How to be a good bi cuckold for your wife

How to be a Good Bi Cuckold for Your Wife

If you’re eager for bisexual cuckold stories, blogposts, audio, and more, then become a Patreon supporter today! You get access to a wealth of content featuring bi cuck pleasures that I promise will make you cum like a good cuckold cocksucker should. So, you’re ready to graduate to being a bi cuckold. You’re ready to…

I know you want to be a submissive cuckold

I Know You Want to be a Submissive Cuckold

This post is written in concert with a new femdom story on my Patreon page: A Week in the Life of a Submissive Cuckold. It takes you through seven glorious days as your wife’s well-trained sub cuck and includes erotic domination, complete and total service of your Goddess, and all the cuckolding play you could…

Making him your ass licking cuckold

Make Him Your Ass Licking Cuckold

Ladies, if you haven’t yet enjoyed the pleasure of a rimjob from your cuckold husband (or any eager man, to be honest), you’re missing out. It’s a divine pleasure to feel a talented tongue licking your asshole, especially when you know that your man is deriving intense satisfaction from being given permission to go down…

Could you be a cuckold fluffer?

Could You be a Cuckold Fluffer?

Traditionally, a fluffer’s role in a porn production is to use her mouth to arouse the male talent so he can step in front of the camera and get down to the business of fucking when the time comes. A cuckold fluffer’s role is similar, except you’re offering your mouth to your wife’s bull to…


The Joys of Cuckold Creampie Cleanup

Let me share with you the many joys of cuckold creampie cleanup, for both the eager cuck husbands and the women married to them. Read about how intensely arousing it can be to participate in this beautifully kinky ritual between husband and wife.

I’ve also included ways to make cuckold creampie cleanup even more exciting and a brief story about the first time I ever enjoyed this pleasure with my husband.

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