How a Cuckold Can Show Gratitude to His Wife’s Bull

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If you’re a cuckold – especially if it’s gone on for a long time – there’s a very good chance that you come up short – sexually speaking – in one, or perhaps even many ways.

Maybe you have a small cock. Maybe you cum too quickly. Make you tire out too quickly. Maybe your sexual technique sucks. Maybe you’re just a beta male that fucks without even a hint of confidence. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re not particularly good at satisfying your wife.

That’s where he comes in. Her bull. Her primary sexual partner. The man that has taken your place – a husband’s place – in the bedroom. The man that makes your wife see stars when he fucks her. The man that makes her cum so hard she gets lightheaded and her toes tingle. The man that has proven far superior to you in meeting your wife’s sexual needs.

Most men would hate to be in that situation. But you’re not most men. You’re a cuckold, and the reason your marriage has taken this turn is that watching your wife have sex with someone else – and witnessing that man’s ability to satisfy her – gives you pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. It’s far better than fucking her. It’s far better than a blowjob. It’s unlike any other sort of sexual satisfaction you’ve ever experienced and it’s astonishing.

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As a cuckold, it’s important to remember that your wife’s bull is responsible for the great joys of your sex life. His willingness to play a part in your relationship ensures that both you and your wife are sexually satisfied in ways neither of you imagined possible.

For that reason, you should both respect and revere her bull. You should treat him with deference. You should make it clear that you’re deeply grateful for the way he satisfies her, and for how her satisfaction brings you such intense pleasure. You should work to show that gratitude as often as possible.

How far you want to go with this will depend almost entirely on the particular nature of your marriage and the part her bull plays in it. There are many ways you can show deference to him, though, and I’m sure some of them will prove quite thrilling for the right cuckold.

Remember, you want to show your wife’s bull that you’re grateful to him. He’s given her – the both of you, in all likelihood – a deeper sense of satisfaction. He’s probably given her better orgasms than she’s ever experienced, so if there was ever a man worthy of your gratitude, it would be your wife’s bull.

Here are a few ways you can show your deference and gratitude:

  • Offer to Pay for Their Dates – He may turn you down, but a good cuckold should always offer to pay for the dates his wife and her bull go on. In fact, you should be honored to open your wallet to ensure that your wife and her bull get to dine at the best restaurants, to attend incredible concerts and shows, to experience the absolute best together.
  • Arrange for Weekend Getaways – If their relationship deepens, you should also offer to send them away for a weekend, or you should arrange an Airbnb rental where you can all stay and where they can be free to be fully enmeshed in their relationship while you serve them.
  • His Texts and Calls Always Get Preference – If you’re on a date with your wife and her bull texts, insist that she read it and answer if necessary. If he calls, tell her that you don’t mind if she talks to him. Show her that you support her relationship with him. With any luck, you’ll find it arousing to do so.
  • Give His Sexual Desires Priority – There will likely come a time where you’re fooling around with your wife – or well on the way to doing so – and he’ll text or call to see if she’s available and interested. Show your deference and gratitude to her bull by insisting that she go to him, in no small part because you know he’ll fuck her better than you can.
  • Let Her Celebrate Valentine’s Day (or certain other holidays) with Him – This should be thrilling for all of you, to be honest, especially if you’re invited to witness at least part of the evening. If she’s into it, tell your wife that you’d love for her to spend V-Day with her bull. Arrange for a date. Book a reservation. Buy her a new dress and red lingerie. If you’re lucky they’ll come back to your house and you’ll be able to watch them have sex. You can extend this to other notable holidays if you’re comfortable with it. Their anniversaries (1 month, 6 month, 1 year, etc) are especially good to celebrate.
  • Be Their Chauffeur – Neither of them should have to drive. Instead, they should be able to sit in the backseat and enjoy each other while you drive them anywhere they want to go. They could take an Uber, of course, but with you as the driver your wife and her bull will be free to fool around in the backseat if they so desire. Plus, I’m sure you’d find that thrilling.
  • Do Chores for Him – If you’re invited to accompany your wife to her bull’s house, offer to do chores while they enjoy each other. Do his laundry. Clean his bathroom. Do his dishes. Wash his car. Do what you can to make his life a little easier as a way of thanking him for satisfying your wife.
  • Learn to Make His Favorite Drink – He’s going to be visiting your home a great deal, as there’s nothing more pleasurable than fucking another man’s wife in their marital bed. You can show your deference and respect for him by learning how to make his favorite drink and offering it to him each time he comes to your home to satisfy your wife.
  • Sublimate Your Desires – You might want to watch when he fucks your wife, but what they want should be far more important. If he’d like time alone with your wife you should demur and leave the bedroom. Perhaps they’ll let you listen from outside the door. If that’s all he’s willing to allow you, you should accept that.
  • Buy Your Wife Clothes and Lingerie to Wear for Him – Get to know his taste in clothes – whether it’s classy, slutty, or a mixture depending on the night – and buy your wife outfits that will arouse him. Do the same for lingerie, and don’t be cheap about it. It’s worth spending extra to make sure she looks irresistibly sexy for the man she loves to fuck.
  • Be Willing to Sleep in the Guest Room – If your wife’s on board, invite her bull to spend the night with her. Tell him that you’ll happily sleep in the guest room so your wife can fall asleep in his arms and enjoy his big cock once more when she wakes up in the morning.
  • Regularly Thank Him for Satisfying Her – Chances are he knows that you’re a grateful cuckold, but actually thanking him with regularity will ensure he knows it. So say it and say it often. Don’t go overboard, but find your moments to look him in the eye and thank him for satisfying your wife in a manner you’ve not been able to. She doesn’t have to be around for it, either. It can be just between the two of you.
  • Make a Show of Devouring His Cum – This won’t appeal to all bulls, but many will find it amusing and perhaps even arousing to see you show your deference – and to see you prove that you know your place – by devouring his cum no matter where he deposits it. It could be inside your wife, on your wife, on the floor, or directly in your mouth. If you devour it like it’s your duty – and like it thrills you – it will please him and it will show that you respect and defer to his sexual superiority.
  • Urge Your Wife to Offer Him the Keys to Your Chastity Cage – You may not be locked in chastity, but if you’re locked up, there is no better way to show your deference to your wife’s bull than to give him control over your orgasms. Plus, it will likely delight him to have such power over you and he might very well use it to benefit himself, which would be a lovely bonus.
  • Put a Condom on His Cock – In this way you can show your respect for his cock, which is an important instrument of pleasure for your wife. He may not want you touching his dick, but if he’s okay with it, you should offer to put the condom on him from time to time – or every time if your wife’s not interested – and you should do so in a dutiful manner. This is also a good time to thank him for fucking her. This task will end once they stop using condoms, of course.
  • Let Him Be the Only Man to Cum Inside Her – When their relationship reaches the point where they’re having unprotected sex, show your deference to her bull by offering to wear condoms when you have sex (assuming you’re still allowed to fuck your wife). Tell him that he deserves to be the only man to cum inside her. I promise, he’ll find it thrilling, and she might too.
  • Offer to Fluff His Cock – Not all bulls will want this – most probably won’t in fact – but some will find it deeply pleasurable to get their dicks sucked by the husband of the woman they’re fucking. It will enhance his sense of superiority over you and make it clear to both him and your wife that you understand your place.
  • Practice Your Cocksucking – If he’s going to let you fluff his cock, you can show your deference by learning to be a better cocksucker. This can be done with a dildo, with a strapon worn by your wife, or with his cock. The important thing is that you make your desire to practice clear, even if it means requesting the pleasure of fellating him to improve your skills.
  • Follow Instructions When They Fuck – Your wife’s bull might issue instructions while he’s fucking her or when they’re fooling around. If he does so, doing as you’re told is a beautiful way to show your deference and gratitude. It’s quite likely that his orders are meant to further his or your wife’s pleasure, so you would be wise to obey even if you find the order unpleasant.
  • Clean Them Both Afterwards – Yes, you want to clean your wife’s cum-filled pussy. But, as a deferential cuckold you should also be eager to clean his cock after he’s satisfied the woman you love. Crawl between his legs, take him in your mouth, suck him clean and do so with reverence and respect before you move between your wife’s legs to clean her.
  • Make them Coffee and Breakfast in the Morning – You’ll likely wake up to the sound of them fucking. You’ll likely want to go and watch. Instead, go and make them breakfast. Get the coffee brewing. Crack some eggs into a pan. Get the bacon frying. Put some toast in the toaster. If you don’t know how to cook, now is the time to start learning. Only go and watch if you’re invited to do so.
  • Satisfy Him Sexually When Your Wife’s Not Available – He’d need to be bisexual – or flexible, at least – for this to be viable, but if your wife’s out of town or otherwise unavailable, a truly grateful cuckold would offer to satisfy her bull’s desires. With any luck, he’ll only want your mouth, but if he does, be a good cuckold and offer it.

There’s unquestionably more you can do, especially once you get to know your wife’s bull better. Just make sure that you keep your focus on showing him the proper deference and respect he deserves. Remember, he’s doing you a great service by providing your wife with the sexual pleasure she’s missed out on for as long as she’s had you as her husband.

Perhaps even more importantly, remember how much you enjoy being a cuckold. Remember that without him you wouldn’t get to experience the overwhelming thrills of watching your wife get fucked by a superior man.

Show him the respect he deserves, cuck.

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