How to Control Your Cuckold’s Inevitable Jealousy

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In a cuckold marriage, it’s entirely possible you’re going to have sex with another man (or other men if you have multiple partners) far more often than you have sex with your cuck husband.

Jealousy is a likely outcome of that reality, which makes perfect sense. Even if your husband is the one who initiated his cuckolding and even if he absolutely adores being cucked, he might still feel jealousy simply because that often can’t be avoided.

In many ways, managing a cuckold’s jealousy comes down to managing his ego. If you have sex with another man – and especially if you love having sex with another man – your cuckold’s ego will flare up and demand that you stop. It might even overwhelm his desires. You can think of many of the ideas below as having to do with managing his ego and thus helping with his jealousy.

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There are ways you can help deal with his jealousy, though. Here are a few (though keep in mind that there’s no guarantee any of these work for your particular cuckold):

Let Him Watch – When you let him watch, chances are good he’ll see how much better your bull fucks you. He’ll see that he literally can’t compete with the man you’ve chosen as your primary lover. He’ll still feel jealous, but alongside that jealousy will be a far deeper understanding of the difference between him and your bull, which will help tamp down any negative effects of his jealousy.

Humiliation – This might seem counterintuitive or destructive, but chances are good that your cuck gets off on humiliation. If so, you can use it to combat his jealousy. If he expresses that jealousy in any way, gently remind him that he’s not man enough to satisfy you. Remind him that his cock is too small, or that he cums too fast, or that you get off on the new relationship energy that your husband simply can’t provide.

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The humiliation will arouse him – which he’ll enjoy – and it will remind him of the reason he’s being cuckolded. Humiliation can be a destructive tool, though, so make sure you use it wisely and sparingly, at least to start. If he gets off on it, though, you can use it more often, just make sure to remind him that you love him as often as you humiliate him.

Tease Him (Sexually) Constantly – The result of constant teasing is a constant sense of arousal, and that’s a perfect way to combat jealousy. If he’s turned on, it’s really hard to surrender to the negative effects of feeling jealous. Instead, he’ll look forward to his cuckolding. He’ll yearn for you to fuck someone else. He might feel jealous, but his desire will overwhelm it.

Have Him Serve Your Bull – This can be done in numerous ways, including non-sexual ways. For instance, he could wash your bull’s car while you’re getting fucked. He could prepare food for you and your bull. He could do chores around your bull’s house while the two of you are fucking.

He could also serve your bull sexually. This won’t eliminate his jealousy, but it will make your cuck feel inferior to your bull, which will make the jealousy much easier to bear. After all, given his inferiority, it makes perfect sense that you would choose the superior man to fuck you.

Get Him More Involved in His Cuckolding – Sometimes, the jealousy is simply because he feels left out. That’s why it’s worth involving your cuckold more. This can be done in numerous ways (see my article A Cuckold’s Duties on Date Night for a lengthier explanation – that’s very kink-focused -of how he can help).

These include taking you lingerie shopping, dressing you for your bull, preparing the bedroom, making drinks for you, being your chauffeur for a date, booking hotels, taking over the arranging of your dates with your bull, preparing your pussy with his tongue, and many more.

Remind Your Cuckold That You Love Him – Jealousy is often a manifestation of insecurity. If your cuckold sees just how well your bull satisfies you, he may begin to feel insecure about your feelings for him. You can combat this by regularly reminding your cuckold that you love him. The reminder will be even more effective if you tell him that you love him exactly the way he is, that his eagerness to be a cuck – and perhaps even a beta cuck – makes you happier than you ever thought possible.

Let Him Worship You with His Tongue – Chances are good that your bull makes you cum with his cock. If so, you can combat your cuckold’s jealousy by letting him do something your bull doesn’t do: Make you cum with his tongue. It probably won’t be as satisfying as getting fucked by your bull, but all orgasms feel good.

If he’s feeling a little jealous, welcome your cuckold between your legs. Indulge in the sensual pleasure of getting your pussy worshiped. Caress his face. Run your fingers through his hair. Tell him it feels so good when he worships your pussy. If you want, you can extend that worship to your body as a form of foreplay and have him give you a massage and worship any part of you that feels good – your breasts, for instance – before he moves to your pussy and makes you cum.

Pleasure Your Cuckold – Despite his inadequacies in the bedroom, your cuckold deserves to experience pleasure. Thankfully, you can give him that pleasure in so many ways.

Sometimes it means sitting on his face and letting him feast on your pussy. Sometimes it means giving him a teasing handjob – without an orgasm – while you tell him about how well your bull fucked you. Sometimes it means a ruined orgasm. Sometimes it means actually giving him an orgasm, which you might follow by making him clean up his mess so he doesn’t forget his place as your cuck. Ultimately, giving him pleasure is a wonderful way of showing him that you care for him, which is more than enough to combat jealousy.

Lock His Cock – A cuckold’s jealousy will often emerge after he’s had an orgasm. When that happens, the erotic effects of seeing his fantasy come to life tend to wash away, leaving only cold, hard reality. In that state of mind, he might get overwhelmingly jealous. This is where chastity comes in.

When you’ve locked his cock, you control his orgasms. If he can’t find a way to combat his post-orgasmic jealousy, you’re free to significantly limit his climaxes. Plus, when you cage him immediately after he’s cum, it’s a great way to both remind him of his place and pull him back into his fantasy.

Listen to Him – Sometimes, combating your cuckold’s jealousy is as simple as sitting with him and listening as he expresses his feelings. Hold his hand. Hold his gaze. When he’s done, lean in and kiss him softly. Tell him you love him. Tell him that you like that he’s jealous. Tell him that you love him and that you have no intention of leaving him. If he needs to talk again, then you can listen once more.

If managed properly, your cuckold’s jealousy can actually be a boon to your marriage. It can be used to improve his behavior. It can be used to motivate him. It can even be used to thrill him. It’s all a matter of how you handle it.

It’s worth experimenting with the ideas above if you’re having trouble with a jealous cuckold. There’s no guarantee they’ll work to combat his unpleasant feelings, but there’s a good chance one of them will and I suspect you’ll learn a lot about your cuckold husband if you try.

With any luck, your cuckold marriage will end up even stronger because you took a proactive approach to coping with a jealousy cuck husband.

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