Naughty Gift Ideas for Your Cuckold Husband

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Everyone loves to receive a gift from someone they love. Luckily, you’re married to a cuckold, which means there’s a plethora of gifts you can offer him, most of which don’t require much extra effort on your part.

To most men, these wouldn’t be gifts. But your cuckold husband is not like most men. In many ways, he’s better because his desire to be cucked gives you the freedom to have a sex life that’s far better than any of your friends.

Best of all, you can give your husband these gifts without much effort as they can easily be worked into your hotwife lifestyle. You may already indulge in some of the ideas listed below. If so, you’re a wondrous hotwife and he’s a lucky cuckold.

Here are a few thrilling gift ideas (please keep in mind that you know your cuckold husband best and to only offer the gifts you think he’ll enjoy as not all these ideas are suitable for all cucks):

Let Him Watch You Get Ready for a Date with Another Man – There’s something utterly intoxicating about watching you put in the effort to look good for another man. The hair. The makeup. The careful selection of underwear or lingerie. The equally careful selection of an outfit designed to entice and arouse. Letting your cuckold husband witness all of that will put him a state of unyielding desire before you’ve even left for your date.

Have Him Take You Lingerie Shopping – In a way, buying lingerie is a gift for the man you intend on wearing it for. But, because you’re married to a cuckold, the simple act of going shopping for lingerie is a gift to him. Let him help you select something naughty that will make you irresistible to the man you love to fuck. Model it for him. Ask him his opinion on it. Ask him if he thinks your bull will be aroused by the lingerie, if he’ll want to fuck you in it. I promise he’ll be deeply grateful that he got to come along on the shopping trip.

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Invite Your Cuckold to Dress You in That Beautiful Lingerie Before Your Date – This works best if your cuckold is turned on. Perhaps a bit of kissing or dirty talk about how you can’t wait to get fucked by your bull. Then, ask him if he’d like to dress you in the lingerie he just helped you pick out.

Have him get naked first – it’s more fun this way as you can tease his cock a little – and then let him remove your clothes and carefully dress you in whatever you bought for your bull. In fact, encourage him to take his time, to caress your body, to kiss you all over. You can even let him worship your pussy a little in the name of getting you excited for your bull.

Tell Him that He Gets to be the Driver for Date Night – Ultimately, a huge part of the thrill of this gift is that your cuckold husband drives while you and your bull fool around in the backseat. He gets to hear the kissing, the touching, the moaning. Perhaps he gets to hear a handjob or some light pussy fingering. Maybe he gets to hear a blowjob or full-on sex.

Of course, it could also be a gift if he simply gets to listen to you and your bull talk like a couple would if they were driving in an Uber. Ultimately, you get to determine what kind of chauffeur he is and you can even mix it up from date to date just to keep things fresh.

Let Him Watch Another Man Fuck You – This one’s a gift that most hotwives have already given their cuckolds, but if you haven’t, it’s a gift worth offering. You’ll need a bull that’s willing to be watched – some aren’t – and you’ll need to set some ground rules – can he participate, is he to simply sit and watch, can he masturbate while he watches, etc – but it’s a beautiful gift to let him watch while you enjoy the pleasure of having another man’s cock – hopefully a superior cock – inside you.

Let Him Prepare Your Pussy – First, ask him if he’d enjoy using his tongue to get your pussy nice and wet for your bull’s cock. When he enthusiastically answers ‘yes,’ tell him that you’d love to have him do so. You determine when it happens.

Perhaps he does it after dressing you in your lingerie. Perhaps before you leave for your date. If your cuckold husband is allowed to watch you get fucked, perhaps you have him lick your pussy mere moments before your bull slides his big cock inside you.

Invite Him Top Taste Your Pussy After You’ve Been Fucked – Every cuckold is unique in their desires, but a huge percentage of cuck husbands love the idea of tasting their wife after she’s been fucked by another man. Many hotwives are unaware of this fantasy, so it’s worth asking your husband if he’d enjoy this particular pleasure.

You’ll see it in his eyes and on his face if he craves it, and if he does, welcome him between your legs after you’ve been fucked. Ask him if it tastes good. Ask him if he likes putting his tongue where your bull’s cock was.

Sit on His Face After You’ve Been Fucked – If your cuckold is submissive – even a little – he will absolutely adore having you sit on his face after you’ve been fucked by another man. This is beyond letting him taste you. This is riding his mouth and face with your pussy. This is spreading your sexual juices all over him.

This gift is especially nice if you’re using condoms with your bull, as it gets a great deal messier if you’re having unprotected sex. As a bonus, if you have sex with your cuckold husband, you can ride his face and then drag your pussy down his chest and take his cock inside you.

Let Your Cuckold Husband Guide Your Bull’s Cock Inside You – Obviously, this isn’t for everyone. But, there are many cuckolds that would find it thrilling to be made – forced, even – to guide your bull’s cock inside you.

Crossing that boundary can be massively arousing, especially if it’s accompanied by dirty talk from you. For instance, you could tell him to guide the superior man’s cock inside you. If he’s into light humiliation it will drive your cuck husband wild to hear you say something like that. Plus, you can thank him after he’s done as you desire and I promise that will put a smile on his face.

Give Him a Great View in a Cuckold 69 – If your husband is like most cuckolds, he loves the sight of another man’s cock moving in and out of you. A cuckold 69 is an especially immersive way to enjoy that view as it puts him literal inches from the action. Plus, lying beneath you is a submissive position that he might thoroughly enjoy.

He also gets to feel some of the wetness of your pussy dropping on his face as you get fucked and the sounds of sex will be quite loud and amazing in that position.

Have Unprotected Sex with Your Bull – Your cuckold almost certainly loves the idea of another man cumming inside you. You need a bull you trust to be able to do this, but it’s quite a gift to offer and it’s even more potent if your cuck husband gets to watch it happen.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, too, as watching your bull cum inside you in every sexual position will be thrilling in its own way. Plus, unprotected sex tends to feel better, so you get the gift of even more pleasure while offering your cuck an experience he won’t soon forget.

Give Your Cuck Husband a Handjob using Your Bull’s Cum as Lube – Yes, this idea is humiliating, which is why it’s only suitable for a cuckold that gets off on humiliation. If he does, though, it’s a wonderful way to give him an orgasm. He’ll likely be so turned on that he cums quickly, too.

This is most fun when you’re having protected sex with your bull as you can take his condom off, put it on your cuck’s cock, and jerk him off while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. If it’s a suitable gift for him, I promise he’ll have one hell of an orgasm.

Have Sloppy Seconds Sex with Your Cuckold – Having unprotected sex with your bull opens the door to a wonderful gift for your cuck husband. After the superior cock has cum inside you, invite your husband between your legs. Let him slide inside you. Let him feel your bull’s cum surround his cock. Let him have wet, messy, sloppy sex with you.

You can amp up his pleasure depending on what you say. It can be as simple as telling him how much you love him, or if he’s into dirty talk you could remark that you can’t even feel his dick inside you after your pussy has been stretched out by your bull’s big cock.

Invite Him to Clean Your Bull’s Creampie Out of You – Many cuckolds – a majority, even – fantasize about creampie cleanup. Many would be completely unwilling to admit it, though. Give your cuck husband the gift of understanding his fantasy and invite him to clean your bull’s cum out of you.

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Make the experience whatever you think he’d enjoy most. It can be loving and beautiful as you tell him how much it turns you on to see him lick another man’s cum from your pussy. It can be humiliating as you tell him what a pathetic cum dumpster he is. As with so many things related to cuckolding, the experience shifts depending on your approach, so approach it in whatever manner will arouse your husband the most.

Have Him – or Force Him, if that Turns Him On – to Suck Your Bull’s Cock – Believe it or not, lots of cuckolds fantasize about being made to suck dick. It’s the ultimate form of submission and quite a healthy dose of humiliation, after all. This is true of perfectly straight men, too. In fact, it’s usually a more potent fantasy for straight men precisely because it’s not something they desire. It’s something they’re doing for you, their hotwife. So, make him suck dick for you.

Only do this if you’re absolutely certain it will arouse him, though, which is why I’d recommend a little dirty talk about it beforehand, perhaps while you’re giving him a teasing handjob. Just a quick whisper in his ear about whether or not he’d suck dick for you will likely reveal if he’d enjoy it. If he would, then make him suck your bull’s cock the next time he’s over. It can be even more pleasurable if he’s made to do it after your bull has cum inside you or if he’s specifically doing it to prep the superior man to fuck you.

Tell Him You Love Him for Being Such a Good Cuckold – What most cuckold husbands crave – above almost anything else – is their wife’s happiness. They want you to fuck other men because they know other men can fuck you better. They want you to have the best sex possible. They want to witness that sex and they absolutely find pleasure in it, but a good cuck puts his wife’s satisfaction above everything else.

So, offer him the ultimate gift by regularly telling him how much you love and appreciate that he’s a good cuckold for you. He’ll be happier than you can imagine to hear those words from your lips.

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