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Are You Ready to Watch Me Suck His Cock, Cuckold?


Are you ready, honey? Is your little cock hard? Are you excited thinking about my soft pink lips wrapped tightly around his big dick? Of course you are. I want you to watch me blow him, cuckold. I want you to see the lust in my eyes as his incredible cock pops out of his pants and bounces in front of my lips. I want you to see how eager I am to have him in my mouth, to give him pleasure.

This is what it’s like when I suck a big cock, cuckold. This is what it’s like when I pleasure a man that turns me on with his hard body and his overwhelming manhood. This is what it’s like when I give myself over to his pleasure. This is what it’s like to be a cuckold, too. You watch and get turned on as your wife offers her mouth to another man. You are not permitted to cum until I give you permission.

Tonight Your Job is to Watch Him Fuck Me


My boyfriend will be here soon. While you sit and watch, he’s going to fuck me like I need to be fucked. He’s going to fuck me like you’ve never been able to do. His big cock is going to reach places inside me your small cock has never reached. I want you to watch, cuckold. I want you to watch him fill me, satisfy me, and make me scream his name. I want you to think about how inadequate your cock is while we’re fucking.

Then, when we’re done, I want you to get between my legs and lick his cum out of me. You’re a creampie eater, after all, and I’ve worked hard to train you to be a little cum slut for me. You won’t hesitate to do your duty when I command you. You’ll lap lustily at my cum-filled cunt and make sure you don’t miss a drop. You’ll be a good boy because that’s what I want.

Your Wife Is Cuckolding You


They went back to his place. He fucked her once in his bed, filling her pussy with his cock and cum and giving her a mind blowing orgasm. They cuddled in bed, sharing pillow talk and reveling in how good it felt to cum together. He suggested a shower, and once again he’s inside her.

He’s not wearing a condom this time. She’s not going to stop him, either. She doesn’t care. It feels too good to have his throbbing dick so deep in her pussy. She’s going to let him cum inside her as they make love under the warm water of the shower. She pulls his body against hers and wraps her arms around him. She whispers into his ear, “Cum inside me,” and he floods her pussy with semen.

He’s Going to Fuck Your Wife


“Do you want to clean his cum out of me, cuckold? Do you want to be a creampie eating cuckold? Do you want to stick your tongue deep inside me pussy and lick up every drop of his semen? Do you want to swallow another man’s cum for your naughty wife?”

Of course you do, cuckold. You know your duty as her cuck. You know it’s another man’s job to fuck your wife to multiple orgasms and it’s your job to get in there and use your tongue to lick up all their nasty juices when it’s over.

“Come here, cucky. Come here and pull off my panties. Come here and lick every delicious drop of his cum out of me. I need to feel your tongue on my pussy. I need you to soothe me after he gave me such a hard fucking. Make me feel good, cucky.”

Do it, cuckold. You know your mouth is watering and your cock is hard as a rock at the thought of licking his cum out of your wife’s pussy. You know you can’t resist the urge. You know you want it. Get in there. Eat out her wet cunt. Lick up his cum, cuckold.

Your Wife’s Boss Uses Her Pussy


When your wife started wearing lingerie to work you suspected something was going on. It used to be that under her blouse and skirt she’d wear a simple bra and panty set. Then she upgraded to a new set of intensely sexy lingerie every day. You’d catch a peak as she got dressed in the morning, but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask her about it.

Then she started putting more effort into her hair and makeup. What used to be strictly businesslike became far sexier, almost like she was getting ready for a date instead of work. She started coming home later and later and each time she’d say it was because she was working on a big project with her boss.

You wanted to believe her, but it just didn’t make sense. That’s why you’re standing outside her office right now. You should storm in there. You should yell at her and punch him. You should, but you’re not going to. You knew she was cheating on you. She didn’t really make much effort to hide it, after all. You knew, and you were secretly excited. Your cock is hard right now as you watch.

You’re a cuckold, and it turns you on. You want to watch him pull off her panties, free his cock, and plunge inside of her. You want to see her stocking-clad legs wrap tightly around him and pull his cock deeper into her cunt. You want to hear her moan. You want to see him climax inside of her. You’re a cuckold.

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