucked by Your Bull – Most bulls aren’t interested in fucking the cuckold (most hotwives aren’t interested in seeing that, either), but in some cases it’s an act that will arouse everyone. If so, have your cuckold get on his hands and knees next to you and then give your bull an invitation to fuck your cuckold whenever he sees fit (make him use a condom if he’s going to fuck your cuckold and then go back to your pussy, though, as ass to pussy is a good way to get sick).

Cleaning Up Afterwards – It goes without saying that your cuckold should finish his participation by cleaning up. He should suck your bull’s cock clean and lick your bull’s cum from your pussy or your body. You can also make him clean the cum out of the condom if you have protected sex.

I’m sure there are lots of other ways a cuckold can participate, all of them thrilling. Do you have any ideas or experiences of your own? If so, please share them in the comments.

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