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Come and Clean My Pussy, Cuckold


You listened as your beautiful wife and her bull fucked all afternoon. He was in your bedroom, in your marital bed, for hours. The telltale screams of her orgasms are still ringing in your head as she calls you to her. His job was to fuck her with his big cock and make her cum over and over. You lack the size and stamina to get her off like that, which is why it’s no longer your job to fuck your wife. You have a different job, cuckold.

Your wife and her bull fuck bareback. They’ve been doing it for months. She loves the feeling of his condom free cock sliding into her pussy and she loves having his cum inside her. The moment when his balls tighten and he explodes is just as thrilling now as it was the first time it happened. What she loves even more is this moment where she calls you into the bedroom and tells you it’s time to clean her pussy. She loves the feeling of your tender tongue on her clit and labia. She loves the way you lick his seed out of her and eagerly swallow it. She loves that you worship her like a good cuckold.

Her Lust is for Another Man, Cuckold


Your wife is hooked, cuckold. She’s hooked on fucking other men. Her pussy drips when she thinks of her bull’s big cock throbbing for her. She fantasizes about him constantly. Her dreams are filled with images of his thickness penetrating her pussy and stretching her in that deliciously satisfying way that you can’t manage. You pushed her to cuckold you, to do this. You pushed her to get in bed with another man, and now she needs him.

Luckily, she lets you watch. You’ve been such a good cuckold husband that she brings you to the hotel rooms they rent and lets you sit right by the bed to watch as another man satisfies her in ways you’ve never been able to do. You feel that intoxicating mixture of shame and lust as it becomes clear you’re not capable of making your wife cum like this other man can. It turns you on though, it makes your cock rock hard with lust, and you masturbate furiously as she makes love to someone else right in front of you.

I Need You To Watch Him Fuck Me, Cuckold


I know it might hurt, cuckold, but I need you to watch him fuck me. I need you to see his big cock slide between my pussy lips and fill me. I need you to see my legs wrap around him to pull him deeper inside me. I need you to see us kiss tenderly. I need you to hear me moan as he fills my juicy cunt over and over. I need you to see me orgasm with another man inside me. I need you to know what it’s like when I fuck a man with a big cock that can get me off.

I need you to see, firsthand, that your cock is not enough for me. I need you to realize that you’re a cuckold. I need you to know that our marriage is going to be different now. You knew that already, didn’t you? You knew from our wedding day that you wouldn’t have what it takes to satisfy me. Maybe you knew before that. You’re okay with that though. You’re a cuckold, through and through, and you love that I’m going to be fucking other men from now on.

I Can’t Wait to Feel His Big Cock Inside Me, Cuckold


Do you remember buying that lingerie for her, cuckold? She told you to pick out something that would drive her bull wild. It was deliciously agonizing to buy that sheer bodysuit so she could use it to seduce another man. Your cock was hard though, just like it’s hard now as you watch the two of them in bed. In moments she’ll pull off his briefs and free his incredible cock to take it in her eager mouth. When was the last time you felt your wife’s lips around your cock, cuckold?

She loves you, of course, but you’ve both accepted the hard truth that you can’t please her in bed. Your cock is small. You cum too quickly. You’re too passive. She needs a real man to fuck her and it’s finally happening. She’s going to suck his cock until he’s stiff and overcome with desire and then she’s going to spread her legs and pull him between them to pound her pussy. He’s going to make your wife cum, over and over, and you’re going to watch and stroke your little dick until you spurt a messy load of cum.

You Know That I Love To Dress Up For My Bull


Not only does she dress up for her bull, but you help her because you’re a good cuckold husband. When she told you to pick out something sexy you knew that low cut leather dress was perfect. You imagined her bull staring at your wife’s big beautiful tits throughout dinner and sucking eagerly on them back at his place. You imagined him pulling up the dress, bending her over, and fucking her from behind as she begged him for it.

All of that will happen tonight, cuckold. All of that will happen because your wife has eagerly given over her body to him. From the first time they were together he’s made her cum so much harder than you ever could. His thickness fills her pussy perfectly and the way he takes what he wants from her leaves your wife tingling with pleasure from head to toe. Sit at home and stroke to all of it, cuckold, while she’s busy getting pounded to multiple orgasms.

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